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UFO DISC-ussion

from the April 2004 Star Beacon

edited by Ann Ulrich Miller

UFO lands in Oklahoma
     MUFON investigator Davina Ryszka says she received a call from Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Center at 9:45 p.m. Sunday night, March 21, about a sighting of a large triangle UFO in Oklahoma.      Two women in a car saw two bright lights in the sky about 45 miles north of Oklahoma City. The lights were unusually bright. As they approached, the object dropped straight down and hovered and then dropped to the ground and landed. They went on by and turned around and passed it again to get another look. By that time several other cars had stopped and were watching the object. They turned around and passed by it for a third time and then called Peter.
     During the previous hour Peter received UFO reports starting in Connecticut and crossing the U.S.

Summit County UFO
     Sunday, March 21, a 47-year-old man in Summit County, Colo., reported his observation of a dull, metallic gray, triangle-shaped object he observed for approximately four seconds between 3:05 and 3:10 p.m., on Friday afternoon (March 19, 2004). He stated that the object was probably within half a mile of his position as it appeared in front of Buffalo Mountain at an estimated altitude of about 12,500 feet, roughly 500 feet below the peak. He first noticed the object while putting on his sunglasses, when a glint of light caught his eye.
     He detected the object changing its orientation from what he perceived may have been a hovering position into, more or less, a vertical pivoting maneuver, at which point it climbed a very short distance, estimated as no greater than its overall length, before it rapidly disappeared from view without being observed to depart the area.
     The dimensions for the object were described as roughly 1-1/2 times the length of a Cessna 150, with the ratio of the length of the triangle to its base being roughly 2:1-1/2. The witness stated that the sky was mostly blue with only thin wispy clouds otherwise present. He indicated that he could see the object clearly and distinctly and could not discern any markings on it whatsoever. He did not report any sound associated with the object and has been a resident of the area for more than a decade.

Hovering UFO disrupts traffic
     MONTROSE, Colo. —This incident occurred on Friday, March 12, 2004, at 8:50 p.m. MUFON investigator Davina Ryszka wrote: “This is a preliminary report of what has taken place so far: Yesterday I interviewed the primary witness in person. She was alone in the car at the time of her sighting. She was on the outskirts of Montrose heading south into town. She described seeing a triangle-shaped object over a power pole on her left, across the median and the two north-bound lanes, plus another 150 feet to the pole. It was hovering only a few feet above the power pole. It was dark but this object was very visible. It had lights on each corner and one in the middle. The witness remembers seeing red colors.
     “There were some cars that pulled over and were looking at this and there was a white truck that just floor-boarded and was speeding through there. She was driving in a 65-mile-an-hour zone, which was turning into a 55 and then 45. She slowed down to 45. But drivers were either speeding up more than they should, or slowing way down, and some pulling over. She had a feeling or sense that the speeding people were nervous about what they were seeing. She kept going and for a while could still see the object in her rear-view mirror. She said she really did not want to look at ‘that.’
     “I asked her to describe what it looked like to the best of her ability for the short time that she saw it. It was a dull black color with some texture to the flat bottom. She said it was hard to describe it, except to say it looked like grooves or something. The corners were pointy, and there was some thickness to the object, but due to her close proximity to it, she could not see much more than just the bottom of it.
     “Her husband had learned from a radio station that there had been a power outage at about the same time as this sighting, but when inquiring, the electrical company said there was no outage, at least at that time. Hmm. I will be looking into this discrepancy and I will be making a much more detailed and thorough report when I talk to her further.”

Possible collaborating UFO video
     And an amazing incident happened in Montrose when Davina went to another MUFON member’s home, after interviewing the above witness. She was at Tom and Glady Bartels’ house, and a gentleman was there helping them replace their roof, who had just happened to bring over a video he took of a UFO in 1996 over Ridgway, Colo. He showed it to them and then gave Davina the original video so that she could make copies of it.
     “I will be doing an investigation of this case as well,” says Davina. She gave him a sighting form and plans to interview him. She says the video is remarkably similar to the “hunter video” taken on Love Mesa, 20 miles west of Delta, Colo., also in 1996 (interesting).
     Davina will be participating in filming a documentary that a British TV crew is doing in early April. The crew is coming to Colorado and Utah to film for an episode of their series “Jane Goldman Investigates” (about aliens). The company is filming Bob White, who had a UFO encounter a number of years ago, and found an extra-terrestrial object at the scene. This happened on the (now superseded) road between Grand Junction, Colo., and Cisco, Utah. The crew was interested in finding out if there are people in the area who have seen similar sights in the sky, as Bob has reported that there is a lot of activity reported by locals, possibly associated with the Green River Military Base a little further north.
     Thank you, Davina, for all the exciting reports!

MUFO meeting April 10
     There will be a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) meeting Saturday, April 10, at 11 a.m., in Delta, Colo., at the First National Bank (behind the McDonald’s), with a brown bag lunch and the actual meeting starting at 12:30 p.m. (come in through the side door entrance). Recent UFO sightings will be discussed as well as the Laughlin, Nevada conference. Admittance: Free. Contact Davina Ryszka, 970/874-8679, or e-mail MUFON is a nonprofit, scientific research/ investigative organization.

     Ann Ulrich Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon.

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