Interview with a Lyran

In an exclusive
one-on-one interview,
Lyran ET soul and author
Niara Terela Isley
talks to The Star Beacon

        Niara Terela Isley is the author of Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light, A Journey of Spirit Retrieval and Awakening (2013). She agreed to give an interview, offering a galactic perspective of life as a Lyran in an Earth body.

        LYRAN: I have thought about just retiring from the UFO field altogether. But there's still this feeling inside me that says this could make a difference, a major "consciousness initiative" -- this is the answer to not having to go down the road of a civil war. This could be a way to make positive change on the earth with a completely new paradigm, where no blood has to be shed.
        Because this is something that really has to go worldwide to every person who considers him or herself a child of the Light, I don't want to make it a big complicated event. It's more of a mindset.
        If I was going to do "You Tube" videos, I would talk about expansion of consciousness and using consciousness to direct things the way we want on this planet -- and -- what gets in the way of that.
        And what gets in our way? Well, indoctrination gets in the way. There are so many different levels and layers of indoctrination that we get from the cradle to the grave. Information can empower people with choice, and pull them out of the programming. Once they realize they've been programmed -- religiously, nationally, patriotically, every other way you can imagine -- then they have a choice and they can start to break away.
        That breaking away is very important to the next phase, which is getting up in the morning and acknowledging that there is dark stuff happening, but then choosing to put all your attention on where you want the world to go. And if we had millions of people doing that around the world, every day when they got up, I'll bet we would see lots of changes.

        TSB: We're so distracted … by the news …

        LYRAN: And it's intentional to keep us distracted.

        TSB: You are a Lyran extraterrestrial soul. Why don't more extraterrestrials make contact with people on Earth?

        LYRAN: Well, I've asked this question myself, and when I've put this question to my Lyran Star family, this is what they told me … they said, "Imagine that you are walking down the street and someone walks up to you, and they have really bad body odor and/or really bad breath. And they're trying to have a conversation with you, and you're trying not to show them just how bad they stink, and your body is like, edging away from them because they really smell bad, and they're really clueless about it because they live with this cloud of smell around them all the time. That is what it would be like for a fifth-dimensional extraterrestrial, who is completely telepathic and tel-empathic, to walk up to a normal Earth person."
        It's because we have a compartmentalized consciousness. We have a conscious mind, which is what we spend most our waking lives in. But then we have this vast realm of the subconscious and then we have this other vast realm of the superconscious mind, to use the Freudian terminology.
        So, if an extraterrestrial that is tel-empathic and telepathic were to see us and look us in the eye, all that material that we carry in our subconscious and in our superconscious, or higher self mind, is immediately shown to us as they are picking it up, because they are perceiving it. Then they simply reflect what we carry inside of us back to us.
        We carry an awful lot of things in our subconscious that are really frightening; those darker impulses, and those are where we deal with our feelings of rage about whatever. So, all those parts of ourselves that we've kind of stuffed into the subconscious -- because they are too troubling to look at -- would instantly be there, right for us to see, and it would be very frightening for us.
        So this is why ETs, at least my Star family, is not able to come down and make full contact with human beings right now. And human beings are, I feel, closer to a breakthrough of consciousness on this level than we might think.

        TSB: Is it more a problem for the ETs, or for us?

        LYRAN: It's a problem for both. And incidentally, that's why they say on this planet that it's really important to do your spiritual work, and not the fluffy, new-age, love-and-light spiritual work where, "oh, we're only going to focus on the positive and we're going to stick our fingers in our ears and go la-la-la-la…" because somebody tries to tell us something negative.
        Because, once upon a time, spirituality was about facing completely all the shadow material that we carry in the subconscious, to become enlightened. So, when we do that spiritual work and we face ourselves, just like Luke Skywalker going into the cave, and having to confront part of himself in that cave … it's that kind of spiritual work that we need to do, in order to make ourselves ready for full contact with the fifth-dimensional telepathic beings.
        It's entirely possible that a species of ETs being hybridized -- that are not quite so tel-empathic -- will make the first contact, so that contact can be made and kind of ease us into this realm of higher consciousness and more expansion, without being such a shock to the system as it would be with a normal, fully tel-empathic fifth-dimensional being.

        TSB: Why don't extraterrestrials who have advanced technology and energy help us on Earth to adopt the sustainable, affordable, clean energy that would greatly reduce the financial burden on all people, as well as help restore the earth to a more pristine form?

