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from the April 2005 Star Beacon

Concerns of a MUFON investigator

by Davina Ryszka


Dear Ann,

     I had never seen Mark Kimmelís presentation until that Saturday night in Montrose. I thought Iíd share my opinion on his presentation. I believed about 40 percent of his talk, and that part of it was excellent, the rest was a bit too much speculation without enough information, some of which is unknown to any of us, so I didnít totally agree with some of his conclusions. He is marveling at the realization that there is definitely a bigger picture. I know this has happened to a lot of us already that have researched and/or witnessed UFOs. It sure has for me.

     When you research UFOs, you also end up researching other topics as all these other doors seem to open up, and I was shocked to learn many things. One of the most important of which is: We as Americans are asleep to the fraud and deception that is being played out against us, by our government and the many agencies tied to our government. Mark has learned some of this. But I think it goes way further than asking the aliens to assist us. We must ask God for His assistance, and then we must go to work to save our country from the things that are attacking it now. We must become informed and seek the truth about everything.

     I believe we are going to have to fight for our country and fight for our freedom. Weíve been lied to so long about so many things, we just accept everything we are told on the TV/CNN News, as truth. But our safety and freedom is going to critically depend upon all of us becoming aware and fighting for these things. Our Constitution is hanging by a thread and our government leaders are crossing the lines of their authority.

     We have to warn our fellow man about how the Federal Reserve is not federal, about how and why our jobs are going overseas, about the corruption and frightening role of the UN, and how our sovereignty as a nation is being gravely threatened; it is about war and our economic future, about the robbing of our health in this country from a corrupt FDA/American Medical Association; itís about AIDS, other strange diseases, and biochemical warfare; itís about vaccinations, itís about Gulf War Syndrome, and chem-trails, genetic engineering and the control of our seeds. Itís about mind control and weather control.

     It is about manmade catastrophes (made to look natural), itís about illegal immigration, itís about 9/11 being an inside job, itís about losing our Second Amendment rights, itís about freedom of speech and freedom of religion, as Christianity is being attacked in this country like it never has before. Itís about property rights disappearing, itís about the Patriot Act, itís about One World Government that will be made to appear good and peaceful. What will really happen is total enslavement of the people or death. Too much power in the hands of government usually never bodes well for the people. History shows this. Do we not study history to learn from it? One Web site that I think tells it like it is, scary though it may be:

     And thereís more: Vote-Scam, Tax Fraud and the IRS, the JFK Assassination, the CIA and Drugs, Black Projects, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Texas (Branch Davidians), Oklahoma City Bombing, the US and world leadersí involvement in secret organizations/ societies, the extreme agenda of environmentalists, greed and power of Corporate America, and the reason for the dumbing down of education in our schools.

     Truth is hard to come by and if we want to know it and seek it out with regard to any subject (government, health, history, etc.), we have to work very hard at it. You have to risk being called a ďconspiracy nut.Ē (Thatís the government label for those of us who want the truth.) Yes, I am a ďconspiracy nut.Ē I know about hundreds, if not thousands, of conspiracies. Mark listed some of the experiments conducted on our own people, deadly ones, many without them even knowing it. What we now know about it is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

                                        Davina Ryszka
                                        Delta, Colorado


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