The following important message from Blue Star the Pleiadian
was sent to me from
his daughter Celest on Feb. 27, 2009
with permission to print. Due to its length, I've chosen to
post it on line rather than in the newsletter.


"In Defense of the Realm"

2-25-09 to 4-25-09

Greetings Earthizens, I bid you welcome to my transmission realm. Although I am always here for everyone, not everyone is open and receptive to the information I transmit to you ones. Everyone wants the truth, but only if it is truth they agree with. I bring this up now simply because of the drastic measures I see so many ones of you engaging in. Many of you do so in an attempt to separate all truths from all fictions. Since 2009 began with such a rocking and rolling start, many among you ones have been questioning your convictions; you ones have been examining your faiths and examining the motivations of others. Yes, by all means question everything. If you see that you have built your beliefs on foundations of sand, then I would suggest that now is the time to replace the foundation. If you accept that others you may have trusted have had hidden agendas, then by all means leave them where they the past. Seek out only those who you can accept as, “the real thing, a real human being.” When you do so you will find that ironically, as soon as you open that door to the real peoples, others of their same type will find you as well. You see, the phoenix, which is the expansion of the NESARA movement, IS the essential catalyst which was required to bring the God-Awareness and the Jesus the Christ Consciousness not only to Terra, but into the hearts and minds of ALL peoples everywhere.

Now, I fully commiserate with All peoples here who have been suffering so much for so long. Although I have been known to poke fun at some of the ludicrous situations and beliefs peoples have had, I NEVER do so when the issue is “the peoples’ pain.” Understand now, all that your civilizations have experienced since time immemorial was slowly building up to a crescendo which was inexorably destroying the human Spirit’s will to survive here. The “Silent Scream” which I have spoken of in previous transmissions was permeating not only this world, but was struggling to extend itself throughout the Universe. The greatest amount of pain was originally focused upon the conditions of the past that had with great intensity magnified itself on this world.

However, it has been altered this year; there could be no other way that this difference could take place other than how it has. It is true that your pains of today are fear-centered. BUT, the fears are quite different from how they were so long ago on the Earth Star planet. Today, in great part due to the fact that you have become accustomed to the technological age and the unceasing repetitive rhetoric of your political parties as well as to their affiliates, you feel that you have so much more to lose. The security blanket has been roughly pulled off you. You are now exposed, you are now vulnerable. In actuality the blanket which has purposely been removed from you was done so because it was worn-out; it needed to be replaced with a coverlet that was NOT one of FALSE security. Rather, one to be made of, and for, God. The coverlet that is indestructible is now hovering a mere few inches from each of you. You ones may not all understand this but…pain for many peoples functions as an aphrodisiac. I am VERY happy to say it is not the majority of peoples here that I speak of. Yes, at times now and for the next several years at least, as the “iceberg” melts faster and faster many of you ones will experience personal heartache at what your perceptions tell you that you have “lost.” I am here to tell you YET AGAIN, that you ones are not losing anything. I know that peoples have difficulty holding their focus when they or their families are hungry.

I take this fact into consideration as I address all of you ones of today. You see, there have been so many pacifists among the races of the Earth Star planet, for many reasons both karmic in nature and choices of the Soul, that it is these ones who are suffering and questioning the most. They suffer because the slow realization has FINALLY dawned upon them that that are engaged in a war. They “question” because those who are good peoples cannot understand why they are being “punished.” Because peoples are frantic in their minds and their natural tendency is to react in frustration, denial and fear, then they are not understanding that all that is good and priceless is here now to replace all that was rotten to the core. The fruit of the tree of evil HAD to be uprooted and consumed in the Eternal fires of the Creation Processing. IF each person here can at the very least forget the fears and their uneasiness for 5 minutes a day, that small amount of time would allow the Greater Light, that which is the ultimate understanding of your Godliness to effectively permeate your mind, body and Spirit. AS THIS OCCURS, even though it will be initially a gentle touch, a slight swaying of the energies of the Ethers, a residue of this IMMACULATE CONCEPTION will remain as an indelible mark upon each person who engages in this event. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT! This IS an EVENT! Once this doorway is willingly opened by an individual, it will allow further and more intense energies to occupy your Soul Self. Then, in a primarily unconscious way, more and more of this non-invasive Light will accrue within the individual and will assist the intellect in better understanding that which it cannot readily identify. Is it worth it? You betcha!

