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An article from the October 2017 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Earth Changes!

        What a whirlwind of weather we've been experiencing since the last issue. Remember, we were told decades ago that Mother Earth would undergo some drastic natural events. I think we are seeing some of that now, following the August solar eclipse, with Hurricanes Harvey (Houston, Texas) and Irma (Florida and the islands southeast of her).    By the time this goes to press, Maria might make her destructive debut as well up the Eastern US coast.
        Here in the West there have been many fires, particularly in Montana, Oregon, Washington state and California. The smoke likes to settle over Colorado, obscuring our beautiful mountains and reminding us that we are fire-prone as well, especially after an extremely hot, dry summer. Other parts of the country have also experienced extremely hotter temperatures than usual this summer.
        Without getting political, I feel I need to comment on so-called "global warming." I believe it is a scam to promote money for its advocates and a bogus environmental movement in general. This does not mean that I do not care about the environment or that I refuse to see that Earth is changing
        Far from it. We have climate change happening, which is obvious. Yet there has been climate change occurring on this planet since its inception. It is nothing new, and those who would exploit it for their own enrichment and control over Earth’s population are misleading us.
        The eclipse was fantastic. I had to work that day, but we had a pair of office "eclipse glasses," and several employees went outside to look at the sun during the event. I declined to use the special glasses and just enjoyed the experience without risking my eyesight. In the days following that eclipse, I did notice certain "symptoms" as a result, which included extreme fatigue and weird dreams. Other people I know claim they experienced the same, or similar, after-effects. I believe some kind of energetic shift did take place.
        Shortly after, we had Hurricane Harvey, which caused much damage with unprecedented flooding in Texas. Yet it was heart-warming to see the compassion and outreach of human beings helping others. A week later, we had Hurricane Irma slowly making her way through the Caribbean and finally hitting Florida. I have friends and family living in affected areas of Florida, and even as far north as Atlanta, Georgia, some folks had power outages for days.
        The strange thing about these storms is that they appeared to be living forces that behaved diabolically. There are conversations on the Internet about HAARP and the cabal conjuring up the destructive forces through scientific means (covert, of course) in order to create chaos, hardship and devastation for their own gain at the expense of hurting thousands.
        The huge earthquake that occurred in Mexico during Irma's reign over Florida was a big deal, killing many people, and yet there was little news coverage over that, which puzzles me. If you are a TV news hound (like I can be at times), you’re not getting the whole picture, even on the more trusted networks. And after a while, you just have had enough and you need a break from dwelling on all of the negativity.
        I feel it was spiritual guidance that led to my return to Colorado after a year and a half in the Northwest. The Four Corners area was once touted as a "safe" area in which to live during earth changes. I have just bought a home in Delta County (in western Colorado). Of course, your location does not determine your survival or your destiny. You will be at the right place on your path, whatever happens. I have a son living in California and a daughter-in-law whose family lives in South Korea, probably one of the most dangerous places to be on Earth in these troubling times. I have faith that they are exactly where they need to be, and hopefully out of harm’s way in these turbulent times.
        I also know we are not alone on this planet, that we have benevolent beings looking out for us. There is a reason our planet is going through the throes of "childbirth" right now. Change is inevitable, but consciousness supersedes the path of destruction. When we focus our consciousness on what is good, what it is we desire -- focusing on love and compassion -- we see results to that effect.
        Lightworkers know this and are the ones everyone who is frantic will turn to in the times ahead. Like the writer in the Readers Forum said, all lightworkers are Indigos. This comes as no surprise to me. I am encouraged to know that a new generation of lightworkers, who are Rainbow or Diamond children, are the hope of the human race surviving and pioneering the New Earth.
        Keep your faith that we are loved, we are guided, and that our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters are helping us, even though it is not "safe" for them to openly show themselves yet.
        The worse things seem (as evidenced by the evening news and the Internet), the closer we are getting to the Golden Age.

        Ann Ulrich Miller publishes The Star Beacon and its sister magazine, Wisp, which focuses on uplifting news, heart-warming stories and humor. She is a novelist and just started writing her next romantic suspense title, The Dream Chasers. Check out her author website at






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