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Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows

Dear Ann,
          It sounds dire what with North Korea and all the trouble globally. As I've said before, the civilizations have cycled and we've become nearly extinct before. This time we're being given aid, and I do not mean the ETs. They will not rescue us. This is UFO dogma.
          In addition to UFO dogma, there is religious dogma, political dogma, etc., as anything can be turned into dogma. Dogma sets people up against each other. It tells people with ego, "I'm right . . .  no, I'm right!" This is how wars begin.
          You are an Indigo. All lightworkers are Indigos. Indigos are part of the trio, Indigo-Rainbow-Crystal, also known as Diamond. Something we've never had before are the Indigos, plus the Crystal and Rainbow children, known as Diamond children. These humans with elevated frequencies will rescue us. They are a gift to listen to and to cherish. The other times that we almost became extinct, we did not have the benefit of their help. They've been sent to help us survive.
          The Creator of all is filled with love and there is no place for ego. In the Creator's love, he even loves the Reptoids. (By the way, the leader of North Korea is a Reptoid.) I know some of this is hard to believe.
Years ago, I attended a school run by the Guardians (ETs). I was taught much. I am an Indigo-Crystal-Rainbow. I am here to teach and guide people. I do not care if people believe me. I think there is a verse that says, "Those who have ears, let them hear."
          I am guided by Spirit and the Guardians. When they send me energy, I feel great peace and am surrounded by love. I can hear Spirit as well as Geoff, an ET.
          Years ago, I was sitting outside with a friend and another person, someone I would call a "dark soul," or a troubled soul. In the doorway to our building were three adults and a child who was sucking on his "binky" (something to comfort him). The adults were discussing the child, saying how tragic it was that he was autistic, and they were really laying it on thick how crippled he was.
          Suddenly, this so-called "crippled" child got up and ran over to offer his binky to the dark soul, who immediately responded bitterly with, "Go away! I don't want that filthy thing." All the while, the child was looking into her eyes and he didn't cry. He just went back to holding his mom's pants leg. Even though other children might get upset and cry after such a reprimand, he did not cry after being chastised.
          What struck me was that he looked her directly in the eye. Why did he choose to try and comfort her with his binky? He knew that she was one who needed comforting. Spirit told me he was a Rainbow child.
          He will have a tough road ahead as he is labeled "defective." Most of the Rainbow children are here to comfort us.

Name withheld by request


Where Did the Lion Go?

          In a kingdom of the true GOD there can be no lies and transgressions against the sacred rules and harmony.
          Around the turn of the century, the long awaited law bearer was recognized by the required witnesses and behind the scenes started the "sorting." In the resistance against change, the entrenched spirit rulers of Earth kept feeding us lies . . .
          But now truth gets sprinkled in the mix. One example for Bible fans is found in Isaiah 11-6, where the Lion and the Lamb got changed to the Wolf and the Lamb. This change happened overnight in Bibles across the globe.
          Older Bible students clearly remember the Lion . . .  while younger persons have no comprehension of this miracle of change demonstration.
Something to think about.

Al Fry
Garden Valley, Idaho

Correction on Focus Sessions

          Regarding the "Focus Sessions on Animals, Fish and their 'Feelings,'" in the August issue of The Star Beacon, I didn't ask them if it was okay to have my opinion on their session questions printed in public. I don't actually know the people there running those particular Focus Sessions. Someone known to them shared it with me for my input. I assumed therefore that it was/is free to go public with my opinion on the questions only.
          So, I didn't print their answers to the questions, which were different from my answers. I wondered whether printing both their questions and answers together with my answers might have resulted in a breach of trust or privacy between them and my contact.
          One point that would be appreciated giving mention to in the next issue, if possible, is that the "Focus Sessions" were not Billy Meier's, but those of the confidential source. I answered the questions according to my understanding of, and gleanings from, the Billy Meier information, and my own opinion and understanding from my own Satori experience in 2001.

Warm regards,
Chris Lock



A Few Comments

          I suspect open-minded Star Beacon readers are getting a first-hand view of what is happening to people now that the cleanup-law bearer mandated the helpful angelics to back off from feeding in positive mental aid to the anti-God spirits and hybrids. Their true natures are coming out and the sorting is becoming easy.
          I was talking to some tourists while we all were soaking in a local hot springs this morning, and one of them got out and started shouting that we would be sorry for our pro-Trump views.
          Most persons are staying in limbo yet, and the current example is in Texas, where thousands followed the officials' advice and stayed put, despite a six-day warning of tornado disaster to the cities ahead. (Ed: This letter is dated before Hurricane Harvey happened.) It's much the same as millions of Christians continue to get sold out, targeted, and even whacked . . . without getting the aid they request.
          Looks like the wake-up calls will keep getting worse and worse.

Al Fry
Garden Valley, Idaho

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