Now, granted there are peoples who cannot spend 1 minute a day disassociating from the uneasiness they feel. However, I and all of my brethren are DEPENDING on all those here who can, to do WHAT they can, WHEN they can, to offset this entanglement. Tell me Earthizens, what is your life worth to you? Is it worth 5 minutes of your time a day? You ones are each being called upon to “strut your stuff.” Those who CAN BE the difference, need to BE SO now. Those who CAN make a difference, but fail to do so, will not be part of the “Phoenix Rising.” You see, “defense” comes in many forms, many patterns. There is no one geometric form in this sense, of defending your place of the heart. It is the accumulation of conglomerate positive-positive energy trailers focused upon the ABSENCE of fear that WILL assist the rest of us who are faithfully guarding all of you and all those you love. THIS is the “tie that binds.” It is by and THROUGH the focusing on the absence of fear, meaning to negate the fear and replace it with these energy trailers; this is where your greatest personal success, personal triumphs lie. Because you have all been conditioned to follow the old linear time clocks, you ones fail to realize that 5 minutes of your linear timing is an incredibly long period UNIVERSALLY.

You see, it is the heart that can infuse the mind. It is the heart that resonates so well with Soul Voice. It is the heart that can regenerate the body. It is the heart that you are allowing to be in distress. Now do you understand? Each time each one of you willingly and TRUSTFULLY engages in this Sacred movement of displacing fear-ridden energies with the Light molecules, you Create a respite. Each time this occurs the beaming Lights will individually coalesce as ONE great beam. This will happen over and over and over again; causing an amassing of more and more energy that cannot be destroyed. Basically this means that as this happens, the beams will simultaneously unite with all the other Light particles which denote each man and woman on this planet who is also engaged in this process. No, you cannot be harsh or judgmental about all those who will not be engaged in this series of natural occurrences. They will have their own “judgment day” to contend with. Do it because you can and because it is the right thing to do.

Because this event will, after the initial engagement, be a spontaneous movement composed of pure love, you will each be breaking down all the barriers that have in the past prevented NESARA’S ascendancy here on the Earth Star planet. I am strategizing for you ones a conscious movement; one that is simple to perform yet will assist you in Creating a better world for a better time. And THE TIME IS NOW! Should you encounter others who are of like-mind, and you shall, you can teach them of what you are doing and why. Step by step…..God’s work shall be done. Now, I wish to remove any thoughts any of you ones may have that this is some sort of “Universal Test,” I tell you NO, it is not. At least not in that exact sense of the word. HOWEVER, yes, here comes the fine print chelas; this IS a test of your individual beliefs. Your individual strengths and weaknesses. Part of it is your individual ability to “hold the line,” or your willingness to just sit back and let others do it for you. That last would NOT be a very good idea! We have no time left for the peoples who suffer from wounded indignities and malfeasance of Spirit! And THAT is the way it is. My Celestial daughter and David of Arcturus can attest to the fact that, “the front line here is VERY thin.” Many whom they had at one time counted on to be a presence in this maelstrom have either fallen by the wayside or simply do not want to be involved. Heaven forbid one should WANT to be involved!

Now, I will tell you each and all of the prevailing conditions off-world. The battles have been fierce and of long duration. Star Keepers from all the benevolent worlds have amassed a considerable force to combat the intentioned excursions of the dark lords into the Earth Star realm. This means that what we are each doing is using not only Earth Star monitors who continually extract more information and transmit it to our forces regarding any intended incoming presences they gauge, they also have all of the most likely coordinates which the enemy will use and they send it to us. We in turn check those transmissions against the coordinates we have as the probable courses the enemy will endeavor to take. We have ships we call “the scouts;” these ones, as the term implies, enter into the areas where enemy ships have been seen or we believe they will be there at a calculated time. The scouts’ task is arduous; the manned scout ships must be “on their toes” every nanosecond to ensure not only their own survival, but also to be able to send forth the necessary data to all of us on the other larger ships. Although unmanned probes are easy enough to send out, we do prefer whenever possible to use our own “people.” A large contingent of commanders is always ready and able to not only send directions to the ships, but are fully prepared to engage in battle as needed. There cannot be any hesitation for us. And yes, I command my own ship as well. Obviously the same is true of the menacing forces; they too rely on certain calibrations in order to attempt to move away from us or engage our ships in battle. None of our forces need to be told through our Language of Light, that the longer we can keep invasive forces from entering the stratosphere of the Earth Star planet, the more time we can give to the Earthizens struggling so valiantly to maintain some levels of emotional and Spiritual equilibrium. Our ships are usually aligned in a massive formation, at times resembling a great flock of birds. Other times, depending on the size of the ships, there may only be a half-dozen or so in one specific area.

