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Sample Article from the December 2001 Star Beacon

by Sherry Allcorn

      This was an experience I couldnít ignore. On the night of Oct. 29, 2001, after I had gone to sleep, I found myself floating above a country road, the wind blowing my hair as I went forward. I was thinking, "What am I doing here?" I was about 10 feet above the street and could see plainly below. I wondered to myself, "What am I doing outside?" I wasnít afraid, thinking it was sort of fun to get to fly like this.

      I remember looking down at my nightgown and feeling it move with the breeze. I wasnít cold, although the temperature was about 67 degrees. I could feel the breeze blowing on my face and sweeping my hair back. I was thinking I didnít even have any shoes on. My legs just sort of dangled and my feet were limp as was my whole body, although I was in a standing-floating position. My arms also dangled at my side. I was moving fairly fast; it seems about 25 miles per hour.

      I became more alert as I was in a sleepy condition and could see land to each side of the road below and a fence to the left side, all the way down to where I was to go. The full moon lit up the area, although it was very dark outside. Everything had a very blue-gray hue to it. Then I looked to my left on the other side of the fence area and there was what looked like a round, disk-shaped object, typical of the UFOs in films and videos. It was dark blue/gray with an assortment of colored lights, glowing from the bottom and sides, flickering off and on -- very pretty. It was tilted on its side, so I could see underneath it. Its colored lights glowed in the dark and shone downward to the ground. It was suspended about as far off the ground as I was suspended, about 10 or so feet. I seemed to take a moment to just stare at this object.

      Then, all of a sudden, I was in the ship. I seemed to be sitting or lying on a table. There was a man to my left. I could not make out the details of him, but I know this person was male. Other people were there also -- a female woman, maybe short, not very tall, with short dark hair. I got the impression I had seen these people before as I thought back on the event the next day. Then I was lying on my left side and was pricked with an instrument on my right upper hip. I could feel this very distinctly. It seemed to have about four or five sharp needle-like protrusions, aligned side by side, about one-half inch length across. The man pricked me with this instrument very quickly. I think it may have injected something into me, like liquid. I donít remember coming home or anything, until I awoke the next morning.

      I have had many dreams, as do most people, but this had too many feelings of motion, wind, the gown and my hair moving, the prick of this instrument, the night air, the atmosphere of the land and the moon glowing, the lights flickering, even the thoughts of "What am I doing outside, flying in the night, and where am I going?" This was quite an experience and I thought I would share it with everyone.

      This is not a common experience for me to have. In fact, I canít recall any other experiences where I have been taken aboard a UFO. I am definitely not a regular abductee that I can recall. This was not a negative experience; quite the contrary, but I have a lot of questions myself about this event in the night.

      I welcome any comments anyone might have and will answer any questions that I can.

     Sherry Allcorn resides in Burleson, Texas. She may be reached by e-mail at

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