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What is the 5th Dimension?

By Tim Doherty

It is a brand new world. It is here and many of us are already in it. Most people who are coming to the 5th Dimension have not arrived yet. Every day more and more people start the transitions into the 5th Dimension from either the 3rd Dimension, where we have lived our lives until now, or the 4th Dimension.

The 5th Dimension is a whole new ball game with new rules. Much of what applied in our 3rd Dimensional world has started to change and will continue to do so for us. Every single area of our lives will change. Science, medicine, psychology and more are getting sets of new rules. In the 5th Dimension if we desire a negative experience, we will receive that but in a different way although it seems to be the same to us.

At this point the 5th Dimension is now being created by us and every entity we can dream of and some we donít even know exist, including God, angels, spirit guides and more. It is like building our brand new dream house, but the interior is not completed when we move into it. So, we have to paint, lay the carpet, put in our furniture, etc. This is what we are starting to do with our collective consciousness. We will bring many things with us to the new home and many things we will leave behind.

As I said, the 5th Dimension is only now forming. What it will be like when the basic formation is complete is still up to us to create with a lot of help from our friends. In fact, most of it is being done by them. This is happening very rapidly.

In the 5th Dimension we will create world peace. Disease and starvation will disappear. People will change so much that most, if not all, communication between us will be telepathically or psychically. Transportation will be by means of thought and desire. We will create anything we desire instantaneously, be it a material object or an experience. Since there will be almost no negativity, people will not argue or fight. Our home (the 5th Dimension) will be full of love and harmony. We will have access to other dimensions to have any experience they have to offer us, including any negative experiences we desire to have but we will not bring any negativity back into the 5th Dimension with us. In other words, we will release that negativity in a similar fashion as we did in Stage 1.

The 5th Dimension will be exactly what we create it to be both individually and collectively.

Every time I have asked my guidance what the 5th Dimension will be like when it is fully formed, I have gotten the same answer: "Paradise."

More on the 5th Dimension
(Updated: May 18, 2001)

In the 5th Dimension we have access to many other dimensions and realms and jump between the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions very frequently. Thinking in linear terms, as most of us have all of our lives, we think since we are in the 5th Dimension that thatís where we stay and everything we experience is there. Not now, not in the 5th Dimension. We move from dimension to dimension or realm with our minds. The instant we make the decision that: "Now, Iím going to have that experience" is when we shift from the 5th Dimension to the other dimension or realm. Itís not at the time of the physical action that we make the change to the other dimension; itís at the instant prior to making any physical movement. We also take our material surroundings with us when we move from one dimension to another.

Here is an example. A while back I decided to get physically into shape, joined a health club and started working out. After going there a few times I channeled that it was actually in the 3rd Dimension. I wondered: "How could this be? Iím in the 5th now." So, I asked Rah about it and here is the gist of what I got. The gym was in the 3rd Dimension and I had to go there to work out. At the time I had a trainer, so I had appointment times to go there. Iíd get ready, usually a little before I had to leave my house. Iíd usually sit and have a cup of coffee or whatever, using up the time until Iíd leave to go there. At first I expected that when I walked through the door of the gym is when I entered the 3rd Dimension. Nope. It was when I was sitting on my couch, ready to go, and made the conscious decision that: "Now, Iím going to go." The instant prior to my making the movement of putting my hand down on the couch to get up to go is when I actually entered the 3rd Dimension.

Since I knew for sure the gym was in the 3rd Dimension, I started noticing how I felt while I was there, my energy, the energy around me, etc. A couple times my energy felt like it was in a bubble, that it only extended out maybe 6 to 10 feet or so around me. I even wondered if the other people there could even see me. They could. Theyíd say, "Hi" as they walked by and so forth even when I felt like I was in that bubble. But it felt like my energy was being held in toward my body. It did not feel normal at all for me. Also, at times I could feel or sense no difference at all. When I got back home from working out, although my muscles were very tired, my energy felt normal again. Now, Iíve been told by several people that my energy flows out freely wherever I go. Like when I enter a room, my energy immediately fills the room. To me, this has been normal all of my life. Some people naturally hold their energy closer to their body, similar to what Iíve described earlier in this paragraph and that is normal for them. So, for a person whose energy does not flow out freely, that person may experience this in a different way than I do.

