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from the December 2003 Star Beacon

Ann Ulrich Miller

by Ann Ulrich Miller

Oops... itís free

     Kanai Callow wants to clarify that the video mentioned in the October 2003 Star Beacon is not for sale. Due to copyright laws, the TV show about Kanai, filmed by Lilian Mustelier, cannot be sold. Kanai emphasizes that if anyone wants to see the video, please contact her and she will give you a copy for free.

     Her music tape, however, containing original songs and poetry, is available for $10. She is also now selling music tapes she made with her late husband, Richard Gregory. These also sell for $10 apiece. Write to Kanai Callow at 705 Maple St., Apt. 3, Bellingham, WA 98225, and see the Classifieds on page 15 for all the other products Kanai offers.

Hoaxsters or what?

     A series of three crop circles were found in a cornfield at the site of a proposed 2,000-home development in Marion Township, according to an article in the Daily Press & Argus.

     Farm foreman Mark Locke came upon three circles while riding his combine in the early afternoon. Near the center of the largest circle was a wire about 10 feet in length with loops at both ends. Locke suspects pranksters used the wire attached to a board to mat down the corn stalks.

     The largest circle, 20 yards across, is connected to a path of knocked-over corn leading to the other two circles. The stalks are knocked over a circular counter-clockwise pattern except in the center, where they are splayed in different directions.

     Over the summer a set of crop circles measuring between 4 and 58 feet in diameter were found in a Howell Township wheatfield, a discovery that brought many curiosity seekers, including UFO researchers. Jeffrey Wilson, crop circle investigator, said the Howell Township circles were authentic, although he did not say the circles were the work of ETs.

     Ray Reiss, who oversees the property in Marion Township where the crop circles were found, isnít as quick as Locke to dismiss it as a hoax. The 68-year-old Reiss disclosed that a friend of his claims to be a witness to a UFO and that Reiss himself has seen unexplained lights at night in a field. After 40 years of working on the Marion Township property, heíd never seen anything like Mondayís crop circles.

     (Source: Ron Russell)

UFO over Durango, Colo.

     On Sept. 28, 2003, Tim Butler, a sound engineer from Durango, Colo., watched a silent, silver boomerang that was 40-60 feet long sweep over the college and around Smelter Mountain, then across the Animas River toward the airport. In an article written by Durango Herald staff writer Patricia Miller almost a month later, Butler admits he doesnít believe in "flying saucers." The object he saw was flying a little higher than 1,000 feet, so low that he thought it was "illegal."

     As Butler tried to man his binoculars, he watched the boomerang bank west behind Paradise Ridge and disappear. This was two or three minutes from the time he had first seen the object. A friend with Butler saw the craft, too, but declined an interview out of fear that he could end up on some "future Men in Black list."

     Official observers seemed to have missed seeing the object. The Durango-La Plata County Airport reported no unusual activity on that date. "Doesnít sound like anything we have coming and going," said Don Brockus, the airportís financial director. "But anything other than airliners doesnít have to check in with us. UFOs never let us know," he added.

     According to the National Weather Service in Grand Junction, "There isnít any annotation about anybody seeing anything in the sky. And one of the guys working that shift has his own telescope and he would have noticed," they reported.

     In Nebraska the Department of Defenseís Strategic Command would only be concerned with the sighting if it had been space debris, but a spokesman said no object predicted for entry at that time and location was tracked.

     Tim Butler believes that what he saw was no airplane, but that it possibly could have been some unknown technology, possibly from the military, but possibly not.

     "Iím a scientist at heart," he said, "so Iím a pretty skeptical person. Iíve been going to air shows in Oshkosh since I was a kid. It wasnít like any military technology Iíve seen."

     According to Butler, the public only knows many years after the fact just what technology the military may possess.

     The boomerang he saw had no markings, cockpit, portholes, tail or dorsal fins. Neither did it have stabilizing equipment, propellers, engines nor rivets. "It wasnít thermalling," he said, "and it didnít make a sound. There was no heat distortion behind the end. I thought it had to be a military drone at one point, but there was no contrail, no propulsion."

     The sun had not yet set at 6 p.m. as he and the friend were looking across at Fort Lewis College. "It was a clear, beautiful afternoon. My friend thought he saw a bird. It looked to me like a little glider from the Animas Valley. I have friends who launch gliders from there. Then I started seeing reflections from it. The reflections made it look really white, like a long tube of quicksilver. But when it turned, it looked like a cylinder with wings swept back into a delta."

     Butler was so intrigued by his sighting that he started researching. He returned to Smelter Mountain to draw a map of where the craft flew.

     Earlier, on Sept. 19, The Silverton Standard reported three residents on two separate occasions who saw a boomerang-shaped object over Silverton, Colo. Anita Steck and Tammy Rhoades saw the object around 7 p.m. on Sept. 15. At first it wasnít moving, but then it turned and flew quickly away, leaving a trail of smoke. Steck said she saw the object again around 11 p.m. that same night.

     (An unnamed person) saw a bright object over Sultan Mountain late that night or early the next morning, according to the Standard. He said it emanated two rays of light downward, which gave it a boomerang-like appearance.

     The National UFO Reporting Centerís Web site listed 408 sightings in September, 19 of which occurred on Sept. 28, the night Butler saw the boomerang in Durango.

     The nearest UFO sighting reported by the NUFORC on Sept. 28 was in Santa Fe at 6 p.m., almost exactly the same time as Butlerís sighting. The Santa Fe witness described "a large, bright, egg-shaped object that moved slightly," and lasted an hour.

     (Source: Davina Ryszka, MUFON)

UFO sighting in Telluride

     MUFON investigator Davina Ryskza submitted the following report:

     On Aug. 14, two men from South Carolina were vacationing at Telluride, Colo., and had attended an outdoor concert in the evening. They were returning to where they were staying when they began to observe a prominent light over the mountain. It was along the ridge toward Signal Tower. They noticed that it was moving, but then it stopped. They tried to figure out if it might be a satellite or a weather balloon, but as they watched, it moved in stair-step or hook-like movements. This really got their attention.

     They were able to watch this object for about an hour and a half, from midnight to about 1:30 a.m. They could see multicolored lights on it with the most prominent light being a honey-amber color. They were able to see the Moon and Mars, so there was no confusion there.

     When they got to where they were staying, they continued to watch out the large windows in their room. They were able to observe green and blue lights and they said that by using their peripheral vision they could discern a cigar or banana shape. The odd movements are what surprised them the most, the stationary periods of time, and no sound.

     He mentioned that some people had told them they had seen UFOs recently, but they did not pay much attention as they both did not believe in UFOs.

     Because of this, they were kind of making fun, walking down the streets of Telluride a day or two previous to their sighting, and were joking about aliens, when a couple of men standing on a deck nearby overheard them and said to them, "You should have seen what we saw last night." Here again, they did not pay any attention to these men, but now wished they had stopped and talked with them.

Lunar eclipse UFOs

     There were apparently many sightings of UFOs on the night of the lunar eclipse, Nov. 8, 2003. The reports can be read at George A. Filerís Web site at

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