It would be good if you can understand our predicament in this matter. The war of all wars is predicated upon bringing peace and harmony to Earth and all Earthizens through the establishment in totality of NESARA. This means the final abolishment of all the Illuminati as well as those humans who follow the Illuminati way. This ALSO means that the rest of this great Universe will finally be able to achieve the peace and harmony which she too deserves. Now, when then the main group of the leaders of the Illuminati began to leave this planet a few years ago, they counted on their descendants and the descendants’ flunkies to carry on the battle here on the Earth Star. With the main group of the war lords deserting their own, the most those others they left behind could manage to do was to keep on aiming for the peoples’ vulnerabilities, their mental, emotional and Spiritual Achilles Heels. Unfortunately because humans tend to think too much and do too little to understand what lies behind the veils of illusions, the dark ones’ tasks, which at first seemed monumental to them, became “a piece of cake.” Then too the peoples’ further escalation of the “Hundredth Monkey” way of communication with others did not help the situation at all! This is in part one reason why NESARA’S emergence as the Essence of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, which is indeed the Matrix of God, could not come fully into materialization and manifestation until NOW.

Now, over the recent years the dark ones still remaining here had begun to lose their prestige in society, in the banking world, in politics in particular. Very slowly at first, the losses then began to accrue. No, you did not read about it in the National Enquirer. What had begun as a slow movement instigated by our strategically placed forces here on the Earth Star planet, slowly began to ascend and become known as “The Voices of the People.” It was an interesting development to behold…to say the least! Almost as if the Earthizens had been roused from a deep slumber, they began to quietly at first, question more than they ever had before political agendas, political affiliations, allegedly safe pharmaceutical drugs, etc. One reason they thought this was necessary was the unscrupulous, underhanded, blatantly obvious machinations of the Bush administration in America. Then there was the eye-opening issue of arms deals with other countries, the behind the scenes TRUE exposés of what really was going on in front of the peoples’ blind eyes. See and you ones thought you had nothing to thank George Bush for! He exposed evil by exposing himself! Although George was cloned years ago, not even the clone showed much intelligence either. This was a good thing! I told you ones early on in his administration, that his being in office would ultimately prove to be a negative-positive. This was BECAUSE his evilness FINALLY roused the peoples of this world from their self-induced slumber. You see, evil really does serve a purpose. No, it is not one they intended but…it worked anyway. Not only did Americans actually begin to besiege their Congress people, their senators and their local judicial branches, they began to speak out in PUBLIC. Imagine that!! Miracles do happen. 3 and ½ years ago, a great event took place that was then as it is today in great part the missing cornerstones for the foundation of this planet that God had set. Politicians began for the very first time to fear the people! Almost as if they were responding to a preset signal, peoples all over this world began a hue and outcry about the governing bodies of their lands. What was NOT realized by the average Earthizens is that this chain reaction set off a powerful magnetic coil of energy bent on CHANGE! Change, you see, begets more change. Tis the way of the Universe.

Yes, as a direct result assassinations increased and average people were hunted down for speaking their truths. Bankers and their backers the politicians ruthlessly played with the economy, causing even more havoc and strife. But it was well worth it. Only a moronic individual would believe that GREAT CHANGE can take place without the intervention of displacement energies which must eradicate whatever the current situations are that are predicated on, “not for the people.” This world which was an “I, I, I,” “Me, Me, Me,” world will never be the same again. This planet was Created for a race of beings called “homo sapiens.” Now with the influx of so many Children of God who have been born-in or walked-in to participate in this healing process of the Earth and of the human race itself, the continued dissolution of the dark ones still left here is at an all time high and moving at such an accelerated pace, that at times their departures appear to be a giant blur. You ones need to understand that the same dark sources who had stayed behind here, had not only their human counterparts to carry on their evil deeds, but they had their own children and mates as well. Never underestimate the power and ability of a force that can shape-shift! This means that all that are NOT of the Light of all Lights must either depart this planet or be exterminated. The contamination must be eradicated in all of its gruesome forms; none shall be spared. This is why the healing process will begin again in a better, faster way in a few years on the Earth Star planet. In one sense it has already begun, BUT it has a long way to go. Each time an institution that originated as one focused on control falls, another but better one will be built. Think of it this way: When a diseased or badly infected part of the body has been discovered, it must be first CLEANSED, then the healing can commence.

