'Let's Talk Paranormal'

out of Las Vegas

from the December 2016 Star Beacon


        Tracie Austin is the host and creative producer of "The Tracie Austin Show," which is produced in Las Vegas at MG Studio. The show is a brand new TV and Radio podcast show which discusses and encompasses all things paranormal, strange but true.

        Its first premier episode focused on the Black Eyed Kids, a subject which seems to be a topic in which many people have an extreme interest, mainly because these "non- human children" have been encountered all around the world -- the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Iraq -- and it keeps growing!

        Currently, Tracie and her staff are spreading awareness of the show on most social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as articles and editorials being released in various magazines, including Phenomena Magazine, and The Star Beacon.

        With three episodes now under way, the shows can be viewed directly on our YouTube channel and at http://thetracieaustinshow.com.

For a quick, behind-the-scenes tour of MG Studios with Tracie, check out this YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_rWSFR71aY

(ED’s NOTE: As soon as I viewed it, I immediately subscribed!)

        "Let’s Talk Paranormal" was the first of Tracie’s TV shows, which aired in California, New York, and Arizona, winning three Telly Awards for its excellence. She both produced and hosted her first show.

        Tracie trained as a classical concert pianist in London back in 1987 at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. It was here that she had her first daylight UFO sighting which changed her life forever.

More sightings continued and she has experienced more than a dozen sightings to date.

        The following are links to the first three episodes of "The Tracie Austin Show":


The Black Eyed Kid Show - Episode #1


Strange Intruders Show - Episode #2


Who Are The Men In Black - Episode #3


For a quick peek, here is a one-minute "teaser" you might want to check out:



Tracie Austin

Executive Producer/Host for Let’s Talk...Paranormal and The Tracie Austin Show,
Published Author/Speaker

PO Box 370563

Las Vegas, NV 89137

Cell: (702) 217.9050

Email: tracie@thetracieaustinshow.com

Web: thetracieaustinshow.com

Web: letstalkparanormal.com



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