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by Ann Ulrich


On Oct. 28 in Washington, D.C., President Clinton stood ready to veto the Republican Congress Funding Bill because of the damage he said would be caused by the bill's 0.97 percent across-the-board cut that failed to provide money to help communities hire thousands of elementary schoolteachers. Clinton told educators visiting Washington: "If we were being attacked by space aliens, we wouldn't be playing these kinds of games... "

Such a message is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan's similar message about aliens given in three speeches. Could it be that Clinton was thinking about the subject? Or was he trying to get something across to us in a subtle way?


Could Nantucket be the new Devil's Triangle? On Halloween night, EgyptAir Flight 990 went down 45 miles south of Nantucket in the Atlantic Ocean. Flight 990 had landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California, where it picked up 30 Egyptian Air Force personnel. Then it flew to Kennedy Airport to refuel and drop off at least one passenger. The National Transportation Safety Board said the Boeing 767 was airborne for 30 minutes, cruising at 33,000 feet, when suddenly it descended to 16,300 feet in 40 seconds. It then climbed 8,000 feet higher before going into its final fall from 24,000 feet. It flew straight with a ground speed of 690 mph (600 knots).

Radar indicated that the craft broke apart before hitting the ocean. No distress calls were heard. None of the 217 passengers survived the crash. These strange maneuvers indicate a sudden emergency may have caused the initial dive. Flight 990 may have attempted to avoid a midair collision or had an explosive decompression. There have been several reports of missing aircraft and boats in the general areas off the Massachusetts coast. There was John F. Kennedy Jr.'s crash during the summer, and at least one other plane and occupant missing that was last heard from in southern Massachusetts. Two people were missing from boats in the area between where Kennedy's plane went down and Martha's Vineyard. Could this area be the new Devil's Triangle?


In Peppertown, Ind., on Sept. 27, a hunter walked three miles into the woods and smelled burned ozone. He heard something strange, like a low electrical hum, at 6:30 pm. Said the witness, "I walked down the hill into a valley and saw three suited humanoid figures around a deer carcass about 150 yards away." Behind the beings was a round metallic object that he watched for 10 minutes. It was sharply defined with a 12-foot radius and was 10 feet high. After about 15 minutes, the witness said a being came out of the stainless steel-like craft and pointed in his direction.

"Then the beings all started moving toward me," he said, "so I fired four or five shots into the air and ran uphill. I heard a strange sound about 90 seconds later, that may have been the craft leaving. It was almost dark by then. I went back the next morning, but there was nothing there, and I am not crazy."

The report came from PUFORI ( George A. Filer, director of the Eastern Mutual UFO Network, provided these last three items. His comment on the Indiana sighting: "Several recent reports indicate the beings are taking game. Ozone is a blue gaseous powerful oxidizing form of oxygen derived from an electrical discharge."


On Nov. 12, 1999, fishermen on a boat off the coast of Bermuda were terrified by a missile that erupted from the sea beside them. According to the report by Teri Lamb, the object shot up into the sky, maneuvered, and then exploded. In a similar report, Missouri pilots on Nov. 11 reported an object that looked like a missile pass in proximity to their aircraft. The two FAA Kansas City executive jets were in the vicinity of Farmington, Mo., when the incident occurred at approximately 8:00 a.m. CST. (Report from Peter Davenport, director of NUFORC).


Another PUFORI report comes from a tourist in Tibet on Aug. 18. The witness was driving in a taxi to the airport about two and a half hours away from Lhasa. "My driver pointed out an object in the sky and said, 'UFO!' It was about 4:00 am and the UFO moved toward us. I never saw anything like it before. It reminded me of a Las Vegas sign all lit up, with thousands of bright bulbs." The taxi driver indicated that he had seen five so far. He also pointed to something alongside the road to show where a UFO had landed, but it was too dark to see. "I watched the object with blinking lights and didn't recognize it from anything I had ever seen," added the witness. "The craft was oval shaped with bright lights like a Las Vegas sign, many bulbs lit up, around the edges with tentacles of red lights. At times we were underneath as it hovered overhead for about 40 minutes. The moon was bright and there were many stars, but the UFO was brighter."

(Report courtesy of Jeroen Wierda of PUFORI).

Heavy UFO sightings continue. Videotapes of UFOs, rods and fireballs are getting more common. There are too many interesting reports to include in DISC-ussion, but I suggest you pay a visit to George A. Filer's Web site (http:// for a weekly report of sightings all over the world. These sightings were taken from George Filer's Nov. 19, 1999 e-mail. I'll continue to include some of the best of his reports. You can contact George by e-mail at


The local radio station near Ravenna, Ohio, reported a coverup of a UFO sighting on Cooley Road in early August. The UFO was seen by half a dozen people. One man was also on the news and said he got something on him from the UFO when it flew overhead. The man went to the hospital and then the FBI came and took all of his clothes and any sheets and other things from the hospital that were contaminated. Our correspondent says someone sitting at Route 14 and Route 88 saw it when it all happened. The police and FBI, as well as the hospital, denied all of it. The radio station later said that the story is posted on the Internet somewhere, but the correspondent didn't know where.


According to a report by Mitch Battros from Earth Changes TV/Breaking News, sunspot activity is literally off the chart -- twice the number predicted. His research suggests that there is a direct connection to solar activity and its effect on Earth's magnetic field. He asks, "Is this the cause of our escalating Earth changes?"

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