Now, those of you ones who know me well should be in awareness that I am not one to ever give out information, “before it is time to do so.” This is also known as, “on a need to know basis.” I have bided my time and have decided that now is the time to speak of an event that took place that you need to know about. One of the main reasons I have waited is because of the human tendency to be impatient. When this occurs the average person will realize that he or she made rash judgment calls about something or someone and then feel compunction about their misdeeds. Although far be it for me to take away life’s pleasures, I do not choose to be one who tells about things that I feel should wait and be allowed to simmer until such time a body of people can properly and happily digest the situation. All right, in October of 2008, much joy and great hope was among the peoples of this world. Well, at least among the peoples who had heard of an event they could say, “Was long overdue, “and they heard of its coming through their grapevines. As usual, human nature being how it has been for so many centuries, the skeptics and the cynics were quick to ask for tangible proof that this incident would take place. To my way of thinking, unfortunately too many Earthizens fastened their hopes on this “alleged” to-be occurrence out of desperation and fear. Yes, I am speaking of the Mother Ship I can honestly tell you ones, NEVER have I seen or heard such wailing from so many peoples here as I did on October 15th.! The pitch and tone and FURY of the peoples was absolutely intense! HMM, now that I give this some thought, I have no doubt it will but rival the same sounds when peoples accept the fact that there is NO SECOND COMING.

You see, those peoples who had such NEED to believe were for the most part individuals who secretly hoped that the Ship was here to save them. Even though it WAS NOT and IS NOT an evacuation Ship. Although there were other reasons the waiting peoples had, these reasons were the ones that disturbed me so greatly. The Mother Ship, her commander and ALL the Star Keepers who WERE on board, should NEVER have been looked upon as some sort of, “Savior Force.” To those who did look upon these good Souls this way, I say, “perhaps you need a remedial course in self-anger management.” In times of great stress whether it is due to economic upheaval or is a part of personal pressures people are reacting to, those peoples will always look for a life boat even if they are trapped in a tidal wave. It is not really their survival instinct that is the cause of this behavior; rather it is their fears which have been compounded by other issues which cause the grievous loss of emotional and Spiritual stability. IN THESE INSTANCES their emotions run amuck. The more they believe that they are “not in control” of a situation, the more their state of stability will worsen. Of course I do indeed understand, as do all of my brethren, that the great anticipation so many of you ones shared regarding the incoming presence of the Mother Ship caused many individuals and groups of peoples to feel disappointed, lost, let down and other Earth terms that mean, “Not good.”

This in turn CAN and DOES increase one’s fear factor UNLESS the stability, the grounding-ness necessary for each person to maintain is visibly present. “Visibly present” means that either you have it or you do not. If you do, then this unshakable force will maintain constant vigilance over you on ALL levels, thereby preventing any weak spots or chagrin to occur when a planetary event is PRESUMED not to take place. You ones may think of this situation that occurred in October as, “a personal challenge.” When you feel up to it, test yourself and see how well you scored. No one will know how well you really fared except you and the entire Universe. Now, we did also see and hear the almost….”so-what” attitude exhibited by many who did not seem to either care if it happened or decided, “if it does, it does. No big deal.” How strange. What is there NOT to care about when this event was so portentous! The Souls who are the most evolved here on Terra however, although longing to be reunited with their beloved Star Keepers, were not upset, angry and most certainly not diffident about the NON-APPEARANCE of the Mother Ship. They simply accepted the fact that there were invasive actions that had been preplanned to not only interfere with her, but there would in all probability have caused a loss of human lives.

