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New insight to an old question

from the October 2002 Star Beacon

Mother Earth (Gaia)
through Pepper Lewis

Dear Mother Earth,

     Over 10 years ago I was told that in due time information about the Yeti, the same being who some call Bigfoot, would be given. I feel that time is now. Is the Yeti the so-called lost link to humanity? Was the Yeti created by the advanced genetic experimentation of an alien race? Was the Ape-man created in this same way? If so, did the Ape-man become the caveman who later became us?

     It is certainly time for this question to be answered. I have previously said that nothing will be held back from humanity and that includes information relative to your colorful historic past. It is time for humanity and its true history to meet in the present; however, it is important to note that even as the story unfolds there will be perceptual differences in accuracy and content, not only in how the story is related but also in how it is understood and by whom.

     Humanity’s history is not linear. Some of the time lines appear soft and faded, while others are rough. Not surprisingly, many of these time lines have been interrupted and deviated. These deviations are marked by jagged peaks and valleys along the way. Perhaps it would be appropriate for you to view these peaks and valleys as historic markers that have included some kind of intervention. As always I have refrained from participating in analogies or descriptions that are indicative of positive or negative interpretations upon my part, and this topic will prove no different.

     Intervention can be defined as the coming between or affecting of one reality by another, in order to effect a desired outcome or change. Intervention can be caused, imposed, or brought about by an entity or being, a group of beings or super-beings, a race of beings, or an entire civilization.

     One of humanity’s current perceptions carries the undercurrent that past interventions by one or more races of alien beings has resulted in the stunted spiritual development of humanity as a race. Included in this perception is the belief that had this intervention not occurred, humanity would by now be more advanced than it currently perceives itself to be.

     While this possibility certainly exists, it is also likely that you would have exterminated yourselves as a race and annihilated this planet in the process long before your spiritual development would have “kicked in.” Individuality, free will and the determination of its own destiny has long been the prize that has both awaited and eluded humanity. In seeking this prize, humanity has sometimes created its own prisons and continues to do so to this day.

     The knowledge that you receive today in the form of channeling, ET visitations and participation from other beings of Light is also a form of intervention. The belief that these forms of intervention are more appropriate, positive or more deserved than previous ones is a judgment on your part. Even these words which flow from this page to your sentient understanding are colored with intervention, interference and intercedence. The love and care that I (the earth) hold for all beings automatically makes it so, do you see?

     I am not an impartial observer of your growth, spiritual or otherwise. It can therefore be said that I have an agenda or a purpose that includes a projected outcome. If this is true, then the possibility also exists that all others who have and continue to contact you or intervene on your behalf do as well.

     Why do I share this with you now, to further confuse you until you are not certain who you can believe and who you can trust? Have I inadvertently asked you to believe that without constant intervention and support you would not exist as a race of beings? That you have merely been puppets, duped and manipulated by other beings and energies who direct you and contact you from afar? No, dearest sons and daughters. I share this with you at the outset in order to bring about the best in you. As these words reach you, I ask that you reach back into your cellular memory, which contains every grain of truth and experience that has ever been a part of who you are. Push, pull and stretch yourselves until a version of your past, which most resonated within you, surfaces to greet you.

     When that occurs, the circle will become complete and you will become whole beings, no longer dependent upon another's interpretation of who and what you are today or have been in the past. In that moment linear time will become obsolete. Your past, present and future are quickly becoming one. History now beckons you forth with anticipation and the next few years will pass at light speed. Be present and aware in each moment, use discernment as truth unfolds before you. Be patient, yet expectant, and know that there is purpose in each moment that has been and will ever be.

     The Yeti is not the missing link that humanity has searched for. The Yeti and the being known as Bigfoot are not the same. They are similar in appearance but not in origin or design. Neither is related to the being you call Ape-man. Ape-man did not evolve into caveman, although their existence upon the planet overlapped and paralleled one another. Only a very small percentage of present-day humans are descendants of the cave dwellers. Here are the details that have eluded you until now.

