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The Alpha Centauri Connection

from the August 2004 Star Beacon

     EDITOR’S NOTE: Recently I received communication from a woman who calls herself Tumeria, who discovered she was from Alpha Centauri and had come across the article by KT, “Life on Alpha Centauri,” which appeared in the April 1997 of The Star Beacon. I put her in touch with KT and out all of this I made a personal discovery as well. You can read KT’s article on Earth Star’s Web site.


by Tumeria

     Even as a small child I never fit in. I was a loner and didn’t make many friends. I knew I was different, but I wasn’t sure how. It wasn’t until 1991 (I was born in 1960) that things started to shift. That was when one of my Spirit Guides made contact with me telepathically. My guides have validated themselves to me in many countless and undeniable ways. They simply told me that I wasn’t from Earth, that I had only had 34 lives on this planet, but countless lives on other worlds.

     Recently I had a reading of my Akashic Records which are the records of all souls for all time. The first thing Susann said to me was “You are not from Earth.” She proceeded to tell me that I was from Alpha Centauri and gave me the characteristics of Alpha Centaurians. I was blown away by it because everything fit right on the money. I will share this with you (the reading):

Soul Characteristics:
     • very spiritually advanced
     • exclusive energy fields (don’t fit in well)
     • service oriented
     • deeply compassionate
     • often misunderstood
     • loners
     • uncomfortable with Earth physical and emotional experience
     • creative

Soul purpose while here:
     • Protect Earth from negative races, especially Draconians
     • dismantle Draconian power
     • assist earth advancing to a state of self-sufficiency
     • seed planters
     • distributing codes for expanded dimensional awareness

     Unlike KT, I am not a walk-in and I have had 34 lives on Earth, so I am a little more acclimatized than he is. Still, this is not my home and I have a tremendous longing to go home. I don’t always understand the Earthers, although I love them dearly and I want to help them evolve and reach their true potential. I recognize that we are all One — One with each other and One with the Creator. I came here to empower people and to teach them that God lives within everyone. KT’s article sparked a lot of things in me and answered some questions.

     For one thing, KT said Alpha Centauri had no grass. As a child I never quite knew what to make of grass. I tried to eat it; if I sat on grass, I would constantly pick it, pull it, smell it, you name it! As an adult I want no part of it! It seems useless to me and I can’t understand why humans have the need to fertilize, mow and water it!

     Another thing KT said was that we were tall, very lean and our bodies were less dense. I work out constantly to stay light and lean. I feel very dense in my body and staying thin is the only way I feel comfortable. I have always loved the colors in the sky at sunset and sunrise and I never liked bright sunlight. My guides confirmed that I am, in fact, from Alpha Centauri and they are as well. They told me my real name, Tumeria, and it clicked instantly.

     Are you aware of the Draconians? They are a race that feeds on darkness, negativity and chaos. They were originally reptilian, but are now incarnating here, so are in human bodies. Probably the most famous Draconian was Hitler. Another example is Saddam Hussein. Alpha Centaurians, as well as other souls from other planetary systems, are incarnating on Earth to bring back the light and love to this planet, and hopefully help Earth to evolve as it should.

     I know how badly I long for home, and my memories aren’t even intact. I cannot imagine how KT must feel, having full conscious memory.

     My job here is to bring the message of light and love and to teach people of their divinity. I do Akashic readings and my Spirit Guides tell me that it is OK to charge, but I am just not sure about the amount I should ask. The person does not need to be present. I just need their name at birth, name presently if different, and date of birth. I also need permission from the person to ask for energy repair on their behalf.

     Being on Earth with all the negative energy, our shields become depleted. Also, many people have contracts from past lives that are no longer serving them, portals open in their subconscious which allows for psychic attacks, or negative energy within their aura. I can ask the Masters to have all this cleared and repaired.

     I can also find out where your soul originated from, what Archangel realms you work in, how many Spirit Guides you have, and what Archangel realms they work in. I am just the channel, however. I can also do property clearing through the Akashic Records.

     If you wish to contact Tumeria, her e-mail address is If you wish to contact her by mail, please direct inquiries in care of The Star Beacon.


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