Now, HERE IS THE REST OF THE TRUTH. It was most unfortunate that the governments of the world were put on notice of the grand event that had been so carefully planned. Add to that the fact that too many people using the internet simply could not wait to spread the story around. One country even changed its voting schedule and the main issue there was the election of a new leader of the country! It was changed only a couple of weeks before the October event date, to coincide with the appearance of the Mother Ship. Coincidence? I think not!! THIS is what fear can do. It causes governments and everyday Earthizens to enter a state of eunuchism. All governments were “at the ready,” fully prepared to launch a deadly barrage of missiles and other advanced weapons at the Ship. Commands to destroy her were sent down the line to all other branches of military services WORLDWIDE. Now I ask you ones a question; let us put the boot on the other foot for a moment. IF our positions had been reversed and you were apprised of the world governments’ plans to implement a seek and destroy order while ignoring the fact that so many peoples here on the Earth Star planet would die painful deaths simply because they were “in the way,” WHAT would you have done? The governments had already decided that they could deal with collateral damage. That means YOU would be the collateral damage, and THEY would convince the peoples on this planet that WE had initiated an attack on them and on this world.

WHAT? Did you ones expect them to act in honor? Did you ones expect them to WANT the truth of our existences revealed to you in such a way, that no one could any longer disabuse the fact that we exist? Come now chelas, you forget where you are. This IS the Earth you know. The horrors that would have ensued as a result of the Mother appearing would have been terrible for Earthizens under those circumstances. All the ruling juntas agreed that they had a win-win situation; if the Ship did not appear then no one would know anything about the PROBABLE event. If it did…….These mostly male leaders and their administrations also counted upon the skeptics and the cynics to take ripe advantage of the no-show. And they surly have done that! The ruling bodies were in further states of glee because they KNEW that many who HAD BEEN believers would not longer believe and THAT is what they hoped for as an alternate ending to the situation. You see, it has always been easy for Earthizens to fall into the clutches of the unscrupulous leaders of this world. Each time one of you falters and stops believing, you empower these leaders and disempower yourself. So, for those among you ones who acted out in these many fashions while foolishly believing that you were “still alone,” I must tell you that I hope you have each learned a very powerful lesson. If you are willing to allow others to disenfranchise you from your beliefs and your inner knowing, then perhaps you were not ready for the Ship anyway. After all, those bogy man could not have succeeded in convincing people that we do not exist and were “never there,” if you had not let it happen.

Now, as always I rely on the “truth factor” and the learning curve necessary for your understanding when I am transmitting important information. So, if I have your attention now I shall proceed with more of the truth behind the “Tale of the Mother Ship.” It was decided unanimously by all of us and with the complete agreement of the God of this Universe and with the Creator as well, that to APPEAR here at that prescheduled timeline would have been too great of a cost to the Earth Star inhabitants. We are never presumptuous about the gross injuries and deaths that can occur when our presences are noted worldwide. We know better than that. So Earthizens, I always encourage you ones to have a “Plan B” at the helm whenever you are making decisions about any issues or any options you can exercise. Surely you ones do not think that I do that just for the fun of it now do you? Always chart an alternate course in this sense, so that no matter where you go or what you do, you have already Created ANOTHER doorway ready and open for you to use when convenient and/or necessary. Well, chelas, that is what we did as well. When there is an obstacle in your way, if you cannot go through it or over it, then go around it.

The timeline that was set for the “landing” here was vitally important; it was a set of gridline coordinates that would allow easy entry into this dimension for the Mother Ship. There simply was not any reason not to use that advantage to our own advantage, so to speak. What I am about to explain to you ones, is that the Mother Ship did indeed arrive here in all her glory! How is that for a coup! Although the sad part that most peoples here FORGOT that she could still safely arrive here CLOAKED, this IS IN FACT how she entered indeed. Now, I can tell you ones without any hesitation on my part that the Ship arrived in the western part of America at 2 a.m. MST, on October 15th. Granted she had many places on this world to visit however neither She nor her crew were in a rush. They had peoples to see, places to visit, and things to do. All ships have the ability to cloak themselves; just as do all of the most evolved Earthizens here, especially our walk-ins. We had great hopes that the cloaking instrumentation would not be necessary this time, however, as I stated earlier we could not risk harm to the peoples of this world by the careless actions of their government leaders.

