Throughout All Time

A COSMIC LOVE STORY by Ann Ulrich Miller


When I decided to share my story with the world, I realized I might be exposing myself to criticism because of some of the decisions I made along my life path. However, there have been no second thoughts to telling this story. When I was married to Jeff and had three beautiful young sons to bring up, the last thing on my mind was finding my soul mate. It therefore was somewhat distressing when Ethan stepped into my life. From what he has told me, he felt much the same way.

I’ve even asked myself what might have happened had I listened to my head instead of my heart and stayed with my family, thereby rejecting my destiny with Ethan. The answer I’ve always received is “Doom.” No one really knows, but I feel something in my soul would have died, and I would never have been able to resume the life I had known before because I would never have been able to get over it — I never would have found happiness apart from the one who satisfied that deepest longing my spirit couldn’t deny.

Much has been made about the concept of soul mates. I actually consider several people in my life to be my “soul mates” — including my sons, some close friends, my parents and siblings, to name a few. We have come together as a soul cluster time and again, in different roles, possibly in different genders, to work through the scenarios we hope will allow us to choose a path that brings balance to our divine selves. Sometimes we even agree to play the “dark role” in order to help a very dear soul succeed in a difficult challenge that will enable him or her to graduate and move on.

That is why it is so important that we not judge. I know there were people who knew me who could not see beyond the fact that “she left her children.” Our society has programmed us into accepting certain morals, and when someone steps outside those rigid boundaries, too many stand in judgment without knowing what lies at the core. I have been guilty of judging myself as well, but I now realize that there is more to this “3D hologram” we call Life on Planet Earth.

There are persons mentioned in this book whose names I have changed to protect their identities. I apologize if any of the truth is embarrassing to them, but I hope they can realize the important parts they played in this story and the remarkable lessons Ethan and I shared in order to accomplish our goals for this moment in time. Know that I hold each of you in highest regard, with deepest love, for what you gave to us.

Not all of us are destined to be with our Divine Counterpart this time around. Those of you who may be fortunate enough to find yours, please remember to be open to qualities that are unexpected. He or she may not be the way you envisioned her or him to be. Age barriers, backgrounds, even race can come into play. But you will know when you’ve found him or her ... because of the vibration. There will be no question once you realize that your twin soul is there beside you.
Mine is now, and remains with me ... throughout all time.

Ann Ulrich Miller


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