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by Allison Bluestar Rae


     There were many of us who came here originally, thousands of beams of light descending into uncharted waters, the Earth. We knew each other intimately. Our souls open, we were all part of each other in the Dance of Joy that is existence. We flew, perhaps alighted, on the Earth's surface. One by one, hundred by hundred, chance by chance. We planted ourselves within the Earth's memory, stardust sewn into the fabric of light that blanketed and ringed the world in peace. We settled into our new home, the Mother.

     We would have been perceived as space creatures had there been anyone around to notice. There was not. We would later become legend and lore. For now, we descended - consciousness into form. We thought, and it became so. We reached, and we had. We wanted little, nothing in return for our allegiance to the higher plan.

     Back then, we remembered. We didn't seek salvation. We didn't seek enlightenment. We were the One and remembered our connection to Source. We were one with each other and had no need of coveting, greed or impertinence. Instead, we loved. We loved unconditionally - the only way we knew. The only way worth knowing. We loved.

     We loved the land and the sky, the creatures who seemed put here for our joy and discovery. We loved each other, fully, intimately, just as we loved the land and all of Creation. We loved. We played. We laughed. We danced.

     That was the first incarnation.

     To be born of Earth does not mean we need to be born of pain. We are nostalgic now for the old days, the old ways, the star ways, the teachings that would allow this planet to grow in consciousness, to evolve into the star that she is. Little by little, we forgot what we knew. We were destined to forget. It was not our place to remember the ancient ways, after a time. We grew and learned hatred, anger and betrayal. We learned loss and suffering. We entered the grid of self-consciousness and became humanity. That was a long time ago. We experienced pain. We lost consciousness, so to speak, and gained an Earthly perspective. This is divine in its own way, and yet we became less and less aware of our own divinity, our connection with Source. We forgot.

     Lifetime after lifetime, we grew. Sometimes we stumbled. Sometimes we fell. However dim, though, the star consciousness shone within us and kept us on course, let us know right action and when we had strayed too far. Those days are over now. Today we awaken again to the consciousness within that has guided us quietly these many lifetimes.

     The vastness of our being was incomprehensible to us only a short time ago. Today we awaken to this reality. Slowly, sometimes, for fear of losing ourselves in the translation of personality to Soul of the Infinite One. We are all this and more, and the Universe is patiently awaiting our return to consciousness.

     The most important thing to remember is that we are all one. None of us is any better or different or higher or lower or faster or slower than all the rest. We are all one. No one "gets there" - wherever we perceive "there" to be - before anyone else. Let us go together in peace and in truth, in honesty and integrity, without remorse or fear. Let us go, and let go. We hold hands and circle the globe in our unity, the consciousness that is home. We let go of fear and hunger and watch ourselves and each other transform into light. We are the light, and we are home. This is the secret of the ages. We carried the secret all along, in the fabric of our being. We are home.

Copyright © 2002 Allison Bluestar Rae

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