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THE STAR BEACON is a monthly metaphysical newsletter in publication since 1987. You can subscribe to the print edition or full-color PDF edition. Request a free sample!

Welcome to Earth Star on the Web. Here you will find a wealth of articles on diverse topics including UFOs and extraterrestrials, the paranormal, healing, earth changes, spirituality, the latest sightings, channeling, astrology, book reviews, art, poetry, plus conference news and reports, and a whole lot more. .

Regularly featured columns include Conversations with Chief Joseph and John Cali, DISC-ussion (the latest UFO sightings), The Meaning of It All by Ann Ulrich Miller, Teotwawki Living by Carol Elek, Cosmic Book Reviews, Radio Waves by Ray Larsen, Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET by Commander Sanni Ceto, plus the new "Star Beams" cartoon. Guest columns by Hannah Beaconsfield, James Parsons, Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, Jelaila Starr, Fred Pulver, and many others.

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