        LYRAN: As I said in answer to the first question, there's the problem of initiating contact between humans who don't have their full consciousness ready for contact, and the fact that ETs would also have to be confronted by all the negativity that we carry within that we don't realize is there.
        So that's one of the problems. One of the other problems is that our government, the US government, and I believe the Nazi government, and perhaps even some other governments have also had access to extraterrestrial technology.
        But what they have done with it, because they didn't develop it from its inception all the way to full development, is that they didn't understand where the information comes from. They don't understand the underlying principle of zero-point energy. Because they don't understand that principle, and that it flows from the inner connectedness of all life, they don't understand that.
        So they take that information and they try to "weaponize" it. They try to turn it into a tool of power and control. And the US government, especially, and probably also the Nazi government, are poster children, basically, of why you do not give advanced technology to an underdeveloped species.
        Now, yes, we could use it for wonderful things on this planet, but until we solve this problem of what we hold in our consciousness that we don't know that we're holding, it's going to be very difficult. What we have to do as human beings is we have to make ourselves ready for contact with completely tel-empathic beings. And that means we have to do our spiritual work.
        It means we have to delve into our own subconscious and find out what is in there. How can we face up to that? What is it about the world around us that's showing us, in little clues, just those things that we are holding in our consciousness? Because they do show up in the world outside of us.
        So that's one of the reasons. Again, I would just reiterate that the United States of America, in particular, is an excellent example of why you do not give advanced technology to an underdeveloped culture.

        TSB: Can you give an example?

        LYRAN: Well, chemtrails are a really good example. They are being used to create geological upsets -- earthquakes, tornadoes, weather problems and things like that.

        TSB: Is this in conjunction with HAARP?

        LYRAN: Yes, in fact, I noticed the connection between HAARP and chemtrails quite a long time ago, because I was familiar with how the HAARP array looked. Then when I saw chemtrails -- and they're laid down in this grid pattern over the sky ...

        I actually wrote in my book about this, about the chemtrail looking like a grid, and then the grid pattern of the HAARP array. And they're very similar. And then when I looked at Tom Beardon's Web site, to see if there really was a connection, he really pointed it out that there is … it works on a principle of triangulation, for lack of a better word.
        So it works on this triangulation and they will turn on the HAARP array, and then over here maybe they have chemtrails in a different part of the world, and those particles in the HAARP array is triangulating with this other place where there are metal particulates in the chemtrails over a particular area, and then they may do something with that energy … I don't know exactly what … amplify it a certain way, attenuate it a certain way, to create a catastrophic weather system or to create an earthquake or tornadoes or volcanoes erupting.
        That’s why I discuss Revelations in the Bible. The people that are really in charge of this planet have every electronic device in their arsenal to make all the things written in Revelations come to pass. So they're actually in control of all that stuff that's written about in Revelations, and I think they were in the very beginning, when that book in the Bible was written. They knew they could bring that kind of a scenario about, because they had that kind of technology.

        TSB: Well, let me interject an example that we noticed. Right before the elections in 2012, there was a hurricane that came up the East Coast, as far as New Jersey, and then it suddenly did a left turn. And my partner, who was a sailor for a long time, said he's never seen a weather pattern like that before. That is not the way that nature works. It made a sudden turn, as if it was timed perfectly … and it was right before the election. We've noticed things like that happen before, and just right at very convenient times for those in control.

        LYRAN: I wrote about that in my book, it's in Part Two. (Ed's Note: Pages 234-235).

        TSB: I can understand why our society is not ready for the advanced technology. Those who are in control want to control everybody. They don't want everybody to have this energy because that would empower the people, and they would no longer be in control.

        LYRAN: We already have the technology. We already have zero-point energy technology. It's being withheld. They also have a system … because of all the stories that I've heard … about people coming up with a zero-point energy device and then suddenly, within 24 or 48 hours, the government swoops down on them and confiscates all their work, and in some circumstances they're killed.

        TSB: Well, look what happened to Tesla …

        LYRAN: Yes. They have some kind of electronic equipment that can detect if someone has made a zero-point energy device and is using it, and so they make sure that that is shut down. That's what happened to Ralph Ring and Otis Carr, when they came up with zero-point energy and they built a terrestrial flying saucer. They took one test flight in it before the government came and shut them down. That's just one story. I've heard other stories, too, about zero-point energy devices.

