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Q: .Dear Commander,
         How can someone know if someone is an extraterrestrial and/or meet someone who is?
                                           Sincerely, Carolina


A: Dear Carolina,
         You can learn how to do this first by learning to read energies because most ETs on Earth have to shape-shift to appear as human to accomplish their missions they volunteered to undertake while here. By reading energies and vibrating at their frequencies, their true selves will be visible to you, but in a subtle manner.
                                                                      Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Greetings, friend,
          I, too, feel like an alien on this planet and the human emotions are the hardest things to deal with more than anything else, I’ve always said.
          My question is: Since you have started spreading the message to us, is there any hope that the few of us who are aware that it takes love to concur these planet thieves, are there enough of us who can do it even if the whole planet doesn’t come together and will just the few of us who are awake and aware be enough to raise the level of love vibration it will take?                                                     Love and light, my sister, Monica

A: Dear Monica,
         It will take a global effort, not just a few people, to bring the love vibrations onto this planet, for a multitude can do more than a tiny few.                                                         Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
         I feel great love for you, Commander. I can fully appreciate the noble and brave path that you have had to endure. This was the last key I needed and I thank you for that.
         I think I know what I must do. We are here to help. One match can start a fire. I can do whatever it is I need to do. I sometimes feel it is why I’m here. Can you verify any of my feelings?
         I also would like to buy the books you have authored and again thank you. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. You are a brave commander and I will say a special prayer (love meditation) for you and your crew when I finish typing this letter. You have my word. Please let me know about the souls of people beyond this density of time (low vibration) that is manufactured (illusion) in my estimation. Is there an escape for souls from this prison planet?
                                                      With deep love and understanding,

A: Dear James,
         The only way for them to have hope is to raise their frequencies globally, to melt the prisons created by their low frequencies, trapping these souls on Earth.                                                       Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
         Thank you for being here with us in this difficult lifetime of yours... Like many others, I have always felt that I am an outsider, and not quite sure why I chose to be here. I have read The Wanderer’s Handbook and felt very strongly about the possibility that I could be a wanderer of some sort. Or that I have some sort of connection with other galactic “friends.” Is there any info you could provide for me at this stage? Thank you!
                                                                        Siun Chong from Macau

A: Dear Siun Chong,
         We are all wanderers from many universes, all here to better the situation on this earth. Before you came here, you—like others—chose to come to the Earth school to learn, and therefore you became an observer and teacher, to teach your own species back home on your own world, so that their world didn’t make the same mistake as Earth as a civilization is doing. To evolve you must learn and to learn is to grow beyond a planet’s mistakes.
                                                                        Love, Commander Sanni


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