by Arda Golden Eagle Woman

Archangel Michael Speaks on Earth's Dry Weather


There appears to be a great deal of confusion on handling undesirable negative energies on Planet Earth. The way to handle such energies is not, at this time, being used to an optimum level in order to turn the situation around -- in fact, the opposite seems to be more the norm. Most of you are focusing on the symptoms and not the cause, thus expanding instead of diminishing the situation. Case in point, at this time, is the scorching dry weather you are experiencing over most of your country, as well as in other areas.

Who or what is creating this scenario? Two of the main culprits are El Nino and La Nina -- ocean currents that have been changed or tampered with by none other than the world governments, along with scientists working together hand in hand.

There is always a cause and an effect in any situation and in this case some of the vibrations affecting the ocean's currents were put into motion by governments wishing to control and scientists who are always searching for new ways to change, alter and -- yes -- control Mother Nature -- trying to improve a perfect world that they, through their own blurred vision, view as imperfect and needs "fixing."


However, mankind, in its aberration, feels it can improve perfection by implementing control and change. Thus we have a battle for supremacy taking place -- man against nature, where the natural flow of life is being altered. This, I might add, is really throwing a "monkey wrench" into what could be a peaceful world.

Thus, through tampering with the natural flow of energies, drought, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tidal waves, etc., etc., are being created. Mother Earth is thwarted at every turn in her effort to create a peaceful and loving world.

Why? you ask. Well, I will tell you why. Ego, my friends -- Ego, which most of mankind has an overabundant supply of. Now, do you see the problem and, more importantly, do you understand the problem? Let me make this perfectly clear. Most of you are focusing your attention on the dry, hot weather, sending it negative thoughts, like "I wish it would go away," "God is punishing us for our sins," or _________________ (you fill in the blank). Whatever negativity you are thinking or saying, or both, is only "adding fuel to the fire."

Children, when will you comprehend this simple truth? FOCUSING ON THE NEGATIVE ONLY EXPANDS AND ENHANCES WHATEVER YOU FOCUS ON. Thus, in doing so, you give it more velocity, more power. So, what can you do? The answer is so simple, yet most of you refuse to recognize it or to put it into practice.

First, foremost and last, the only miracle you need is to love. You have been told time and time again that LOVE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS. So, instead of doubting, fearing, buying into the negative and feeding the negative energies, why don't you start loving whatever is occurring, for WHAT YOU RESIST WILL PERSIST -- this is a Universal Law.

Mass Consciousness is a very powerful tool, so if all of you, or a larger majority of you, would use it in a positive -- instead of a negative -- way, mountains could be moved and weather could be controlled for the highest good of all -- it could happen "in a twinkling of an eye."

Where do you begin? You begin with yourself. You love your fears, your anger, and you let go of your judgments. You allow with love the negative to play itself out and in no time you will raise your vibration to higher frequencies where you no longer are caught up in the negative illusion of third density. Then, as others join you, you bombard the negative actions of the controlling world governments and the "let's experiment" scientists, turning everything into loving, positive energy.

When enough of you join together in this loving concept, you will literally create gentle rain with no flooding, no parched land, no famine, no war. Need I say more?

So the place to start, in fact the only place you can start, is with yourself. Each of you must clean up your own act first. Lord Jesus said it so clearly -- "REMOVE THE MOTE FROM YOUR OWN EYE SO YOU MAY MORE CLEARLY SEE THE MOTE IN YOUR BROTHER'S EYE." This simple truth is worth all the gold in the world.

So begin now by letting go of all your fear, anger, blame and judgment -- and love. Love unconditionally -- yourself first, and everyone and everything else as it is in this moment in time -- the situation, the ones who are creating it and also the ones who are playing victim to it.

We on this side are depending on you to use the greatest tool that has ever been given -- UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The Divine Plan is unfolding. Allow It to do so without judgment, fear or anger.

Bless you, my children, for your service to yourself, to us, to Mother Earth and to the Light.


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