When we move between the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions, we also take the material objects around us with us. I think itís because we believe they are there and it doesnít seem like Scotty is beaming us up when we move between the dimensions. This will change, however, as we get more accustomed to being in the 5th Dimension.

Occasionally, when we move from the 5th Dimension to either the 3rd or 4th, somehow an object will not go with us. Here is an example of that. One night I was watching a comedy show on TV. While the comedy was on I was reading an astrology book. At about the time the comedy was over, I decided to take a break from reading and actually watch TV for a bit. I sat the book on the footstool in front of the couch. The footstool was in front of the other end of the couch, not directly in front of me. I decided to watch a horror show for entertainment. After using the remote to find a channel I noticed that the astrology book was not on the footstool. I looked on the floor where I had some other astrology books and didnít see it there. Knowing that my thoughts move me from dimension to dimension and the horror show was most likely not in the 5th, the book must have been left in the 5th somehow. I thought about the missing book for a little while during the show, but soon forgot about it. When the horror show was over, I decided to watch another comedy if there was one on. Once again, I grabbed the remote, found a channel with a comedy and got up to get a cup of coffee from the kitchen. When I returned to the couch with the coffee, the book was back on the footstool. Now, this does not mean that every comedy show is 5th Dimensional. Any show can be in any dimension where there is television. It just happened that my thoughts took me to the other dimension for that show.

When we decide to have an experience with another person who is not in the 5th Dimension, we go to that dimension to have the experiences. This can be in person, on the phone, on the computer, whatever. This is when it is probably the easiest to feel the differences of the two dimensions. Sometimes we wonít feel any difference at all. This depends largely on how "in touch" with their feelings, senses, energy, etc. a person is. Also, it depends on whether we even think to try to notice any difference. Most of the time we are wrapped up in the experiences. Negative thinking, of course, takes us right out of the 5th Dimension. Before re-entering the 5th we release the negativity we picked up in the other dimension. This usually doesnít last very long at all but it can help us to release more negativity and help to re-shape thinking habits and patterns. These habits and patterns of thinking negatively are still with most of us. While in the 5th we are thinking positively, but we can also be thinking positively while in the 3rd or 4th Dimension.

Speaking strictly on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions and how to notice where you are at a point in time, when we are not feeling normal, "up" or comfortable, we are not in the 5th Dimension. When we feel abnormal, "down" or uncomfortable, we are in the 3rd or 4th Dimension. The two key factors I use to determine where I am at a given point in time are these two questions I ask myself: "Are my thoughts negative in any way?" and "How does my energy feel?" Negative thoughts donít necessarily have to be something like getting even or revenge for something someone else did to you or anything like that. Negative thoughts can be egotistical thoughts, such as "My way is right and someone else is wrong" or simply an unhappy thought. Unhappy thoughts can be memories. Also, judgmental thoughts of "This is right and that is wrong" are negative thoughts. Just about everything we hear or read is "Right" for somebody somewhere or "Wrong" for somebody else. Thoughts of controlling someone else are negative thoughts. When you think of helping someone else with a problem they have and you come up with a solution, you feel positive energy and the thoughts are positive. When someone you care about says, "I love you" to you, how you feel at that moment is very positive energy and positive thoughts. Thought is energy and can be used to manipulate energy, such as my decision to have the negative experience of feeling the fear during the horror show. When you feel "normal" or neutral for you now, neither up nor down, it feels lighter or higher than it used to in the past. That is also when youíre in the 5th Dimension. After noticing these things a few times youíll be able to tell very quickly where you are. "Listening" and feeling your own energy and the energy around you, as well as your thoughts may also set the stage for some people to begin channeling, if they have the desire to do so. Noticing these things will quickly clear up some of the confusion over the question of: "Where am I now?"

If you feel that you are definitely in the 3rd or 4th Dimension, as being your home, noticing these things now will also help you so that when you do "move" into the 5th Dimension, youíll be able to quickly tell where you are at any point in time.

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