The Yeti

     The Yeti is a being of moderate intelligence by your current standards. They lived upon a small planet that was located quite far from the earth. Your scientists are not aware of this planet. It disappeared from existence long before humanity's mapmaking or star-charting skills were developed. Long ago there were systems in place which allowed beings to travel the corridors of time and space regardless of the relative distance between celestial bodies. A small coded device which stored all of the pertinent information was the only technology required for this travel.

     References to these devices still remain and are available to you through the study of certain ancient cultures such as the Egyptians. The mathematical standards employed by these devices are not yet understood, not even by your brightest minds. These devices allowed beings to chart and navigate this universe and several others. Your future has always been linked to your past. Once the system that has taught you to believe that your own culture is superior and more advanced that previous ones passes from popularity, you will learn much more. Knowledge will become wisdom and you will travel into your future with a brighter outlook.

     The Yeti's culture existed primarily within the surface of the planet because the outer surface environment had become too harsh. Generations of attempts to make the surface their home led to the appearance with which they are usually associated, although this is only a close approximation. Their numbers were few because they did not mate often. The harsh environment, which was their home, was also responsible for a higher rate of male births over female births, and this also contributed to keeping their population small.

     The Yeti mated for life. Upon the death of their mate they did not mate again. Parenting was the responsibility of the entire community and centered on a culture of survival and self-sufficiency. For a long time they kept to themselves. They had very little contact with beings from any other world. They were aware that their location was considered remote by others and their environment unsuitable for most. Rather than making them feel lonely, this knowledge provided them with a measure of peace and security.

     At a certain point in time a great struggle for power ensued in a neighboring universe, one that threatened to destroy many worlds. When the power struggle found no resolution, it became an all out war. Those who wielded enough power on their own to choose sides did so. As you are well aware, wars can be very costly in many ways beyond financial ones. Just as they are today, resources and commodities of many kinds were required to continue the war effort.

     The Yeti and their world became both. Their world, though harsh, was replete with resources of value to both sides. The Yeti had not chosen a side or taken any position relative to the war. They believed themselves to be a disinterested third party at best. This decision did not bode well for them as they did not receive the protection or support of either side. Instead they became the property or chattel of those who had discovered them. Though they were not considered slaves, they were not thought of as much more than that. They were a strong race, able to survive and work in harsh environments, which became an asset to those who had claimed them and their world for their own purposes.

     Some of the Yeti were allowed to remain on their own world as long as they continued to provide their new owners with the raw and refined material which they required. Others were taken on board space vessels, where they received instruction in certain operations, including the replenishment of armaments. This experience provide most distasteful to these tall, proud, peaceful beings. Many perished rather than become part of the war machine which threatened to destroy a universe and their numbers became lesser still.

     The great war in the sky eventually tore the fine veils that separate the universes. Its great power had now reached this universe as well, with even more implications in store. This tear brought with it the attention of other great beings of light, who eventually intervened and brought order back to this universe and to others as well. The damage caused was overwhelming, especially throughout this galaxy, which had become one of the last battlefields.

     The struggle for ownership of the earth was a part of the final battle, but a halt to the war was declared before any side emerged victorious. This is one of the reasons why there is still so much interest in the earth and its inhabitants. The final chapter is yet to be written.

     Many have chosen physical incarnation upon the earth time and again, regardless of their place of origin or their desire to return, because of a long-standing desire to be present when the last chorus sounds. Opposing sides have long since become muddy and the stories which are told now reflect various versions of reality and several different perspectives. All participants now declare that they are and have been on the side of a free and independent Earth, which was their intent all along.

     The Yeti were put upon this planet when all ships were finally grounded, destroyed or removed from this reality. Their simple way of life was of no use to others who also found themselves here. They dispersed silently, moving mostly to the colder climates and hidden forests, where they hoped to be left alone. Some found their way to underground caverns within the earth. Others were content to live amidst the harsh environments of the Arctic and Antarctic, which reminded them of the home they knew they would not see again.

