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by Commander Sanni Ceto
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An article from the February 2017 issue of

        Q: I've heard that some politicians of this world are reptilians. How do they take the form of a human being? How do they disguise themselves as human beings?

        A: Politicians are human on the outside, but reptoid inside, and they only care about their own selfish needs and wants.
        They appear as humans by shape-shifting to look human, in order to avoid detection. They use shape-shifting to achieve all of this.
        Most people can't see them in their true form as they do not vibrate at a frequency that shows their true selves.

         Q: Is it that the reptilians use human skin as a sort of costume to cover their true forms? Is it because the form of the human being that they take is a hologram? Or is it because they are all reptilian hybrids, part human and part lizard and that is why they look human?

        A: Yes, they use human skin as a costume. And yes, they project a hologram when they take human form. They are hybrids, part human and part lizard.

        Q: Are any of them 100 percent reptilian? Or do they all have mixed DNA of human and lizard, and is it the hybrids that are doing the bidding of those that are 100 percent reptilian?

        A: Yes to both of your questions.

        Q: How are they able to shape-shift? Do they shape-shift at will? Can only parts of them shape-shift or can their whole body shape-shift into a lizard?

        A: They can shape-shift their entire body, not just parts. Some can do it at will while others cannot.

        Sanni enjoys answering questions about space. Please email questions to She is the author of two books, Stranded On Earth, The Story of a Roswell Survivor, and Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World, both available on and as eBooks.


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