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by Anne Miller

Hundreds see UFO in Turkey
     From UFO Roundup, edited by Joseph Trainor, we have this report: Around 11 p.m. on the night of (Saturday) Jan. 26, 2002, the General Directorate of Police in Adiyaman, a city in eastern Turkey, received a phone call informing them that a brilliant flying object was being observed on the eastern side of the city. Police headquarters radioed the patrolman on duty at the checkpoint beside the Adiyaman/Kahta highway and he also confirmed the sighting of the brilliant object in the sky.

     The chief of police was notified, and a police team was sent to the area equipped with night-vision cameras. They spotted the brilliant object, which was rotating around its own axis and spreading outward with colorful lights. They managed to film the UFO for nearly five hours. On Monday, Jan. 28, at around 2:15 a.m., two similar flying objects were observed. The objects also were filmed by the (Turkish) Security Directorate between 2:20 a.m. and 3 a.m.

     Haktan Akdogan, chairman of the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center in Istanbul, telephoned Halil Isrik, governor (mayor) of Adiyaman, about the incident. The governor reported that five UFOs were observed. Twenty police officers and hundreds of civilians witnessed this incident. On the videotape, five glowing objects are viewed, in motion and much brighter than any star or planet. In close-ups, the objects are rotating around their own axes. Enhanced by computer, the objects were scattering lights of various colors. The brightness and proximity of the objects indicate that they were inside the atmosphere.

     Adiyaman is about 180 miles southeast of Ankara, the capital of Turkey. (Courtesy of George A. Filer of Filerís Files #6 for this news story.)

A local sighting
     On Saturday, Feb. 9, Barbara, who lives on Stucker Mesa near Paonia, Colo., was outside between the hours of 9:30 and 10:00 p.m., having a pleasant heart-to-heart talk with her daughter, when they both saw a large bright ball of light cross over their house. Barbara says she had a strange dream the night before in which she saw three strange-looking airplanes. In the dream she was outside with some people and looked up and said, "That plane is going to crash." Each airplane in her dream crashed in turn; one was blue, one green and the last one red.

     The object she and her daughter saw the following night was a giant ball of light that had this same color pattern as the airplane in her dream. The object, as large as a full moon, was green and blue, plus it had a long red flame-like tail. It traveled slowly and the sighting lasted a full minute. It came from east to west right over the house, with no sound, and it went down and disappeared behind the ridge at Wakefield Mesa.

Worldwide sightings
     There have been lots and lots of sightings. I canít keep up with all the reports that come in over the Internet, so Iíll try to present some of the more interesting ones that have crossed my desk.

     La Florida, Chile: A gigantic and flaring light landed for hours in the vicinity of San Ramon Hill in La Florida, Chile, on Nov. 10, 2001. A UFO flap had occurred in the area throughout November. According to researcher Alberto Urquiza, "These (were) large lights that descend(ed) to earth and remain(ed) suspended a short distance from the surface. The witnesses weíve interviewed have seen them at some 100 meters distance. Some of the lights have remained suspended in mid-air between four and six hours."

     Urquiza witnessed the phenomenon on Nov. 10, describing it as "an intense white light that assumed a yellow-orange tone over San Ramon hill. It was possible to see an object lighting up with great power until a fog or mist appeared. At 00:30 hours, witnesses saw a large flash that was extinguished in a matter of seconds."

     Yucatan, Mexico: There was a UFO seen over Merida, Yucatan in Mexico on Jan. 22 at 3:05 p.m. Witness Ing. David Antonio Triay Lucatero described it: "I was standing outside, looking at the sky to the north, when I saw a discoidal object emerge from a small cloud at an altitude some 30 degrees over the horizon. It moved from west to east at high speed, making a small curve toward the southwest, and then returning to a northwest heading. Its movements appeared to be intelligently guided."

     When he calculated that its heading led toward a cloudless area, he ran into his house to fetch binoculars and a camera, but this one-minute delay in returning to the place where the sighting occurred meant that the object had already vanished from sight. No trace of it was found after scanning the sky.

     Chile: More UFOs over Chile occurred in early February. According to the Corazon de Maria de Angol Church, researchers of a Chile group witnessed the transit of a UFO over the Butaco sector of the Angol Commune. They were able to capture images of this strange luminous body through a video camera. In the last few months, the capital of the Mallecas region has recorded many UFO sightings. After visiting the sector known as Las Pinas, where a close encounter of the third kind allegedly took place on Feb. 16, 2001, researchers arrived at the Butaco sector, some 10 km away from Angol.

     Ufologists took photos and visited the Corazon de Maria Church, where they had a sighting. While photos were being taken, something strange drew the researchersí attention. They were able to witness the transit of a strange luminous body over the clear skies of Angol. Later it was established that an object had appeared from a northeasterly direction at around 20:10 hours, then vanished five minutes later.

     Arica, Chile: A photojournalist was returning to the city after covering a story when he and others noticed a powerful beam of white light filling the entire area at around 21:30 hours. At first they thought it was lightning and paid little heed. However, as hours passed, the photojournalist mentioned the event to a resident of the Puerta Norte Buildings in the town of Cardenal Raul Silva Henriquez. The resident confirmed having seen the same thing from the city.

     "I thought it was a lightning strike, because the rain was only a few kilometers away from us, but Iím certain it wasnít, because it covered a rather wide radius of illumination," he said. "I have a few neighbors who also saw it from Arica." What he said he saw was a white flash of light with other colors swirling around. A red spot was in the air, which he thought was strange. "I think something fell," he continued, entering the atmosphere. "It was strange. Iíd never seen anything so powerful. It lit the whole valley. Suddenly the sky was filled with light. It couldnít have been lightning, since it didnít have the shape of a lightning bolt."

     Metepec, Mexico: Mexican ufologist Pedro Hernandez was outside in the city of Metepec on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 5, when he saw "a dozen brilliant spherical UFOs over the city," located about 36 miles west of Mexico City. He reports that the UFOs "were speeding in different directions and at a very great velocity, making it hard to capture two of them in any one (video) image." Some of the UFOs headed east toward the volcano Mount Popocatepetl, while others flew toward Mexico City. The light from these UFOs was still visible many minutes after they departed from Metepec.

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Anne Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon

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