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SOUNDS OF FEAR   (Sorry, out of print)

by Jana Nolan

Three suspense-packed stories in one volume! This is Jana Nolan's best yet! In VENGEANCE vacation plans are ruined when Taylor Simms
and her friends must search for the murderer on the mountain near her uncle's cottage. In DEPRIVATION two twin sisters, separated at birth,
grow up in entirely different environments, yet no one could keep them apart. PAYABLE IN FULL is the chilling tale of sweet revenge.  $11.95

THE OLD HENDERSON MINE   (Sorry, out of print)

by Jana Nolan

Something horrifying is happening in Henderson! L.A. reporters Sarah Baker and Jim Peterson, assigned to cover the reopening of the
Old Henderson Mine in Colorado, find a town enslaved in terror. The deeper they probe, the more dangerous it becomes.
Will they be the next victims?       $11.95

MIND POWER   (Sorry, out of print)

by Jana Nolan

Dr. Amy Peterson leaves L.A. to take a job at a hospital in Ireland, where she meets the man of her dreams. But she remembers the warning
her grandmother's spirit gave her after the funeral... "The Nosferatu are back! It is up to you now to save your family!" Only Amy's special
inherited mind power can save them from the dreaded creatures of the night.      $

EARTH-LADYMAN, A Book of Faction

by Glynn P. Lyles

The true story of Glynn Lyles' encounter with space people while he was stationed at a military base in Fulda, Germany in 1985.
This captivatingly told book will keep you enthralled from page one ... and may startle you in the end!


BY THE HELP OF THE INFINITE, A Spiritual Interpretation of Life

by Orrin William Auman

As head of the missionary movement of the Methodist Church for over 20 years, Dr. Auman was an important figure, and to tired professors
of theology he was a vitalizing magnates, as well as a healer. This book expresses the source of his personal magnetism and is to be bought, not sold.
Reprinted from the original with a preface by Julian Joyce.
      $7.95  (Available)

PERMUTATION, A True UFO Story (1st Edition)

by Shirle Klein-Carsh and Ann Carol Ulrich

The intriguing autobiography of Canadian artist and ufologist Shirle Klein-Carsh, whom the aliens entrusted with an important assignment.
For two years she was in contact, in the physical, with Frank, an extraterrestrial agent from Sirius-B.

Revised edition (2013) now available. Click here!


by Sari

3rd edition, published by Lucille McNames

The subject matter of this unusual book shall furnish readers with many answers to questions long sough. What happens at the Bermuda Triangle
when planes, ships and crew are zapped into another space continuum? They live! How are the three basic zones in pyramids symbolic of the three basic zones in man?
Known to many over the years as Sari, Lucille McNames gives a new slant on ufology, offering pointers to help man survive change, and explains how
the majority of UFOnauts are indeed instructors from the Great White Brotherhood. 


BOOKS by Julian Joyce


by Julian Joyce

The outspoken, often startling hidden truths behind the New World Order, mind control, the destruction of Maldeck,
manmade and natural cataclysms, and the apocalypse of St. John, and more.
$9.95 (Still Available)

Other books by Julian Joyce ...

  • COSMIC LAW      $ 5.95

  • TRANSLATION   $10.95 (One copy left)

  • THE SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE OF THE NEW WORLD        $ 9.95 (One copy left)
  • LIFTED UP          $ 1.00
  • INTO THE SHEKINAH        $ 1.50

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