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Ann Ulrich


by Ann Ulrich


NASA has discovered 92 comets over the last four years, since SOHO's orbit. The latest stream of comets is the remains from a breakup of "one single gigantic comet" that may have occurred more than 2,000 years ago. Mitch Battros of "Earth Changes TV" adds that there are many disciplines converging at this time to what appears to be historical crossroads. "On the science front," he says, "we have the Millennium Group with Earl Crockett, Paul Anderson and others, who have suggested Comet Lee C/1999 may be the cause of the current solar escalation." The Millennium Group is a consortium out of Canada that has done research concerning comets and other stellar events.

"On the religious front," continues Battros, "we have the `Third Secret of Fatima,' which suggests we will experience a `Miracle' from the sky occurring this coming April. `A star, the Asteroid (Comet), will illuminate the earth, causing it to appear to be surrounded by flames during a period of some 20 minutes, an event which will spread panic everywhere.' Suggest a near miss."

There is also a group of religious scholars who believe the "one single gigantic comet" 2,000 years ago, as mentioned by NASA, may have been the "bright star announcing the birth of Christ." Battros adds: "On the spiritual/metaphysical front, we have Hopi Prophecy, which speaks of the `Blue Kachina,' which is believed to be a comet coming into our solar system announcing the coming of the Fifth World. And, of course, Zecharia Sitchin, who speaks of the `Anunnaki' who appear to somehow be related to us, who come from the celestial body known as Nibiru or Planet X. According to Sitchin, Nibiru has a 3,600-year orbit which would be coming back into our solar system right about now."

In just four years of operation, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft has found 102 comets, making it the most successful comet-hunter in history. Most of these are suicidal comets that vaporize as they plunge into the solar atmosphere. Heinrich Kreutz in Kiel, Germany, 100 years ago, realized that several comets seen buzzing the Sun appeared to have a common origin, since they came from the same direction among the stars. These comets are now called the Kreutz sungrazers. A whopping 92 of SOHO's 102 comet discoveries belong to that class.

"SOHO is seeing fragments from the gradual breakup of a great comet, perhaps the one that the Greek astronomer Ephorus saw in 372 BC," said Dr. Brian Marsden of the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass. "Ephorus reported that the comet split in two. This fits with my calculation that two comets on similar orbits revisited the Sun around 1100 AD. They split again and again, producing the sungrazer family, all still coming from the same direction."

According to Battros, the history of splitting gives clues to the strength of comets, which will be of practical important if ever a comet seems likely to hit Earth. Fragments seen as SOHO comets reveal the internal composition of comets, freshly exposed, in contrast to the much-altered surfaces of objects like Halley's Comet that have visited the Sun many times.

Mitch Battros' Web site is http://www.earthchangesTV.c om.


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Thank you to those of you who expressed your sympathies in the passing of Star Beacon columnist and close friend Julian Joyce. One reader mentioned she had a dream of him in "heaven," surrounded by lots of green countryside, in which he was polishing his new Jaguar. Julian was fond of restoring classic vehicles and at one time had quite a collection of cars. You will notice the green flyer I've enclosed in this issue, listing all of Julian's books which we are virtually giving away.

Next month, I hope to have a date set for Earth Star's 2nd annual Love and Light Conference, to be held again in western Colorado. I am still accepting surveys from those I sent them to. All suggestions are welcome.

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