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An article from the FEBRUARY 2012 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Finding Happiness in 2012

Photo by Doug Elmore

          The year ahead of us is all about manifestation. We’ve all heard different things about 2012 and we have expectations based on our belief systems. Will December 21, 2012 really be the beginning of the Golden Age, or will it be the end of the world as we know it?
         Some are preparing for the worst—stocking up on extra food and supplies, with fear as their motivator. Others are betting on the other end of the spectrum—ascension into a peaceful, harmonious planetary outcome. Some of us question everything and wonder if both camps are wrong in their expectations.
         From experience I’ve learned that dates are erroneous where predictions are concerned. Channels have given us dates in the past that have not come to fruition. Disappointment and skepticism result in distrust of all sources—even beneficial information from valid communicators.
         My belief system embraces the science of creative manifestation. This is basically a tool by which you can experience a reality you have envisioned and caused to happen because of your thoughts and emotions. I have discovered that it works—if you can harness the right thoughts and emotions and maintain presence in the Now.
         I have also found that if you are not careful, you can create by default, which is what the majority of the population does day in and day out. It is important what and how you think. If you fall into the trap of dwelling on negative thought patterns—especially fear—your negative thoughts and emotions are going to create by default, resulting in a reality you do not want.
         The Universe gives us exactly what it thinks we want. The problem with this is that when we think about the yucky things we don’t want, the Universe doesn’t know the difference between what we want and what we don’t want—so we’re going to get whatever it is we are thinking about, and if we are doing a lot of thinking about something we fear or worry about, Universe will continue to deliver more of the same.
         Everybody has reason to worry about the future, and why not? The world is a dangerous place and the Dark appears to be very strong. We question why this is possible when we are light beings, striving for the good and living in Love. We are all contributing to the consciousness of our planet and our universe. Sometimes things happen because of the overpowering force of all those negative thoughts and emotions swarming around us.
         Withdrawing from the world is not the answer, nor is sticking our heads in the sand and pretending evil does not exist. But we can beat the odds by directing our individual thoughts and emotions; in fact, it is vital that we do this, and 2012 is a powerful year in which to accomplish this, if it is true that the energies have intensified and we are indeed headed for ascension.
         At the beginning of January 2012 my expectations for a wondrous year ahead filled my thoughts and emotions. Money woes, political imbalances and family disappointments did not preoccupy my time. Instead I started focusing only upon the fantastic year ahead which I am envisioning for myself and the world.
         Since this epiphany, I’ve had good karma raining down upon me. I seem to have finally stumbled upon the secret of how the universe works in this way. More than just having wishes and expectations, your emotions need to reflect your vision of the future. Deep within you need to actually feel the joy, excitement and passion. Any fears that may creep in must be replaced with unconditional love and trust, knowing that the outcome will be for the highest good.
Creatively visualize for yourself the life you want and the world you want to reside in. Whatever obstacles you see that seem to be blocking you from achieving your goals can be overcome by closing your eyes and reflecting, then surrounding that obstacle with love and light.
         Love and light, according to Matthew (channeled through Suzanne Ward in the Matthew Books), is actually one and the same energy. In Illuminations for a New Era by Suzanne Ward, Matthew says: “Light—love—is the only essence in the universe that can heal pain.” I love that quote.
         The power to make our world in 2012 what we envision depends on the intensity of love and light beamed from our hearts and our consciousness. We are such powerful beings and we don’t realize it most of the time. Like everyone else on the planet, I have my darker days when things go wrong and emotions can spiral out of control. I can choose to have a bad day now and then, but I feel better knowing it is within my ability as a spiritual being in a physical body to change things around.
         Got a negative thought? An unpleasant feeling? Don’t let it escalate into a crisis. Immediately change your thinking. Instead of dwelling on the negative thought and “thinking it” into something that gets worse, stop! Immediately kill the thought and switch to thinking about something you have been wanting—something pleasing and wonderful that is going to bring you a lot of joy and peace. It can be anything—a dream vacation, a more prosperous living, a new vehicle or the healing of someone you care about. By refocusing your mind on that new objective, you are transmuting your present and your future. By directing your thoughts away from the negative—and defaulting—you get back on track with the creative manifestation process.
         If you use this technique whenever you find yourself in a jam or thinking a negative thought and experiencing fear, anger, jealousy or any other ugly emotion, you will soon discover a major improvement in your life—as I have. You can experience the kind of 2012 you desire.
         There is one more step to this process that sort of “seals the deal.” It’s called GRATITUDE. Express thanks for everything in your life. Be thankful for what it is you desire as if it is yours already. If you truly believe it is already yours, and you feel it to be true, then it is guaranteed. But it is all up to you. Why worry? Be Happy!




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