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Ascension, Project Blue Beam, and getting ‘the mark'

       A subscriber, Lisa, asked me some questions about Earth's future in regard to the New World Order and the predictions associated with the End Times.

Q: I am curious about the "mark of the beast"
system and how that works. For instance, if there are different forms of "the mark," such as a microchip, vaccine, bar code, etc., it's not just limited to one type. And at some point, will everyone be forced to take it or they die? What if innocent, genuine, good people take it without realizing it? Does that mean their souls are doomed for all eternity?

A: This mark is connected to a massive super computer, which is "the beast." The bar codes, etc., are a tracking system tied into the implant programs. The numerical system tracks your whereabouts, your age, sex, body functions, etc., and places where you reside. These implants are being used in limited populations, such as prisons and in your vet clinics, such as when a pet has a microchip inserted, so they can use it in limited subjects so as to track its effectiveness until it can be used on the general population.
        When a biologist tranquilizes a bear or some other mammal, it has a collar or a microchip inserted, allowing the biologist to study its habits, etc., and how far it ranges inside or outside its habitat. The same as with this "beast" system, and no … souls are not doomed nor limited, as you have free will and choice as to whether and when you get an inoculation, etc., or anything that requires an injection of anything within you.
        The super computer system is still in its infancy stage of testing and development, and people can resist this type of control.

Q: The ascension, also known as the rapture, can happen in different ways to different people? Not just one way? And not all at one time?

A: The ascension will be different for everyone. Each person will experience it in their own way.
        For many, it will be on an energy level, a frequency level, as the earth will also ascend on a cosmic and universal level, when the organisms of the dying world are united with the essence of the plasma energies; that is, the Creator essences telling the humans that they must unite to save not only themselves, but the living planet.
        It will not occur all at once, but individually for each person, and will depend upon their origins and their energies and development as to their soul from past and current incarnations or lifetimes, as all is cumulative.
        The rapture is unique to different people, according to their beliefs as to a deity or supreme being, and this rapture signals the arrival of inner earth energies combined with stellar energies uniting to help heal.
        Rapture, for many, will occur without their knowing, and for others it will never occur. For others, it has arrived in a change of planetary awakening on a soul and spiritual level. For others, they will be shown on a soul level and a cosmic level, but not on a conscious level, as they still have to evolve on a molecular and spiritual path.

Q: Will you talk about Project Blue Beam and how it connects to the New World Order (one world religion, one world government, and one world economy) and the upcoming false messiah, also known as the antichrist?

A: Project Blue Beam is a collective of scientists and other agencies, and is being used to set up a universal, or global, economy, in conjunction with microchip technology to "mind control" the populace for the arrival of beings from other worlds, in a prelude to create an arrival of a supreme deity.
        These are all done by advanced holograms projected into the skies, and the implants allow people to be attuned to perceiving it as being something real, when in reality it's a grand illusion. The intention is to usher in a new form of government, where people lose their ability to think for themselves, and become a nation of sheeple, following a global leader and economy, and blindly obeying without questioning.
        This is all connected to the super computer system known as "the beast."
The conversion of a one-world currency would phase out coinages. All nations would have a shared single unity of commerce, allowing the end of exchanges between different currencies, and ending diversity, in a sense.
        In order for people to evolve, they must have free will and diversity, and not panic, as people on their own terms can resist by the choices they make every day, and by being alert and not alarmist and panic.
        Religion and economy are unique among all nations, and diversity united can end the mind control programs by education and logical thinking, and without paranoia.
        The antichrist is predicted, yes, but know that he resides within the deeds and actions of all leaders and all who are in power.

        Sanni Ceto is the author of two books: Stranded On Earth, The Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor and Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World  (about space people and their customs). Visit or go to Also available as eBooks.
        She is an advocate for Autism in Colorado. If you have a question for Commander Sanni, you may send it to, and put “Ask Sanni” in the subject line.


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