Even if I attempted to explain the cloaking process, you still would not understand it, so I shall not begin a scientific explanation of that. Besides, BIG BROTHER IS LISTENING...BIG TIME! It is enough for you ones to know that when it is deemed imperative for our ships to do this, then they do. Now, you ones who have awaited this grand event with bated breath cannot possibly begin to conceive of how much more our peoples longed for this too! LEST YOU FORGET…all that we do for you, we do out of the deepest love, compassion, and our heart and Soul-felt conviction that you are each worth it. We see and hear each one on this planet, as does God. And as God does, we also feel your emotions, your anguish, your pains, your joys and your dreams, both those that have already been realized and those that are still yet to be. Because of our familial relationship with you, we continually strive to encourage you ones, to console you ones and to share our undying love for you, with you. Is that not enough? Can you do this much for us? We are joyful when we connect with you in all ways; even those times when we connect with you and you are oblivious of the occurrence. So it was that when all the preparations and last minute changes of plans had been accurately set into motion, the Ship and crew arrived here with hearts full to bursting with their love, laughter and excitement. It was indeed a monumental occasion. And you ones think YOU have waited a long time for this! Now, I wish to clarify a phrase that is sadly misunderstood here.

The phrase bandied about is, “First Contact.” What is misunderstood by so many, is that although we have indeed, as our ancestors before us, been a part of this Earth Star planet since her conception as a “home body,” we have been here both visibly as well as arriving here as our cloaked selves ever since. Nary has a generation ever passed here, of ANY culture, ANY race, that did not know us well. BUT, each time that Souls are wearing the form of mortality and encounter us in one way or another, for the first time CONSCIOUSLY in that life experience, IS FIRST CONTACT! So it was in October as well; Now, all of the good Souls aboard Ship had already marked their destinations here, those of their families and allies they would immediately CONTACT here and whatever “sightseeing” they wanted to engage in as well. You see, from our vantage point off-world we can see each Soul we are aligned with, each Soul who is Light and each Soul who has been tainted, or is dark. I suppose you could liken it to what the physical vehicle appears to look like when being x-rayed by a machine here. All Souls carry Light Beams, many also carry stars and star cluster formations within their individual magnetic fields. Each time an emotion is experienced by one of you, we see it magnified, sometimes to huge size. You are extremely luminous and sparkly when it is joy and love and the anticipation of things to come.

Because each of you ones radiate different colorations at any given moment, you can in this sense be detected by us as individuals rainbows. Although some seem to be walking volcanoes and tornados. Now, when we descend here for any reason, most especially during the October event, we can still see those things about you, but you are also seen as flesh and blood. Each member of the Ship who HAS a “bond” with someone living on this planet is magnetically drawn to that person or persons, post-haste. NO, you ones cannot possibly understand the bond of which I speak! There are no human words to describe this energy. It is indestructible, it is of God, it is ETERNAL. This is in part but one reason why there was so much excitement on the Ship. Now, so there are no misunderstandings about this; I deplore it when peoples try to quote me and “get it wrong!” There was not any one race of the Star Keeper Forces here. Remember please, our Forces are a conglomerate effort designating each race of our life forms. Some were ambassadors from other systems; many were Pleiadian and Arcturian, but many others were from home worlds that had requested their Children’s presences here on this planet, so the Children themselves could provide aid to the peoples on the planet when they could and still experience a different type of life, one that is most definitely, “not like home.”

Well but of course there was some mild disappointment among the groups aboard Ship. It lasted but a few minutes; for these ones were going to make the most of every nanosecond they spent here, even if they could not be uncloaked and waving to the world as a whole. See, there is always a plan, “B.” Now, as soon as the Ship was set into a type of holding pattern here on the planet, the different peoples of many races debarked immediately and went to visit their beloved ones. I tell you, it was a reunion to behold!! This one set into motion a gargantuan energy wave that still has not ceased. The Earthizens our races were in immediate contact with had no real problem, for the most part, understanding what was happening. The inexplicable had happened for many, but NOT for all peoples here. The reactions of our Earth Cousins, especially our walk-ins, upon encountering us…in the flesh, so to speak…ranged from hilarious, to ludicrous to absolute shock absolutely…and a few other emotions in-between. Conversations were initiated immediately by our peoples; obviously I trust you understand that these were all telepathic communications, with the exception of some geometric language used with walk-ins and a few others who are not.

