Throughout All Time

A COSMIC LOVE STORY by Ann Ulrich Miller


The book was... "frank, open, honest and beautiful."                      (Linda Brown, Delta, Colorado)


"My heart goes out to you with all the trials you've faced, and I'm truly happy that you and Ethan found each other."
                                                                                                                      (Lonna Morouney, Darien, Wisconsin)


"I feel so privileged to be reading the book you wrote about you and Ethan. It is so moving, inspiring, and heart-filling."
                                                                                                                       (Bonnie Quinn, Medford, Oregon)


"I laughed out loud about the nibbled underpants. And I'm still giggling."                    (Amy Rohaley, Streetsboro, Ohio)


"Ann, I just got started and love the way you write. You had me in tears right from the start. You're an artist who can paint the most beautiful stories with a pen... so very gifted. I feel like a voyeur in a beautiful love story. I hope you're having fun riding that rocket to the stars. You deserve it."                                                                                 (Robin Campbell, Arizona)


"Congratulations on your new book. I just finished it. What an incredible story! I don't know how you survived all that stress. And at the same time baking bread and putting up fruits, growing vegetables and raising chickens. You must be the last of the breed of pioneer women who settled the country. I feel certain if I lived then, they would have dumped me off the wagon train and left me to the wolves because I couldn't carry my weight! I'm impressed by your strength."          (Hannah Beaconsfield, New York)


"Sorry to miss email yesterday. I was too engrossed in your book. Seems like the further I got into it, the harder it was to lay aside.
First, let me tell you what a big help it is to me. The loss of (my significant other) has been hard on me. Now it is my time to grieve and suffer even though I know it is best for (her). The last part of your book deals with what you went through with Ethan's last days. The vividness of your description of those last days, the work of hospice and your grief to follow. It was not new to me. You kept me well informed with emails. But in the reading it came down fresh upon me, in light of my own ongoing experience. I couldn't read it without tears. And yet it helped me just to know others walk that same path.

"I guess death is never an easy thing to deal with. And I realize I had it pretty good in my experience. The end came quickly. I took advantage of my last chance to say goodbye. We both knew the score in our last verbal communication. Tears and 'I love you' made it picture perfect. And I was happy to be right there when they pronounced her dead. I recognized the common features with your experience. And I recognized that your road to Ethan's transition was longer and far rockier and described so vividly. I'm so glad to have read this at this particular time."                                                                   (RP Jones, West Virginia)


"I have read more of your book and understand much more what Ethan meant to you. I also have gained a greater realization of the trauma you went through when your marriage ended and you had young children yet. I can feel how difficult that time was in reading your recounting of this period in your book. I have been reading your book every evening. It seems to relax me and be soothing.

"I did assume that because Ethan was your soul mate that life was always harmonious. I realize now that it wasn't. It seems that the major difference between Jeff and Ethan is that Ethan was much more willing to share your interests and had more the same belief system. Too bad Val and Jeff could not get past their issues, but it's clear that your children bonded to you and always wanted a relationship with you.

"I think one of the reasons your book appeals to me is because much of the life experiences you describe are played out commonly to varying degrees in many people's lives, but I don't have the opportunity to read about how someone else experienced it usually. When you wrote about obsessions and the high school friend Michael, I thought about the fact that there is some element of obsession to the start of any attachment and romantic relationship. I know that I have done it to a lesser degree. So your honesty and description of your feelings hit a chord in me.

"Ethan was a genuine helpmate to you, so you have a positive image of male relationships.
                                                                                                                            (Linda S., Ohio)

"I really enjoyed reading (your book). I may even take to reading it a second time. You made it crystal clear that soul mates don't necessarily have an easy time of it. I connected well with your struggle in the relationship with Ethan. I've identified that kind of situation (myself). Now I struggle with (my own grief). Your writing which describes Ethan's crossing has helped me get a handle on various things common to that kind of experience. (My significant other) passed in the best way she could. It was picture perfect. Suitable for a romantic novel even. But that doesn't make my grief any easier. I keep thinking about what you went through what you are still faced with."                                                                                          (Paul)


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