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My trip to hell and back

from the April 2005 Star Beacon

by Arda Golden Eagle Woman

          It was the day after Christmas that I boarded Amtrak in Grand Junction for Sacramento. It was a very pleasant trip with good food, and I lucked out with a double seat all the way, so spent a very restful night. We were about two hours late in getting into Sacramento. However, as promised, the Enterprise car rental picked me and my luggage up at the station, I signed the necessary papers, and they showed me the operation of the middle-sized Chrysler I had rented — I had reserved the less expensive economy car — I think it was a lightweight Ford. However, upon hearing that I would be going to Northern California mountain country, they talked me into the heavy, more dependable Chrysler. This was indeed a blessing for what I was to experience later.

          So off I drove to Chico to meet my daughter, granddaughter, and her little 10-month-old son (my first and only great-grandchild). My grandson, Red, and his soul-mate, Radine, along with Red’s half-brother, Tony, also came in for the family reunion from Eureka, Calif. This was on Tuesday, Dec 28.

          So after a wonderful get-together at a neat restaurant, we went to the grocery store and picked up a good supply of food. This in itself was a very smart move; otherwise, we may have starved.
Anyway, after picking up the groceries, we headed north up the mountain to where my daughter, granddaughter, baby Hayden and my granddaughter’s mate, John, resided — about 7,000 feet above sea level. It began snowing shortly after leaving Chico. It had rained all the way from Sacramento, but the rain turned to snow as we proceeded upward to the top of the mountain.

          It was dark by the time I reached their little one bedroom, one bath, with a small kitchen/living room combination, and a loft. The little place had a wood-burning stove for heat and an electric stove for cooking. Not thinking anything about the snow that was coming down, both my grandson, Red, and myself drove our cars head first into the long driveway, about half a block from the highway to the little townhouse.

          And so it snowed and it snowed and it snowed, for six days and nights. The cars were completely buried, as was everything else, for we got over six feet of snow in that time. People who lived close by said it was the most snow they had ever seen in all their 15 years of living there. In fact, no one was prepared for such a dumping of that white stuff, especially us, for this was the first winter my daughter and the others had experienced up there — they had moved into the townhouse in November, and before that eventful week had experienced very little snow.

          My granddaughter, Panda, said she had been wishing for snow for a long time, as they lived down where there never was snow, rain, but no snow. She said, “I didn’t want it all at once.” I replied, “Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.”

          Anyway, after a good night’s sleep on Tuesday, I began doing Awakenings on my family — all of whom needed one, especially my daughter, for she had been in poor health for some time. When they all met me at the restaurant in Chico, I didn’t even recognize her. She was just a shell of the high-spirited, childlike daughter that I had known. However, I had the privilege of seeing her change from a very beaten down, old woman into more of the high energy that I had known. What a thrill that was for me, to be able to see such a remarkable change in her. The others noticed the change also.

          So it kept snowing and I kept doing Awakenings and energy work. By New Year’s Eve day, we were running low on food and on wood to keep us warm. They had bought wood, but didn’t have a clue as to where it had been piled. Bo, my granddaughter’s father, had brought the wood in, but he was not around to tell us where he had unloaded it. So now, with our cars, the wood, and everything else buried in six feet of snow, it was getting pretty scary.

          Finally, Bo came back up from working down in Chico on New Year’s Eve. We had been burning some wet wood, and the little stove was smoking up a storm.

          The loft where my grandson, Radine, and I slept was so thick with smoke, you could barely see across the room — the smoke seemed to have risen up to the loft and stayed there. My lungs filled up with smoke, as did my grandson’s and Radine’s. Red was so affected by it that he couldn’t get his breath. I worked on him and Radine, using my knowledge of healing and releasing and got them both breathing again. I, however, bypassed my own physical body and kept working on others. Spirit was really pumping the energy into me, so that I could keep the rest of the family going.

          New Years’s Eve we celebrated with one hamburger apiece. The food was almost gone. We did have enough eggs and bread for breakfast, and coffee.

          New Year’s Day John took the four-wheel truck that Bo had brought up and went to where Bo told him the wood was. He loaded the truck and became stuck in the deep snow. Finally, after much digging he returned with the wood. He then said he thought he could take me down, so I could get more groceries, so about 2 p.m. we started down the slippery, snow-packed mountain road to the highway below. Luckily for us, the snowplow had gone through about an hour earlier. We passed many on that road who had gotten themselves stuck.

          However, by careful driving, John got Panda and me to the grocery store in Chico, where I bought a goodly supply of food for the family.
By now, my head was so stopped up, I couldn’t hear anything. However, doggedly I kept on filling the cart with groceries. Shari, my daughter, had made a very long but much needed list.

