The Art Work of Marcellina Beckwith

Marcellina Beckwith, known to many as Sanni Ceto, journeyed from an Eastern big city to a small town in the Rocky Mountains in June 2000. It was her first visit to Colorado and she fell in love with the mountains. She knew she had to make Colorado her home, especially because John Denver and his music had influenced her for a long time.

Marcy's art tells of her life on her home world, a planet in Zeta Reticuli, and she wishes to share her message of love and peace with all of Earth's inhabitants.

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Aurora painting thumbnail
Aurora Borealis
Trio painting thumbnail
Crystal girl painting thumbnail
Crystal Girl

birthday painting thumbnail
Alien Couple
Bubble city painting thumbnail
Bubble City
GrayBlond painting thumbnail
Gray and Blond

Big Foot and Child thumbnail
Bigfoot and Child
Bubble city painting thumbnail
Needlerock painting thumbnail

sanni art from 03/00
Title Coming
XXXX thumbnail
Title Coming
XXXX thumbnail
Title Coming

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