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from the November 2005 Star Beacon

by Ann Ulrich Miller

UFO sightings on the increase

          On Oct. 1, while camping on Stevens Gulch, about 13 miles north of Paonia, Colo., 2005, I saw a UFO in the eastern sky just after twilight. We were camped at Windy Point and had just enjoyed a campfire supper. The sky was clear, just a couple days before New Moon, and an airplane had just streaked across the sky, heading north from Paonia. A moment later, I noticed a bright, white light slowly moving toward us from the southeast, headed northwest. It was larger and brighter than the aircraft I had just seen, and I waited to see if it had strobe lights. It slowed, and a few seconds later, just winked completely out. The object, whatever it was, did not reappear.
          Davina Ryszka reported a call from a witness on Thursday night, Oct. 13, around 10:00 p.m., from Austin, Colo. Two people had seen a disturbing object in the sky that had red and white lights. It moved up and down, from side to side, and would intensify and then dim out. It was last seen headed east toward Paonia. The witnesses also saw a number of aircraft in the area at the same time, but the UFO was definitely doing maneuvers different from the aircraft, erratic and staying in one particular area of the sky until it left. The sky was clear and filled with stars with a bright moon.
          On Oct. 16, a Redlands Mesa resident called and talked to me about a couple of incidents that occurred two nights in a row, around sunset. He wasnít sure, but the date was Monday or Tuesday, Oct. 10 or 11, when he noticed a corkscrew contrail in the northwestern sky that descended and was whiter than the clouds. It reminded him of pictures of the shuttle that exploded years ago. After a couple of minutes, the contrail had disappeared.
          At the same time the next day, the same witness saw, in the same part of the sky, an object that resembled a moon. It was round with a 130-degree arc, the top part intact. He knew from logic that the moon was not in that part of the sky. As he watched the object, he saw the arc break up. It started arching outward in two spots, breaking up in the middle, and it appeared like vapor breaking up and folding upward. Then it dissipated as clouds would do.
          On Tuesday, Oct. 18, a Grand Junction woman reported activity in the eastern sky above her home in downtown Junction. She was watching two white lights that appeared to chase each other, circling and moving around, but staying in the same part of the sky. They appeared to have wings, but there was no sound. They continued for several minutes to move around and around each other. A third, similar object, was in the west. The sky conditions at the time were overcast, and she insisted the objects she was watching were larger than airplanes. Finally, they started to fade out after 10 or 15 minutes.
          Another UFO report came from Roy Nelson in Cedaredge, Colo. He was up very early in the morning on Oct. 18 or 19 (exact date not verified), hunting up Stevens Gulch Road (north of Paonia). It was kind of windy and cold. It was about 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning as he was getting his ATV and hunting stuff together to go hunting from that location, and he saw, down toward Paonia, blueish-white lights that began to ascend from very low or near the ground, 15 miles distant, he thought. They streaked upwards very fast at different angles, some to the right, some to the left, some straight up through the middle. He saw 10 or more of these solid lights (no blinking), going up to a certain altitude; then they would go back down the same path, back toward the ground. He heard no sound. They were all the same color and same size, but the speed is what amazed him. They traveled half a mile to one mile in distance in just a second or two. He didnít think they were Roman candles as they went so straight and so fast, and then traveled back downward (not going out) on the same exact path, whether it was straight up or angled.
          Thanks to MUFON investigator Davina Ryszka for help with these local reports. To contact Davina, call 970/874-8679.

Earthquake predictor ignored
          Geologist Jim Berkland, who predicted the 1989 World Series earthquake in San Francisco, is now predicting a major quake in California next February or March. A recent article in the Sun, sent in by Valerie Benson, tells how Berkland uses the behavior of tides to forecast earthquakes. He said the deadly tsunami that followed the earthquake last December happened on the day of the full moon tide. Another one will occur in the Pacific Ocean soon, he said. Naturally, federal scientists are not listening. Berkland just wants to save lives.

          Ann Ulrich Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon.

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