Now, I suppose the term “bug eyed,” is the best one I can think of to use when describing the overwhelming sense of understanding and UN-conditional love experienced by the contacted Earthizens. Their responses, well except for those who stayed in shock for a bit, was immediate. There were many, many of our beloved ones quietly waiting for us, so quietly in fact that they were not the least bit nonplussed when we arrived. Furthermore, their entire attitude was sooooo laid back, .that it bordered on the hilarious. You see, everything was completely “normal” to these ones. At least it was their definition of normal. Ancient warriors were also aboard Ship for the reason of revisiting in person those they had fought alongside with in battle long, long ago…some during the crusades here on the Earth Star. Others during war encounters on other planets while protecting worlds from the invasive actions of the evildoers. Ancient mentors who were on board came to revisit their former students while beaming…literally…with pride at their students’ accomplishments and the students’ dedication to God and the planet. Some who arrived had been former shipmates in earlier times; some were former commanders of the ones still now on Earth. Each Star Keeper here had a personal and planetary reason for rekindling their associations with the ones they visited. Now, here is where the importance of consciousness entered into the picture: Our Star Keepers could NOT connect with the Souls who were not receptive to our existence. Nor could they connect with those who had so ruthlessly tossed asunder their belief of our appearance and instead chose to believe it was not going to happen.

For the sake of simplifying the issue I will simply be referring to all those who were visited as, “the hosts,” and our Star Keepers who descended as, “our Children.” Now, many of the hosts who were not able to see or clearly hear our Children felt a warm, engulfing energy which in some cases caused the hosts to feel a bit lightheaded. Some of the hosts were certain that “something” was nearby; a few hosts actually figured it out. Many hosts who are natural sensitives connected on an empathic level rather than on a physical level. Much information and greetings were sent to the hosts who were not evolved enough to be in total awareness of the event. Some of these hosts did indeed pick up on that, while others did not. Some hosts felt a sense of euphoria accompanied by a surreal feeling. For many it was an empirical moment in time. Obviously, hosts would experience this visitation differently simply because each person IS different here. No, none of our Children were dismayed by any lack of recognition; it was to be expected. Many hosts, who did not connect with them in the other manner, saw brief glimpses of “something,” and tiny flashes of light, color and some faint resemblance to facial features. No, it did not matter whether an individual was indoors or outdoors; wherever they were, so were our Children. Now, long before the “landing” here, it had been decided that many envoys would remain here on the Earth Star planet with their hosts.

These Children had multitasking to perform here and this was the best time for them to engage in this type of work. There are so many reasons why this was imperative on their parts. I will not give you all the reasons but here are a few: Engaging in a learning experience for those Children who had never been on the Earth Star before. Studying firsthand the environmental situations here by the comparison of the samples of different geographic locations with the samples of what we have that is well known to provide the best minerals and chemicals, so to speak, for a healthy, fruitful Terra. Using instruments that accurately calibrate soil, water and air depletions. Studying the various modifications that are being used here by the pharmaceutical drug companies and learning FIRST HAND of the outmoded and dangerous practices still being implemented by physicians and those in the psychiatric fields. All these and much more. The correct analysis of theses situations and the suggested remedies needed to rectify the problems determined by our technician Children was sent to the Mother Ship and then effortlessly transmitted to the home planets as well. Other of our Children who either are future walk-ins or had been walk-ins in a previous incarnation, quickly aligned with the walk-in brethren here on the planet. I will speak more about that in a moment…”my time”. Now, many of our Children were also studying all the waterways here on this world, some at the same time.

Many comparative studies began as a means of determining even more what possible and probable damages to expect here to the water in the next few years or so. In other words Chelas, all stones were overturned and looked under to see what was REALLY there again, FIRST HAND. Briefly stated, wherever there was life, that is where the Children were. Yes, that includes all their contact with the animals, ALL animal types. None were forgotten. Now, as I mentioned a bit ago, walk-ins uniting with walk-ins is a practical and much needed connection by both parties. So it was that when walk-ins AS WELL AS THOSE WHO WERE NOT, sought out the walk-in brethren living here in mortal form, it was a time of high de-LIGHT! Still is by the way. You see, many of our Children who arrived on the Mother Ship have never left Terra. SURPRISE!

