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Natural healing saved my life

from the June 2009 Star Beacon

by Ella T

          Evidently when my mother was carrying me, she must not have been taking any supplements, because as a young child I was always catching colds, which meant I had a low resistance. My parents, not being familiar with holistic healing at that time, permitted the medical doctors to give me antibiotics, so I had my share of antibiotics as a child and a teenager. I do recall that at about the age of 3, I was given a nasty-tasting vitamin syrup, possibly Vitamin B, and that was given to me because I was so thin and my parents were concerned about it.
          I loved to drink pop as a child, but I’d get leg aches and the chiropractor back then had mentioned that I should switch to ice cream. Of course, back in the 1940s, ice cream was real and not just a bunch of chemicals like it is now, and it had the calcium in it, which helped stop the leg aches. The pop drew out the calcium in my bones.
          Also, not knowing about nutrition in my earlier years, I loved to eat commercial candies, which was hard on the calcium also. Now, when I have a craving for sweets, which is due to low blood sugar, I eat natural licorice candy and it stops the craving for sweets. It is made from licorice root. Also, horehound candy is another one that is good as a tonic for coughs, and it expels worms and is a diuretic. In this way I am avoiding the poor quality of sugar, food coloring qnd preservatives in the commercial candies, and getting a health benefit as well.
          At the age of 13, I was having a lot of vaginal discharge and that came from the antibiotics that had been given to me so many times in my younger years for the colds. Of course, nothing was done about giving me acidophilis to keep the healthy bacteria so that the antibiotics wouldn’t destroy them and cause more damage. Acidophilis would have been very helpful, and is helpful, especially if a person is on antibiotics.
          So with all of that going on, along with having my appendix taken out, my one ovary was also removed. If acidophilis had been given to me, I am sure I would still have the one ovary. Of course, the surgeon said I would never have children and that the other ovary would have to come out later. I am now 56 and still have my other ovary, and I did have two children. The surgery occurred about 1953 and I was put on hormones at the age of 13. From the hormones I gained weight from water retention. At that time only estrogen was given without the progesterone. I’d go on a high from the shot of estrogen and then go down in a slump, and have withdrawal. Mentally it was hard being “normal” in my teen years and not able to participate in many school activities, due to not feeling normal like the other girls.
          From being given the hormones, it caused my thyroid to be underactive and I’d feel tired all of the time, had lack of interest, and slept late. It really made my parents wonder why I was always so tired, so my mother’s grandparents, who lived about 40 miles from us, knew of a chiropractor whom they had gone to. He was into herbs, vitamins, minerals, colonics, and other therapies. This was my real introduction to feeling good. He gave colonics, which cleansed the bowels of toxins and water from the system. He put me on so many supplements, herbs, glandulars for my ovary that was left and for my thyroid, and after a while I felt so good (without hormones) most of the time that I finally found out what feeling good really meant.
          Now, if I have a yeast infection, I make my own herbal boluses and use herbal douches, which can also be used for cysts and tumors, which I’ve used successfully. I find the cooling herbs good to get rid of breast cysts also. For onset of colds or flu, I and members of my family and friends use echinacea and golden seal, and it gets rid of it quickly. Also I have found that for itching hemmorhoids, a salve of aloe vera and golden seal is very beneficial. My husband was having a time with itching hemmorhoids and he used the salve, and in a few days the itching quit.
          In the early 1960s, I got hepatitis at a hospital where I was working. All of the other nurses had gone to get care at a regular hospital, and I chose the holistic way to get well. I was so sick that my eyeballs even turned yellow, and I had to be in quarantine. I was so sick that I was wondering if I was going to live. I had a bad fever that the chiropractor had to work hard to break with colonics, bioflavonoids, Vitamin C and herbs. I couldn’t eat for quite a while, due to no appetite and the fever, but when I was allowed to eat, I started eating baked potatoes with nothing on them and then, when I could eat meat, it had to be broiled or baked.
          I had to return to the chiropractor, 40 miles away, with the help of neighbors, often. They took me back and forth many times until I felt better. I had liver damage, poor digestion (which has affected me to this day) and have to be on digestants and use special herbs for my stomach also. For water retention I use diuretic herbs. I studied herb books for many years, due to all of the sickness, and learned much to keep myself out of a surgeon’s hands.
          In 1992 I was told I had gallstones and I got busy with my books and had some ultrasound done and read until I couldn’t read any more. I quit using a cheap oil capsule that I was taking internally, and got on some herbs, especially for gall bladder, and I have not had any trouble since.
Due to a bad car accident in 1991, I had multiple injuries and felt real sick from the injuries, plus the chemical drugs that were given to me. Once again I felt I had to resort to natural healing herbs to start feeling better again. I found that white willow bark is very good for pain and hawthorn is very good to strengthen the heart, as well as for digestion. My husband was having a time with his cholesterol not wanting to go down, and it was hard on his heart. After he started taking some hawthorn, he wasn’t having pain in his heart and he could work more than usual. He had had a mild heart attack before he started taking hawthorn, and now is doing better.