     Their lifespan was approximately 400 years then. That number is now significantly less, due to environmental factors. They still number in the hundreds, but if their environment continues to deteriorate, they will perish as a species. Fewer numbers and infrequent mating, coupled with an environment which has not been well suited to them, may eventually bring about their demise.

     The Yeti will not seek out the company of humans, but have encountered them from time to time. Most encounters have been fearful for both the Yeti and the human. The Yeti's home planet was destroyed at the height of the war because the existence of a mine located there proved too costly for either side. Their consciousness exists not only in this dimensions but upon another as well. They will continue to evolve and will eventually merge with All That Is. At some point they will once again choose another expression of creativity to represent them.


     The origins of the being you call Bigfoot are not unlike that of the Yeti. The two are often confused as one, which is understandable given such few physical encounters. Their numbers are also few, although their stature is quite large. They are of average intelligence and their methods of reasoning are not unlike humanity's. They are peaceful by nature, though highly protective of their young. Most encounters with humans have occurred during their search for one of their inquisitive youths who have been known to stray from the protective forests, where most make their home. They are highly intuitive and attuned to their environment. They are aware of and communicate with the life forms who make their home alongside them. This includes the animals, trees and plants which offer warning when necessary.

     Bigfoot beings arrived here much later than the Yeti and by other means. They were brought here by profiteers who had an agenda of their own. These profiteers had become aware that a race of super-beings (by your standards), who were also interested in Earth's resources, were seeking to create a genetic mix that would result in a population of Earth beings of moderate intelligence, average longevity, a propensity to be docile, and an ability to learn labor skills quickly. The profiteers' intent was to collect a fee or bounty for delivering the magic ingredient to this genetic mix in the form of the Bigfoot beings. They had been told by a galactic prophet of minor acclaim that Bigfoot beings carried the appropriate genetic mix. The profiteers had paid handsomely for this information, vowing to return with a vengeance, if their long journey did not provide profitable.

     The Bigfoot beings (who are known by a more appropriate name elsewhere) were promised a new planet of their own by these profiteers as theirs was in a state of environmental deterioration, due to a form of pollution which was unknown to them. A great dissension ensued within their community with neither side knowing what was best for its people. It was a known fact that the profiteers, who had agreed to transport them (for certain mineral rights, which they planned to sell elsewhere later on), could not be trusted under normal circumstances. However, the deterioration of the ecological environment upon which they depended was not a normal circumstance.

     Bigfoot beings were simple in nature and their intelligence was based upon emotion and devotion rather than deductive reasoning. In the end some stayed while others left, which was not the best decision they could have made, given that their already few numbers now became even less. Their decision did suit the profiteers as the transportation of these beings to a far away world was a gamble in and of itself and they did not wish the venture to prove too costly at the outset. They also believed that leaving a population behind, however small, was preferable to leaving behind an empty planet that others might attempt to claim as their own.

     The profiteers delivered the small band of Bigfoot beings as promised to the appointed time and place. Today this area is called the Middle East. It was not desert like then, but lush and semi-tropical. Huge openings on the surface of the earth led to areas within the earth's surface, which were primarily used as flight decks and bases of operation. These did not extend very far into the earth, for I (the earth) would not allow it, creating instability in that area whenever the push to go deeper or further into the earth began again.

     Did this interfere with the free will of these beings? Yes, it did. Was a promise breached in the process? Yes, and this was not the only time. Planetary sentience must also evolve and mature. My sacred responsibility was and is to maintain the integrity of this planet. My actions, though of harm to no one, must still be considered an intervention. Please take not of just how many beings and situations have had complicity in your history, even as my own has.

