The Meaning of It All

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An article from the August 2015 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Cherish What Matters to You

       What in your life is most
precious to you? What do you

      What -- if it were taken from you -- would be the one thing you would really miss?
        In my case, it’s difficult to decide on one thing. I can list a number of answers, freedom being probably the first thing that pops into my head. The well-being of my children (including my grandson). Of course, love. Nothing matters more to me than that most powerful force of all. Good health is a blessing for which I am grateful, and my spirituality because without it I can't even imagine what kind of life I would have.
        With so many disconcerting events happening in our world these days, I've come to appreciate the little things in my life that I worry might be taken from me if things go "kaput." God forbid should that happen, but lately I seem to have fallen into the trap of fretting about the future.
        There's always a glimmer of hope. Isn't it usually darkest before the dawn? We have been at the dawn of the "New Age" for a long, long time … decades, if not centuries, in my opinion. And there's certainly nothing "new" about the Age we are entering. But it is certain that things are changing … and quickly.
        Sometimes it is hard for old trouts like myself to understand and validate the changes in our world. Having grown up in a pretty exciting and blessed time in history -- the second half of the 20th century -- I look back on those years and grow nostalgic.

        This technological age we are in now is still a bit intimidating to those from my generation, as I'm sure lesser technological advances were fifty years ago to my parents and grandparents.
        I have also noticed that more people are, in a sense, turning away from God and the foundation of faith upon which the world is based, and upon which this nation was started. For example, removing
statues of the Ten Commandments from public institutions, and not allowing freedom of religion (such as prayers) in schools or at military ceremonies, etc., just to mention a few. Corruption is rampant and those who are spiritual are demonized.

        In his book review, Xavier recommends Jonathan Cahn's "novel," The Harbinger, which I read recently as well. It really brings everything into focus and the truth of the matter is, we reap what we sow, and we may pay a devastating price for taking the course the world is on right now.
        The more things change, the more things stay the same, meaning that human nature has not learned its lessons that Sananda (Christ) came to Earth to teach 2,000 years ago. We continue to divide ourselves, fund wars (especially the "enemy"!) and our society mutilates the classic values of decency and Universal Law. Morality has sunk to the lowest level I have ever seen... and it's being flaunted.
        Then there are the things that haven't changed much at all. For instance, no one has been able to build a battery that can adequately store solar and wind energy. We continue to rely on Earth's oil and gas resources for power, which are still most efficient despite how they are frowned upon. I hear there are exciting new energy technologies (from our ET friends) that are purposely suppressed because of the greed of top financial moguls who want to keep milking the masses and lining their own pockets.
        Politics has changed. Forty-some years ago, my dad was a public servant who was a "good" politician after being elected and then re-elected mayor of the town in which I grew up. When he saw politics was changing and was corrupted, he decided he wanted no part of it, and that's when he opted out altogether. Most people won't talk politics because they consider it a subject in which other people disagree in one way or another. What has changed in our society is that the politics has become more important than the leadership or the work that needs to be done. As a result, I see disaster in the making.
        Freedom was my first choice in the question I asked above. I'm not sure if everyone understands the importance of freedom. Like so many other things in our lives, we take freedom for granted. We feel we are entitled to it, yet there was a high price paid for it -- and not just once, but many times. God gave us freedom of choice. He even lets us choose not to believe in Him. Now that is definitely Love.
        Not everyone believes in the same things. Not everyone is equal either, although we were all born equally with a soul and were given life by the Spirit Creator whose love was so great, He lets us decide how we treat ourselves and others. Be sure to read Erin Pavlina's article on "Dissin' Demons." I found it refreshing to be reminded that things are not always what they seem.
        We are so gullible as humans on Earth. Do not let anyone tell you how you must believe or how you must think or how you must speak. God gave you a mind. Claim it! I totally agree with Shonagh and her eloquently written editorial on political correctness. Deceit and falsehoods are running rampant in these times. It takes a strong spirit and a large stash of Love to outweigh the propaganda being thrown at us on a daily basis.
        Discernment has never been more important than it is right now.
        For several years, I have been chasing my tail, it seems, trying to find the "right place" to live and settle down for the rest of my life. I'm not alone. I have friends who are stuck in the same mode. When Doug and I came to Washington state for the first time, in 2011, we were positive this was where we should be. We still do not know. We are still chasing our tails.
        There is no perfect place to live, really. There is no perfect mate, although I've been happy with all of mine (for the most part). There is no perfect job until you finally come to realize that what you love doing is the perfect job.
        There is no perfect man or woman running for president of the United States, and you won't find a perfect house or a perfect climate. You'll only find what is right for you. And you won't find that until you realize it's been within your reach always.
        I'm writing this column on the eve of my 63rd birthday and, I have to admit, I'm weary. I'm growing tired of the chase. The search for happiness… for the perfect home… seems unobtainable. Yet I know that "home" exists. It is within. That's where I need to look to find it, and I have every assurance from God that I will get there.
        The journey is not without purpose. There were people to meet along the way, lessons (adventures, actually) to experience, mistakes to remedy, wonders to enjoy and the fun is not in the end-product but in the creation … and in the DOING.
        Cherish who you are. Be grateful for what you've got. Is there a roof over your head? Is there some food in the fridge? Is the sun shining outside? Raindrops? You’re able to read this?
        Thank God for it all. Count your blessings instead of complaining over and over that whatever you're searching for is beyond reach and you want to just give up. That's not what life is about. You have the freedom to make your own decisions, and you are capable of Love. Seize as much of that as you can and savor it. It begins with you.

        Ann Ulrich Miller’s memoir, Stepping Forth, An American Girl Coming of Age in the ’60s, delves into her adolescent years ('60s and '70s) in Monona, Wisconsin, when she was a "teen with an attitude" learning about the Meaning of It All. You can order the book from Amazon or send $19.00 postpaid for an autographed copy: Earth Star, 113 Valley View Drive, Forks WA 98331.





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