        TSB: These stories are pretty much speculation. There's no real proof?

        LYRAN: No, with Ralph Ring and Otis Carr, I think they're … well, there's no real physical proof, but the people are there. And then there was Eugene Mallove. He came up with something, and he was killed for his trouble.

        TSB: Either that or they're paid off.

        LYRAN: Yeah.

        TSB: It's such a shame because our world …

        LYRAN: Yes, because it could be so much better. And that's why I'm kind of formulating the consciousness-expansion solution to all of this.

        TSB: And, of course, ours is not the first civilization. It goes back to Atlantis and Lemuria, which were fighting forces actually, and they had advanced technology, using crystals.

        LYRAN: So really, just like in Star Trek, these people realize that they cannot give advanced technology to an underdeveloped culture who doesn't really understand it.
        So, let's just finish up with this point: If you have a civilization and it goes through all the different stages -- hunter-gather to agrarian to more of a technological age, and everything else like that -- and if there is no extraterrestrial influence on this particular culture whatsoever, eventually -- at some point -- someone in that culture is going to come up with the zero-point energy, because it flows naturally from an understanding that all nature and all threads of life are connected through the universe, throughout all the dimensions.
        And when you get that knowledge in your body and in your mind at a particular level, then zero-point energy flows naturally from the realization of that. You realize there is an energy potential around us in all space, and that space itself is alive, in that particular way, and all we have to do is create something that can tap into that zero-point energy.
        So, if you have a civilization that is at one of the lower stages of development, and you give that kind of technology to them before they have come up with the understanding of how to create it themselves, they are also not going to have the spiritual development to use that technology responsibly and appropriately.

        TSB: Their first idea would be to weaponize it.

        LYRAN: That's the reason why they can't just give us the technology. But they are working to try to expand our consciousness in so many ways. Crop circles are a big way that they are trying to expand our consciousness.

        TSB: Tell me more about crop circles then.

        LYRAN: I've listened to many lectures … wonderful lectures on crop circles ... and of course they are stunningly beautiful and so intricate that the guys with boards on their feet, doing this in fields, is just ludicrous.
        But the thing that's really interesting about crop circles, that I've noticed in most the lectures, is they are laid down on fields where underground there are these big aquifers -- water tables. Underground water tables. So I'm thinking that when they lay down these beautiful geometric patterns or symbols on the ground above these old water tables, where there's large reservoirs of underground water, that water is being imprinted with the energy of that crop circle … just like Mr. Emoto's work with water and crystallization of water, and putting words on the side of the jar, and then photographing the crystalline structure, and how it changes because of the message on the jar.
        So maybe it's the same thing with crop circles. If they're laid down over a big underground water table, they're imprinting that water with the energy of that symbol, and that water, in touch, goes into the entire ecosystem through rain and rivers and oceans and it imprints our entire water supply with these encoded, sacred geometry types of messages. And our bodies are three-fourths water as well, so it's encoding us

        TSB: Sort of a subliminal message of the extraterrestrial kind.

        LYRAN: I think it's gradually unlocking our consciousness. And then the other thing that is unlocking our consciousness, bit by bit, is all the terrible things happening on the planet right now.
        So, say they use HAARP to create a geological catastrophe in some area of the world. Yes, it creates a lot of pain and fear and suffering for those people, but for the people not generally affected by that area, it creates a tremendous outpouring of love and compassion and support for the people affected by that catastrophe. So that's how creating those kinds of fear-based incidents of suffering is actually working against the people who are trying to keep things going through fear.

        TSB: Well, there seems to be a lot of anger in the world, especially right now. I've never seen so much. People are really fed up. They're fed up and they're standing up and demanding what they want.

        LYRAN: Yes, there are a lot of things in the world today that look very, very scary. But right along with those things, there are so many things to be hopeful about.

        TSB: True. It's better than being ignorant and sticking your head in the sand. It has to come out … it's like Facing the Shadow … facing the dark side of the planet.

        LYRAN: We have to take a look at it. It's like diagnosing a disease. You have to look at all the different parts that are being affected. You have to look at all the symptoms. So we have a disease on this planet, and it's basically … you could call it the "Illuminati Disease," or the "Elite's Disease," and we have to understand all the symptoms of that disease in order to treat it effectively.
        But that's how it should be looked at. It shouldn't be looked at as this horrible thing that's coming to get us, and we're just going to succumb. We should be looking at it as … here are all the symptoms, and this is the disease … and now what is the cure for the disease?