     The Bigfoot beings were initially welcomed and treated cordially. The surface temperature of the Mideast did not suit their physical health or their temperament and many began to fall ill. The alien beings who had endorsed their presence here believed that the profiteers had brought them inferior beings, whose health was already in decline prior to their arrival. The profiteers angrily denied this. They, in turn, accused the alien beings of unfairly withdrawing their offer to pay. Their thoughts were also upon the prophet who had encouraged this voyage, and they did not deliberate long before plotting a quick vengeance. Usually quiet and shy, the Bigfoot beings arrived at the conclusion that they had been taken advantage of by all parties. They became more aggressive than even they thought possible, at times even fighting between themselves.

     Just as tensions had reached their peak, all parties finally came to an agreement. The renegade profiteers agreed to a smaller sum and immediately departed, promising to stay away from this quadrant of the galaxy indefinitely. Silently they vowed never to involve themselves in this type of venture again. The alien geneticists promised to allow the Bigfoot beings to depart as soon as they were inoculated with a substance that would make them adapt to their present environment much easier.

     Their offer was genuine, but the procedure also included the extraction of the promised genetic material. Unfortunately, this process also rendered most of the males sterile, although no one was aware of this fact at the time. The Bigfoot beings made their way into the recesses of the earth. Their original desire was to stay within the earth, where the cooler temperatures and subtle light simulated their home environment. They also found that attuning themselves to the pulse of the earth assisted them in many ways, including guiding them to other appropriate environments within and upon the earth.

     Their numbers are now few, but their presence is still felt. Their vibration is soft and their culture is steeped in family and community life. Their current appearance is not unlike what has been described by the few who have encountered them, but the appearance of the original beings who arrived here long ago was quite different. The differences in appearance are the result of living within the earth's environment for a prolonged length of time. The original beings can only be thought of as distant cousins now as can the beings who remained upon their home world and evolved into yet another species altogether.

     The master geneticists eventually attempted to use the DNA of these individuals in a controlled experiment. Initially they were satisfied with their results, but later decided that their needs included a being who could procreate more frequently, thereby increasing the population more quickly. As the Bigfoot beings did not have these qualities or many others, the experiment was abandoned. The remains of some of these genetically engineered beings have been found, but they have been incorrectly identified as belonging to human genetic past. Eventually this confusion will be corrected and a clearer picture will become apparent.

Ape-Man      The Ape-man was the creation of the next generation of alien geneticists sent here by beings who had a specific goal in mind regarding this planet. This latest pair was sent here to hasten the process. They were fairly inexperienced and seeking a name for themselves more than anything else. The Ape-man, which they created, was considered a clear and obvious mistake. Their experiments called for the genetic material of a primate; however, they were not careful in the selection process and there were many factors which they did not take into account. These included the Ape-man's inability to become domesticated as well as a lack of resourcefulness on its part, to name a few.

     These original Ape-men and Ape-women were unattractive beings who became confused and easily agitated into aggressive displays of emotion. They had little desire to learn skills and even less desire or ability to develop any socialization skills. The Ape-man existed for several generations, but their aggressive and destructive behavior eventually led to their extinction. The beings you call gorillas bear a close resemblance to the Ape-man; however, these beings developed naturally and are not a related genetic mutation. Gorillas are peaceful, quiet beings who are content to live in small groups far away from most humans. Their number continues to decrease and it is uncertain whether or not they will choose to remain upon the earth or withdraw from this plane. Perhaps humanity is better equipped to answer this question than I.

     The alien geneticists stored most of the Ape-man genes until a more favorable genetic combination could be found. In the meantime, they combined small amounts of it with other earth-based, naturally occurring earth genetic material, thereby creating other species in the process. These were also not suitable for the unstable environment of the earth at the time and few generations existed for very long. Little explanation has been found linking these beings to any known Earth primate. These beings will most likely find an uneventful resting place in your history once all other links have been discovered, a mere comma in our combined planetary past.


To Be Continued

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