All right, now that I have your undivided attention: With the approval of the God of this Universe, the unanimous agreement of High Council and of course with the Creator’s agreeing as well, it was determined that a necessary part of the descending of our Children to Terra this time, was in part to further assist the Children in their learning of what life really entails here if they have not lived here before, their need to better understand the foibles and quirkiness of human life and the ability and capability needed to experience life here as our walk-ins do. In other words, we were not going to pull any punches with this. Although we would of course be available if needed, our Children MUST be superb teachers on their home worlds! In order to fulfill that requirement, they must first live a constrained time on the Earth Star during the most tumultuous times this planet has ever known. What possible sense would it make to have sent them here when times are good and everyone is in joy-joy mood? Obviously, I will only give you ones a certain amount of information about these Children who are a part of the matrix of the Special Forces. I will tell you this though; each is an incredible fountain of Love, of Light that is incomparable and each is wise beyond anyone you have met in your lifetime. They are each fearless warriors and dedicated teachers. They protect with honor and limitless integrity!

Now, as I said earlier, long before the gridline for the Ship to arrive on Terra occurred, the decrees were already handed down regarding which of our Children would remain behind with their hosts. Some of the hosts were chosen by us and matched with similar Children. Other hosts were chosen by the Children themselves for both personal and planetary reasons. Yes, there are many of the hosts housing our Children. The Children in many cases are teaching the hosts of what is occurring on our worlds. They teach of what to expect AND how to deal with upcoming situations. The Children reinforce any strengths that the hosts may have that are depleted. They infuse the hosts with the Light when needed and protect them fiercely from invasive off-world attacks. They speak with them telepathically and they may accompany them on their “dream rounds.” The hosts have been steadily teaching the Children of what life on the Earth Star is really like. You see, it is a different perspective when we are observing your life forms from our vantage points. However, when the Children are living in the houses with the hosts and observing once again, FIRST HAND, the emotional traumas brought about by uncaring peoples, the political machinations which so upset the hosts and the common everyday concerns of keeping foodstuffs on the table, it is THEN that the Children are literally walking in the hosts’ footsteps.

Is this not the better way to learn about all levels and conditions of communications among the peoples, of emotions, of the hate and pain, rage and anger that is so rampant here and of the intensity that only the energy form of LOVE can bring forth, when ALL GOOD SOULS UNITE FOR THE GOOD OF ALL? Yes, indeed for many of the Children it is a strange place to be, this planet Terra. Yet there is not a single one of them that has any regrets about their decisions. Some arrived here as single units, one individual only, others arrived in pairs, while some who are working so diligently within the different professions through the process of studying these lifestyles, chose to arrive in small groups. All is contingent on the selected hosts and the situations that are the lifestyles of these same hosts. I must tell you ones that with every bit of information the Children living with the hosts acquire, as they transmit all of this to us and to their worlds, the Universal statement by each is, “I never realized how much they have to go through here; how much they have to contend with and how draining it is for them. It is a life fraught with difficulty.” God knows this you see, because God is GOD. As for most of our races who remember having lived here before, these ones do not require any understanding of the situation. They have, “been there, done that.” If you yourself were sitting at home and watching a video, no matter how much you empathized with the characters, or laughed at the actions they were taking, you still would not have any idea of what it was really like…UNESS YOU WERE IN THE MOVIE! Do you see?

Now, it is not all serious work, there is much laughter and shared joy between the hosts and the Children. The Children must all seek an agreement from the hosts before they can stay in their homes. None have refused the Children’s entry. How long the Children will remain with any of the hosts depends upon the missions of both hosts and Children and the need of them to be together. There are no concerns about detection of the Children by other people. Only those who should SEE them, will. The Children simply cloak themselves whenever the need arises. They can use whatever names they are fond of, for many reasons. None that you ones need to know about. If you ones have been foolish enough to believe that the Mother Ship will not arrive again, then I tell you ones, WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE. Many of our Ships are here day and night. Mother Ships are extremely difficult to destroy, in part due to their size. There is nothing new about the Mothers being here on the Earth Star. It may be “news” to you, but certainly not to us. Yes, there will be another landing here, so to speak. This time because the purulent conditions will not be here the way they were in October, she will be able to remain uncloaked. We are all once again looking forward to this occasion. No, I absolutely will NOT reveal the expected date of her arrival. You see what happened last time do you not? Loose lips sink Ships and obscure the intended arrival of one! I can only tell you ones…”Very soon!”

I am signing off now…

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian

"There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side 
and that which is religious stands on the other side. 
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. 
In time, all shall be as one...I shall meet you there." 
....Blue Star......

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