        TSB: How do we treat it?

        LYRAN: Instead of looking at it as this dire thing that we can't possibly overcome, we need to simply look at it as a disease with all these symptoms, and how can we treat the symptoms, and then go after the cause.

        TSB: Is there really such thing as a quarantine around the earth so that contact with ETs is banned? And if so, why? And who proclaimed such a quarantine?

        LYRAN: Well, I believe the ETs put that in place. As I finished writing my book, I started looking at the concept of Archons. The thing that really made me start paying attention to them was finding out that they are mentioned in the Gnostic Scriptures, the Nag Hammadi Library. Because I've been a student of mythology for so long, knowing that there's more to mythology than what we realize, I started looking at it a lot more.
        Archons are described as looking like the Gray ETs -- small, fetal with large heads and black eyes -- and they're also described as Reptilian. I'm not saying that all Reptilians are Archons, and I'm not saying that all groups of Grays are Archons, or that all of them are evil. But there are groups of them that are not good at all, and they are like a pestilence on humanity, like an infestation.
        And I really believe that the quarantine that has been discussed about being around Planet Earth … I believe, yes, there was one. I'm not sure that it's in place anymore. I think that Bashar mentioned that the quarantine was over on Dec. 21, 2012, and the quarantine was lifted because contact is supposed to be coming, according to Bashar, and I sincerely hope that that's true.
        But I think that the quarantine may have been in place to keep this infestation of Archons that Earth is suffering under, keep it enclosed in the Earth system, or the solar system of which Earth is a part. So I'm not sure if the quarantine was just around Earth or whether it was around our whole solar system. But I'm guessing that probably it was around our whole solar system, to keep this Archonic infestation localized here and not let it spread, because it's a devastating infestation, and I think that the explosion of narcissism that we have seen in our culture … I think the Archon phenomenon is behind that.
        I think that they are extra-dimensional entities that whisper in the ears of those who are already leaning towards liking to have power and control over other people … and they whisper in their ear and they say, "Well, if you do this and this and this … then you'll have even more." These people kind of sell their souls to the Devil, so to speak, to get all this power and this control. And then these little creatures help them.
        But the only thing that they really want to help is themselves. They feed off the energy of human misery … anger, rage, fear, grief, depression … anything that people experience that is negative, they feed on that energy.
        And so, again, it's one of those things, and I think about another Star Trek episode, where there was this entity that happened to be Jack the Ripper on Earth.

        TSB: And it would feed on fear …

        LYRAN: It would feed on fear.

        TSB: And so they each got shots that made them happy and oblivious … and they didn't care anymore, and then it left, because it didn't have anything to feed on.

        LYRAN: That's basically what we have to do. We have to be aware. Again, awareness makes a big difference. It gives us the power to choose.
        So when we become aware of these things, then we have the power of choice. So that's kind of what I think about the quarantine and it may be lifted, but we still have problems with Archons going on in this planet, and David Icke has been talking about them for a long, long time. And now other people are talking about it too -- Jim Marrs has been talking about it. We have a wonderful Gnostic Scriptures scholar who talks about it, John Lamb Lash, and also there are some good Archon interviews with Andrew Bartzis, galactic historian.

        TSB: I have a question in relation to the quarantine … what happened that we were not able to go to the Moon again, after the Apollo missions? Some people believe that we were told to stay off. What's your take on that?

        LYRAN: That's an interesting question. Part of the reason is because I don't think they could justify the expense of the NASA missions to take astronauts to the Moon, using old, really antiquated -- in comparison to ET technology -- propulsion systems. First, they have to escape Earth's atmosphere and get the thing out into space, and then they have to push it towards the Moon at the right moment, so that it intersects with the Moon's orbit and its path out, and the cost is astronomical.

        TSB: Plus, they must be aware that there are more efficient, advanced methods.

        LYRAN: Absolutely they're aware. They know that there are more efficient methods. So that is why I think we don't have Moon missions anymore; it's because of the cost, and because even alongside the time when we were having the missions to the Moon, they had other technology that could get them to the Moon much more quickly. It pre-dated the Moon landings and program.
        So, I think that at some point, they just thought, well, this is useless to be spending all this money on these things just for the public. It just kind of looked like it died out. The attitude was kind of like, "Well, we made it to the Moon before the Russians … there's nothing there, just Moon rocks and dust."

