Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

by Commander Sanni Ceto
© 2011 (all rights reserved)

An article from the JUNE 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Q: Could you explain what an altered or programmed individual of the Grays means? And what is their purpose?        Many thanks, Esta M.

A: Dear Esta,
         An altered or programmed individual is one who has had their DNA changed when coming to Earth to take on a human body, along with its various ailments. Their purpose is to be an awakener or teacher, to allow others to awaken and learn love instead of hate, compassion instead of intolerance. An altered Gray is one who learns to live as a human, to learn the human condition and use its gifts and ailments to serve others while paying their karmic debts from many prior incarnations
.                                                                                            Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Hello, Commander,
          My question is regarding cannibalism and the human race. I am almost finished reading both of your books and although you provided amazing insights into how other races live, procreate, etc., etc., I haven't found any information regarding whether other species eat their own people.
          I am a vegetarian for the most part since watching and Food Inc., and I can't imagine eating another human being's flesh! The subject fascinates me, though, and I'm curious what you know about this.
          Thank you so very much for your gift of wisdom and service to humanity.
                                                            With love and respect,
                                                                                             Annie J.W. (Canada)

A: Dear Annie,
         A lot of Reptoids practice cannibalism, mostly on their young who are defective and considered as a waste of feeding. In their culture they would be a "useless eater." In some of their cultures they practice cannibalism on their deceased as part of their mortuary practice, which enables the spirit of the deceased to merge with their life force in order to keep them alive, in a symbolic way. Other species will only do this during famine, when their natural diet is not readily available for consumption or in times of shortage or war.                                                                    Love, Commander Sanni

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