          It was getting late, so, after buying some gas for John’s truck, back up the mountain we went. It was snowing some, but not like earlier. We had to wait quite awhile for the snowplow to come down off of the mountain to the highway, where we were being told to wait.

          Finally, about 45 minutes later, the snowplow appeared and we were allowed to start the climb up that snow-packed road. We had no trouble going up, for John is a very careful driver and took it very slowly. However, others, who used very little common sense on such a slippery mountain road, were off in the ditch where they had skidded. No one seemed to be hurt, just stuck.

          Finally, we arrived at the little house, unloaded the groceries, and Shari cooked her wonderful ravioli dinner. I was hungry and had just dished up a nice helping, when Panda called me into the bathroom.

          John was sitting on the stool with his one leg out of his pants (he had on shorts). He had been bitten by some kind of a very poisonous spider earlier while at work, and now his thigh had a big, round flaming red circle around the bite. He pulled something out of the center of the bite, leaving a very ugly hole in his leg. Let me tell you, this boy was really scared. That was why Panda had called me in.

          So I went to work, doing a touch assist and as I did so, the redness around the bite started diminishing. I got John to breathing some love into that ugly bite. Soon he was feeling much better, and he and Panda came out and ate their dinner.

          By now, with my head and lungs so stopped up, I had lost my appetite, so opted to go to bed without eating. The next morning (Sunday), the snow had stopped and the sun was trying to break through the clouds.
After breakfast, Red, Tony, and John determinedly started to dig out the cars with snow shovels. I called a neighbor down the road that Shari knew, and told him I would pay whatever he wanted if he would just bring his snowplow over and dig us out. He agreed to, but got himself stuck, and so couldn’t make it.

          My train reservation to return home was for Tuesday, leaving Sacramento at 11:20 a.m. Red was very anxious to leave and go home. He said, “I’ve had enough of this, and I am going home.” So the three men started digging in earnest, with small shovels.

          The first to come in was my grandson. He couldn’t breathe and was about to pass out from the exertion and the high altitude of 7,000 feet. He came from sea level. So once again I went to work, pulling the negative energies off and assisting him in breathing. Finally, he was breathing more normally again, so out he went. to dig some more. Then I saw John on the staircase, all slumped over, unable to get his breath. He was very pale. So over to him I went and started working with him. Radine was working with me with her high energy — she is such a beautiful light. I am not certain I could have carried the load by myself. But the two of us, working together, were able to energize the men enough to keep them digging, which they did.

          To make matters worse, the electricity went out all over the mountain. Thus the pump, which was run by electricity, no longer worked, so we had no water to use, except for one container we had for drinking; no way to cook food, or to flush the one toilet. With all of us using the one toilet, well... what more can I say?

          So all day Sunday, the men dug as Radine and I kept working on them when they would come in, completely out of breath. The lights came back on about 5 p.m. Shari cooked some dinner, and we all went to bed, exhausted.

          Monday morning the men ate breakfast, and back out they went — more determined than ever that I would make my train on Tuesday, and that they would be going back home. Finally, my car began emerging out from under the snow. Then Red’s took shape. Now they had to get enough snow off of the driveway in order for us to get our cars to the road.

          Finally, after much more shoveling, and pushing the cars, we were out on the mountain road, saying our goodbyes, and about 5 p.m. were on our way down the mountain to the main highway. I was in front with the Chrysler; John drove his four-wheel drive truck in the middle, in order to keep an eye on my car and Red’s, who tagged along behind.

          Finally, we reached the main highway, which was clear. We all hugged each other, thanked God and each of us for our part in the scenario, and were on our separate ways home.

          I made it to Sacramento in time to catch my train home, after staying all night in a motel. However, by now my physical body was really letting me know that I had not done what I always tell others to do — to take care of myself first. My lungs were very congested from all that smoke, and to make matters worse, I had come down with a full-blown cold, coughing all the way home.

          The train ride was not very enjoyable, for all there was to see was snow and more snow. Believe me, I was really fed up with seeing more snow. I could hardly wait until I got home to Cedaredge and some sunshine, which didn’t happen — the sun, that is. For it snowed here as well.

          Oh well, as they say, “All’s well that ends well.” So now, after a couple of months of doing nothing but trying to get over the cold and healing my lungs, I seem to be pretty much back to normal — whatever that is. One thing is for certain, I am never going to “sunny California” in the dead of winter. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve been there and done that. Perhaps I’ll try it for the Fourth of July. That should be a pretty safe time to see California without snow.

          Arda Golden Eagle Woman is a master of the Awakenings and resides in Cedaredge, Colorado. You can contact her at or by writing: PO Box 885, Cedaredge, CO 81413.


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