        TSB: Are there extraterrestrials on the Moon?

        LYRAN: The real truth of the matter is there are ET bases on the other side of the Moon, and there are human bases, and I have … because of my experiences … Now, I didn't have a lot of experiences on the Moon, but I was there enough to pick up certain impressions. Cory Goode talks about the Moon being like Switzerland -- a neutral place, where you have to abide by certain laws and principles to operate there …

        TSB: Like Antarctica?

        LYRAN: Yes. The Moon is like that … and that was my impression of the Moon when I was there. And there are ET bases on the Moon.
        I mean, people don't have to believe me. If this is too fantastic for you to believe, then don't believe it. I have no problem, and it's not going to hurt my feelings.
        But my experience was seeing that an ET went to my superior officer, during my time on the Moon, and said to him, "You have no idea who you have there. Do you realize everything that you're doing to her gets reported back to her people?"
        And what that ET was saying was because he could look at me energetically and see that I was connected to the Lyrans. He knew that I'm, like, going back and forth with my astral body to the Lyran mothership and uploading my experiences into their systems.
        And they got me out of that. When the ET said that to the superior officer, they took me back to Earth, wiped my memory, and pretty much got me out of that program, because I suspect there is a treaty of some kind between the Lyrans and the United States government or the governments of Earth, and it may be that -- and this is a stretch, I know, but I just have a feeling about it -- it may be that because of this treaty that may exist between the Lyrans and Earth governments or US government, that they realize they were not allowed to be using me in the way that I was being used …

        TSB: Which was as a slave, basically.

        LYRAN: Yeah. Again, if that’s too far-fetched ... I am trying to get some confirmation of this from other channels, and I've been trying to work with Mark and JoAnn Richards, because he has a knowledge of treaties between the government and different extraterrestrial groups. So I'm trying to see if there is even something like that that he could report on. But I haven't heard anything back yet.
        Anyway, my general impression of when I was on the Moon was very similar to what Cory Goode was saying, that it's a neutral area like Switzerland and everybody, even if there are people and ETs that are hostile to each other on the Moon, they abide by those rules because, as Cory Goode said, everyone abides by the rules because to not abide by the rules is too terrible to even contemplate.
        So that's my take on why we don't have any more landings on the Moon, because we already have a presence there. We already have the technology, where we're going back and forth all the time.

        TSB: And are we also going to Mars?

        LYRAN: Yes, we are, and I believe we have stargates as well as craft. Part of that was, David Wilcock said the Stargate movie and TV show actually had incidents in that show that actually happened that were leaked out of the military; specifically the one that happened in Antarctica, where they found a stargate in Antarctica. So that is when I got interested in watching Stargate, because I had never watched the series, and so I looked it up and saw there were 10 seasons.

        TSB: Do extraterrestrials possess memories of their past lives? And why do Earth babies come into the world "veiled"?

        LYRAN: This question isn't going to be answered by a Lyran perspective, but there was a book I read or was in the process of reading … it's called Alien Interview … it was really a good book, and I think this was almost mentioned by Andrew Bartzis in his series of interviews that he did. I think there were 20 segments that were each 20-25 minutes long. And there is actually technology on the earth that causes ... when you're born here, it causes you not to remember. And it was pretty complete and comprehensive until like, the last maybe, 100 years, 50 years, where some of that technology was taken over by the good guys, for lack of a better term -- good extraterrestrials -- and was shut down.
        And so some segments of the Earth population are having more past-life memories emerge. I think that there is some actual technology down in the ground and projecting fields of energy around the earth that actually keep us from remembering our past lives.

        TSB: It seems like that would be on purpose. Maybe we need that in order to evolve …

        LYRA: But remember, those who don't remember their past are doomed to repeat it.
        So, if we don't remember who we really are, or where we came from, or all the different lifetimes we've had, then we're going through the same thing. Even right now, in the United States of America … we have the … and I'm a pacifist, I'm not a gun-toting crazy person or anything else like that. But I am a former member of the US Air Force, and I took an oath to defend the United States and its Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and because I'm a good student of history, I understand that during the Revolutionary War, the reason that we went to war with England was because of tremendous amounts of control and unfair taxation.
        We went to war to say, "This is enough, we have rights, we have sovereign rights as individual living beings, and all life is sacred and all life deserves to have these ways of living." Okay?
        And so we put the Constitution together, and we put this Second Amendment in there, the right to bear arms, in case the government ever went wrong, so that we could put it right again.
        And now they're wanting to take away our guns. So this is a perfect example of those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it, because people are such poor students of history now, that they do not realize why our founding fathers put the Second Amendment in the Constitution, to begin with.

