Under the Sun

by Chrystle Clae

An article from the December 2017 Star Beacon


by Chrystle Clae       


        Just for fun ... here are some items from Chrystle's column that ran years ago in the Suncoast Beach Reporter (Florida).

Dear Chrystle,
        My husband and I haven't been getting along for years now. I'm not sure I can take this much longer, but our son isn't out of high school yet. I don't want to scar him for life about marriage. Any suggestions?

Dear Lee,
        It feels like something happened about six or seven years ago that broke any feelings of "trust" between you and your husband. I highly recommend family counseling. You are both nice people who need to get past the bitterness before making any decisions. I've found that even when it's not outwardly apparent, the children "know" something's going on.
          Often, any energy suppressed in a family will manifest through another. You all need to be true to yourselves. You're unhappy, Lee, change that. You'll never change another person, but you are the only person that can make Lee more content.
                                                            In Love's Light, Chrystle

Dear Chrystle,
        What does alcohol do to you if you’re psychic?

Dear "Worried,"
        Superficially, alcohol affects a psychic the same way as everyone else. On a deeper level, alcohol brings a psychic's vibration down, causing depression and often illness.
        It's interesting that many alcoholics are also quite sensitive in the intuitive area. For some, that sensitivity can be like walking around with an open sore and they look to a drink to be their "Band-Aid." Unfortunately, it's a destructive and all too temporary "number" of feelings. A much more constructive "Band-Aid" is the combination of prayer and meditation.
                                                            In Love's Light, Chrystle

Dear Chrystle,
        Can you tell me a good time to make a move in my job? I need the security of the current benefits included in this job. Should I stay in real estate?
                                                            Thanks, Tommy

Dear Tommy,
        The only move I see for you is changing areas, not careers. If you would begin looking at areas a little South and East of where you are now, I don't see any reason to give up that "secure" feeling of the company you are with right now.
                                                          In Love's Light, Chrystle

Dear Chrystle,
        What's it like to be a psychic?

Dear Bruce,

        I suspect it's not much different from being anyone else. I do not spend 24 hours a day tuned in on just anyone in my environment. I only work psychically on people if they ask or if I have asked their permission to help them with something. There are many ethics involved with this ability.
        Prayer and trust that God will guide my words are an integral part of each day. Personally, my psychic ability is very useful when I remember to use it!
        Psychic ability is something we all come equipped with. I don't know what it's like not to be a psychic.
                                                            In Love's Light, Chrystle

Dear Chrystle,
        I love how you sign your letters, "In Love's Light." What does it mean?

Dear Ditto,

        Thank you. In metaphysics, "Light" is usually used to refer to a oneness experience with the Universal Energy (God). I think Love needs no explanation, except to mention that "Love" was also the name of my now transition ed and much loved cat friend, who you can see in the picture of me at the head of the column. Even though she died some time ago, the light of her love became a lasting part of me.
I find pets come into our lives at times when we need to learn giving and receiving of unconditional love.
                                                              In Love's Light, Chrystle

Dear Chrystle,
I'm going to finish college this year. My major is in business. Do you see any parrticular "business" that would be better than another?
                                                              Thank you, Sandy

Dear Sandy,
        I see you in a hospital or clinic environment. There are "patients" of some kind there and you eventually deal with them. Initially, you are involved in some administration type of work.
        This is certainly not the only work that would be good or profitable for you. It is the most fulfilling and productive type of work you can do. I tend to tap into the lifestyles (etc.) that will most fluidly allow you the opportunity to learn the lessons you want to in this lifetime. You can learn them in other lifestyles also! Good luck on your last year in school!
                                                     In Love's Light, Chrystle


        Chrystle Clae is a psychic/astrologer residing in Florida.     



This page updated December 17, 2017



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