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Stephen Bassett, lobbyist for UFO abductees
         In an article by Ben Terris, a political writer for The Washington Post, Stephen Bassett, who has spent four months working for the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research in Cambridge, Mass., was quoted as saying, "I want to see disclosure by the New Hampshire primary."

         As he brushed crumbs off his black dress shirt and purple tie during lunch at the National Press Club, he added, "And I can make the case that it's going to happen."
         Twenty years ago, Bassett saw that UFO abductees needed a lobbyist, and vowed to carry on the work of John Mack, the Harvard University researcher and leading authority on alien abductions (Mack died in Sept. 27, 2004).
         Bassett came to understand that the problem is not a scientific one, but a political one. What is needed is someone who can get the powers that be to listen. Bassett wants to get the government to admit that it has been covering up proof of alien visits.
         He is the executive director of Paradigm Research Group, an exo-politics organization that is dedicated to "ending the government-imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race." He also founded X-PAC, a UFO lobbying group (see http://x-ppac.org/).

Who are the Diamond children?
         Ariela Arditi is a medium and holistic therapist in Israel. She studied Reiki in 1997, and continued with her studies of alternative medicine at the Ridman International College for Alternative Medicine. She specializes in many forms of healing, including reflexology, Hopi candles, aromatherapy, guided imagination, Theta healing, crystals, channeling and self-awareness, Tibetan bowls, intuitive color-painting, and much more.
         In a July 2015 article, Ariela wrote about "Diamond Children of the New Age, 2012-2015." She says Diamond children are those children born since 2012. Some of them are born with entirely new souls and some are souls who have returned.
         She adds that they are "enlightened children who bring with them to the world their very own special gifts. In addition, they have unique, notable characteristics, which can be identified from the moment of their birth or during the first year of their life." She adds that they are "very 'clear,' articulate in words and accurate in deeds."
         When Ariel began meeting Diamond Children, she could not stop looking at their eyes, which were "expressing purity and bestowed calmness upon me." Since then she has studied the Diamond children from several aspects -- physical, emotional and spiritual.
         Physically, she notes, the first thing you notice about them is the shape of their eyes -- almond-shaped, sometimes slanted. She says that occasionally they may develop headaches or vision problems, which turn up as a result of an emotional trigger.
         Their sensitivity to large quantities of food at one meal may create pressure in their head and on their eyes. They have what she calls "a look of sweetness. They are active, love to chatter, touch, feel and experience life on Earth. Their high sensitivity will be affected by strong lights, harsh noises, cruelty, and extreme weather or temperatures."
         She contends that they are born with a high level of knowledge and intuitive wisdom, but apparently they are selective about what they share... and when. She says they have a "high spoken language, an almost new language," that, to most people (including their parents and siblings) is sometimes not understood. From birth, they easily identify the energy of their parents and "feel the emotions" of the adults around them.
         Highly sensitive, Diamond children may have "imaginary" friends with whom they converse, and they also may have the ability to "see" deceased relatives who might sit at the dinner table with them and carry on a conversation. They might "hear" dialogues near trees or feel the pain of oceans. They also are attracted to shiny, glowing objects.
         Ariel Arditi thinks that Diamond children will be a challenge for their parents, as they are smart from their first breath. Rather than expressing anger toward them, it's better to accept their words and deeds. Parents of these special children should be aware of their capabilities and intelligence; they "ought to understand that each Diamond Child soul comes with special needs and it is their parents and caregivers' responsibility to be open to their inner and outer world." Diamond Children are sensitive not only when someone is mad at them, but also during tough behavior on the part of parents or adults at all levels.
         Their destiny is primarily to teach and heal. Hopefully, they can use their skills to become world leaders. She adds, "They have a tendency toward teaching and studying issues related to features of our world's substances or issues related to the technology of creatures from planets parallel to Planet Earth."
         To learn more about these Diamond children, visit the Web site: www.ariela-arditi.com.





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