        TSB: And it seems like they're not teaching Civics in grade school or high school anymore. They are really indoctrinating people.

        LYRAN: They don't want people to be empowered with knowledge, because when you are empowered with knowledge, then you are empowered with choice.

        TSB: They want you to be good little humans …

        LYRAN: Automatons …

        TSB: Just play your video games and pay attention to your cell phones, and forget everything else.

        LYRAN: They say, "Watch the stuff we put in front of you and choose from that." Don't make your own choices, you know. This goes back to the indoctrination thing, where that's the beginning of unlocking our consciousness is to realize all the levels and layers of indoctrination that are applied to us from birth to death, and pulling out of it.

        TSB: Yeah, there are scary things to learn about, but you need to know those, to make the right choices.

        LYRAN: Exactly.

        TSB: Is there any hope of our race on Earth actually transcending all the debris and corruption that surrounds us, so that we can become galactic citizens and progress to higher levels?

        LYRAN: Yes, I think there is. But it's going to take a lot of heart and courage and energy on the behalf of humans to do that.

        TSB: Is it going to take a big disaster, like an EMP pulse that would wipe out a lot of technology, in order for people to get back to basics? Is that the answer?

        LYRAN: It doesn't have to. It's like, if they ever take away our Internet, people are used to having a whole network for connections that goes all the way around the world. If that was suddenly taken away, it's just possible that those of us who are already waking up might find out about the "Inner" Net. And we might find that those people whom we really resonate with, that we really feel a strong connection to, may still feel that connection, even though the Internet connection is cut off.
        And we might find that there are ways to resonate together or communicate, or send an idea back and forth. And as soon as we figure out that that's happening -- even a little bit -- then that's like the toe in the door, and "wow, that's possible…" and then more and more becomes possible.
        So I think that it would be a very bad thing for them to take away our Internet and awaken that sleeping part of humanity that would then wake up and then come "on line," transcending the greed and corruption.
        There are two groups on the planet. There's the service-to-self people, who are definitely doing the greed and corruption thing. And they are controlled by Archons, who make sure that greed and corruption makes all these emotions of misery for Archons to feed off of.
        And then there are people who are watching all this stuff going on, and these are the service-to-the-One, service-to-the-All, and they see this and it's the contract presented by the greed and corruption that makes them want to choose "other." They live from their heart, from their conscience, and from their compassion. So these people really, really want this Earth to be different.
        They may not be figuring out how can we make it different -- just yet, but the impulse is there. So we can do it, and I really feel that we are heading in that direction, but we have a ways to go.
        What we really need to understand is that it is being done to us and how we are being manipulated, because as soon as we understand that, our choices become even more powerful. At the subconscious level, we do know what is going on, and that is another "contact conundrum" that touches on the non-interference principle.
        Knowledge is power, and this is why they are trying to keep us dumbed down.
        But the more that we are able to educate ourselves and look at what is really going on, it will free us. And some of the information isn't easy to look at, but I would urge people to do it and just use it as that contrast to help you make a choice that your heart wants.

        TSB: What do you say to non-believers of UFOs and ETs who refuse to accept that we live in a diverse universe?

        LYRAN: I don't like to go out of my way to change people's minds.
        But we live in such a huge universe and even God, you know, reveals Itself, Himself or Herself, to different species according to their ability to understand and comprehend. So, if you're ready, it's going to be there.
        But I guess seeing is believing. Once you have the experience … for those of us that are ET experiencers or contactees, something came along that took such a hold of us, that made such a profound difference in our lives that we were forever changed, and that isn't something we can give away to another person. It's just something that we can talk about and share, and then people are going to have to make up their own minds.
        The best thing that I can ask people to do is to agree to disagree with each other in a friendly and amicable manner, because that, at least, keeps the discussion going and the questions open.

        TSB: We also hear and read a lot of things on the Internet, and you need to be discerning in what you take as truth that resonates with you. We have a truth barometer right in here (indicating heart), and what doesn't we can discard or just let it go. You don't have to believe, and shouldn't believe everything you hear.

