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from the August 2004 Star Beacon

by Ann Ulrich Miller

Fairy Circles

     South African botanists have failed to explain “fairy circles” that have appeared in Namibia. The bizarre outlines that appear in grass are similar to Britain’s crop circles. The scientists ruled out radioactivity, toxic proteins from milkbush and termite colonies. No one can explain why the circles have occurred over the past 30 years in a broken belt from southern Angola to the Orange River in South Africa.

(from a report in New Scientist, reported in the Rocky Mountain News April 5, 2004)

Presidential UFO Sightings

     Ronald and Nancy Reagan witnessed a couple of UFOs, according to a report in the Lincoln Times-News of North Carolina, dated June 21, 2004 (thanks to George Fawcett). In 1974, Reagan was then governor of California. He and Nancy were driving down the California coast where they slowed down to watch a UFO. In another widely publicized incident, the couple and their private pilot saw a UFO as they flew above Bakersfield, Calif. Reagan told the pilot to follow a large white UFO, and for several minutes the three observed it in utter amazement as it flew near their plane. The UFO finally left and flew rapidly straight up into the heavens.

     In four speeches President Reagan talked about the “alien threat” and made reference to UFOs before the National Press Club, the UN General Assembly, and before Russian leader Gorbachev at their Geneva Summit. He also spoke about UFOs to a group of high school students in New Hampshire.

Photo Copyright ©2004 Linda Sparkman (All Rights Reserved)

Light Being Photo

     This photo of a Light Being was taken by Linda Sparkman. The picture came to my attention through Dorothy, a Lightworker in Alaska, who has been corresponding with Sanni Ceto. Linda does not know what the being is in the photo, but Sanni explained it as being an evolved being from Antares. Linda is including the photo in a book she is putting together. Dorothy, who is a transpersonal hynotherapist, Karuna Reiki Master and medium who has a practice in Alaska, said that Linda, who has been her friend for many years, took another picture of an entity in a graveyard at night. But this photo is more recent, taken within this year.

Mars evidence of life

     The European Space Agency’s orbiting Mars Express craft has detected ammonia in the Martian atmosphere. Ammonia can survive for only a short time in the atmosphere, thus must be getting constantly replenished by living microbes or plant life, according to a report in Filer’s Files #31 (dated July 21, 2004). Linda Howe interviewed Professor Vittorio Formisano, the principal investigator for Planetary Fourier Spectrometer, and he is expected to release details of new findings at an international conference in Paris. Scientists believe primitive life could survive around hydrothermal vents near Mars’ surface. Many rocks also have patches of lichen, moss or algae.

     Australian scientists found evidence that life once existed on Mars in microscopic fossils of primitive bacteria-like organisms in a meteorite. Methane was also recently found in the Martian atmosphere; a gas with a possible biological origin. The Rover Opportunity revealed that bodies of liquid water once existed on Mars’ surface shoftly after landing in January. Now scientists admit that life is likely.

     Satellite images show what resemble roads, towns and intelligent writing on Martian rocks. These patterns do not appear natural and could indicate intelligent life. Norman Bryden writes, “I would say judging from the size and shape of the structures that it is reasonable to say that whoever is on Mars is within the realm of humans because of the recognizable dimensions and sizes, such as entrances, rooms, walls and roads. There are also definitely symbols.”


Solar radiation intense

     Be careful the amount of time you spend in the sun these days. Solar radiation is very intense and sunspot activity high. The sun’s activity is a major contributor to the bizarre weather being experienced worldwide. Unusually warm weather has been reported in Alaska. Extreme weather continues to strike the Philippines, Taiwan, southern China, India, Edmonton in Canada, Japan, and the United States. (from Filer’s Files #31,

About the Author:

     Ann Ulrich Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon.


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