          The car accident I was in caused such an impact on my body that every day I am reminded in some part of my body where the damages are, and with the knowledge I have gained from chiropractors along the way and a lot of herb books with some old herb remedies, I usually know what I need for whatever is ailing me, if I just listen to my body!
          As a child my folks and I had the privilege of meeting a man who had been raised around Indians. This old man had the knowledge to heal tumors and cancers with certain herb remedies he had learned from the Indians. He was helping so many people that the medical doctors were always trying to put him in jail. They did not succeed, but always got close to it. He believed in ridding the body of toxins. By the way, bowel cleansing originally started with the Indians. When the body is rid of toxins, then the herbs take hold and work faster. I remember when this doctor had my mother take special herbs to get rid of gallstones. She got rid of them and I still have them in a container as a reminder of what these herbs did for her. The Indians are great teachers of wisdom, as are the Orientals.
          When the Indians were in the wilderness with no doctors around, they depended on herbs to get well. Just as I and others have done, I do know that there are special herbs to cure cancers, as some are caused by parasites, whereas the M.D.s are still looking for a cure, or say they are looking for a cure. Simple herbs out there can cure cancer.
          I know the feeling of being so tired from toxins in the body and, with the help of herbs, glandulars, colonics, they really helped me a lot. When the bowels are plugged, it causes a person to be sluggish physically as well as mentally. With the help of certain herbs, to get rid of toxins through the elimination process, then a person has more energy and can even think clearer. As above, as it is below. It even clears up the sinuses. By getting things to move out, our thinking even clears. When I’ve felt jumpy, I know I can depend on some hops tea or Valerian. Valerian is a good antidepressant, without side effects.
          The Orientals are great believers in ginseng, and I found out why. After a couple of minor surgeries in the 1970s, I learned that ginseng was good to take out the effects of anesthesia and was also very healing, so I decided to give it a try. I used it after the surgeries and found my energy coming back as it had removed the anesthetic effect, therefore causing my body to heal faster.
          Then my mother got her arm caught in an old-type washer with a wringer on it. She got her arm caught in a sheet while wringing it out on the wringer. The first time was in the 1940s, which the doctor at that time put on salve and gauze. The second time the doctor wanted to do surgery and amputate the arm. Living about 600 miles away from her at that time, I decided it was best to come and do what I could do for her to save her arm. We talked the doctor out of the amputation and the other option was to graft skin from her thigh to her arm. This was done successfully and that is when I had her take a strong dose of ginseng to start getting rid of the anesthetic in order to speed up the healing process and give her energy. In two weeks’ time, she went for a follow-up checkup and the doctor said he couldn’t understand why her arm healed so fast. Of course, my mother and I kept quiet, but we knew why it had healed so fast. It was the ginseng.
          I had the privilege of caring for my dear mother in her last years with me, and I worked on her blood pressure, using herbs, successfully lowering it and keeping her resistance up with certain herbs. She lived a little beyond her 90 years, as good-looking as she ever was, and I contribute some of that to all of the different herbs she had been taking.
          I am 56 years old and I still get compliments on how young I look, and I give credit to the herbs for that, too. Herbs can do so much for us, and in closing my story, in order to have GOOD HEALTH, a person needs to treat their body and mind as naturally as they can, for by putting chemicals into it weakens the body, and the body has to fight all the harder to survive, and with herbs they FEED the body and mind, therefore building it up.
          Prevention is the secret. Doing all one can do to prevent illness is the secret of a long life.
          For example, what would happen if we didn’t empty our kitchen garbage cans for months, and we kept on throwing more and more food on top of the old? Wouldn’t all of our homes start smelling like a garbage dump? The same thing happens with a constipated, clogged-up colon. The toxic wastes don’t have anywhere to go, so they build up in the bowel. The poisons go into every cell in the body, causing DIS-EASE. Things like constipation, fatigue, bloat, acne, lower backache, body odor, poor memory, depression, and more come from toxic wastes in the body.
          Every tissue in the body is dirty, the blood is dirty, and so are the organs and tissues. With so many chemicals and preservatives in our food, I encourage anyone with health problems to take time to listen to their body and find out what it is needing.
Believe me, all I’ve been through with my health, I know. Cleansing the body is very important — and it does work.


          Ella T. is an alternative health practitioner who resides in Colorado. She offers nutritional counseling, hydrotherapy, detoxification using colonics and Aqua Chi (through the feet). Next month she will reveal her success story in her battle with cancer in the last couple of years. You may send letters or donations to Ella T. through The Star Beacon, 216 Sundown Circle, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.


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