        LYRAN: No, you shouldn't. I mean, I started out in life, I was very left-brained, very analytical to begin with, and it took me a long time to come around to a lot of the ideas and concepts and experiences that I wrote down in my book.
        It took me a long time to even deal with it, like when I got chunks of memory back from hypnosis. I had to digest it. I didn't want to believe it myself, because the stuff that was done to me was unbelievably cruel.
        I didn't want to believe it myself, so what would a good scientist do? They would say, "Well, is there any other data out there to support what I've remembered here?" And you go and you look.

        TSB: People that have been in the military all their lives … they do not know how to handle that kind of information. They cannot believe that there is another sector of military that does the kind of stuff they did to you.

        LYRAN: If my experiences were bogus -- if they were just something that my mind manufactured while under hypnosis -- then I should not have found any collaborating data.

        TSB: But you did, though. You met a guy who said, "Oh, did you get an injection in the neck too?"

        LYRAN: And he wasn't the only one. I now know hundreds of people who have had mind-control abuse, many people who have had ET experiences, either abductions by the Grays or contactees who are connected to Star families the way that I am connected to the Lyrans.
        There are people out there who are connected to the Sirians, to the Arcturians, to the Pleiadians, and they remember those contacts, and those contacts are a deep source of joy and fulfillment, just like my connection with the Lyran people is a source of joy and fulfillment connection for me.
        I mean, it really does keep me going. It's such a powerful knowing inside of me that, as difficult as life has been, because … you know, there are times when life has been so difficult that I have contemplated ending my life. But I know that if I do that, I won't go Home. And I believe that so implicitly that it has prevented any attempted suicide. I just know that it's not a way out. I know that suicide is a way to make everything much, much worse.

        TSB: There have been occasions where there have been "lone wolf" shootings, and they end up killing themselves. Are these people mind-controlled?

        LYRAN: Some of them may be. The other part of it is, I think, like in Auburn, Calif., when I was working at a women's center, there was a murder/suicide of a police officer who killed his wife and then himself. She was wanting a divorce.

        TSB: In that case there was a motive. Sometimes there's just off-the-wall … like that man in Colorado Springs, who walked into the Planned Parenthood … whacko … and the Columbine shootings. Sometimes I think these things are "set up" in order for the government to have an excuse to come in and take our guns.

        LYRAN: I think so too. Well, look at all the people who have been under the influence of psychotropic drugs and done mass shootings.

        TSB: There's an epidemic in this country with pharmaceuticals.

        LYRAN: I'm not trying to discount people's pain and anguish about the mass shootings that go on, and the people who are killed, and the families that are devastated. I'm not undercutting that a bit. But I also believe that it's people who hold the guns that kill people. It is people who do the killing, it is not the guns.

        TSB: And it wouldn't solve anything by taking away our guns.

        LYRAN: It wouldn't solve anything, it would just become more messy. I mean, what if all guns were confiscated and all these people who are violent and wanted to do harm to others, what if they make some kind of explosive device?

    TSB: Well, gosh, look at Mexico … all the gangs and drug cartels have guns.

    LYRAN: There's so much more that could be done that's worse than guns. I know that gun violence is a problem, but we need to look at the deeper issues. We can't just make blanket statements that say, "oh, we just need to take everybody's guns away."

    TSB: Guns have been demonized. If it wasn't guns, it would be something else.

    LYRAN: Well, there's a saying that says if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have 'em.

    TSB: That's right, and the only way to get rid of a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

    LYRAN: And I'm not talking vigilantes here, but there are a lot of good people who have guns, who use them responsibly and we should not put them through gun confiscation when it's just a few people that are probably mind-controlled and under the influence of drugs who are doing these shootings. And please, please, PLEASE remember history … the reason we have the Second Amendment is to keep the government from going wrong.
    And the government is going way, WAY wrong! And if ever there was a time NOT to give up our guns, it's now. I can't emphasize that enough, and I say it as a pacifist who doesn't want to take a life … ever … ever, EVER!
    But I just cannot see that anything is served for anyone, in any good way, by giving up our guns in the face of an encroaching Fascist regime.

    If you’d like to get Niara’s book, Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light, go to (or you may order it from Niara is willing to answer questions from readers in future issues. Learn more about Niara at




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