Gregg Braden raises vibrations in Montrose

Gregg Braden

by Ann Ulrich

The Whole Life Network brought an unforgettable author and lecturer to western Colorado the weekend of Oct. 22-23. Gregg Braden, who wrote Awakening to Zero Point and Walking Between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion, spoke at the Montrose Pavilion in Montrose, Colo., Friday evening, to an enthralled crowd. His topic: "Living the Days of Prophecy." His life-changing message of hope and possibility was a far cry from the doom and gloom one often associates with prophecies.

Braden began the three-hour talk by asking how many felt that "something big" was about to happen. Just about everyone responded. He said that mass dreams have been occurring in people, pointing to the future, and that all of history has been pointing to now and what is about to occur a shift that will make the upcoming Y2K event pale in comparison. He emphasized that Earth is our home and this is where our attention needs to be, not drifting out into the galaxy the action is here and now.

He spent a lot of time talking about ancient texts that speak of the future. He explained that many of these are fragmented, incomplete and have distorted information. The Essenes were the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and in their texts there was seen a second possibility for the beginning of the Third Millennium. In 1998, a new science shed light on what these prophecies really say. To lead us into this "new science," Braden told a brief story about nine children who were in training for the Special Olympics, and how, when the race began, one boy, who had Downs Syndrome, stopped and turned around to see one of his teammates who had fallen down at the starting line. The boy with Downs turned and walked back to help his friend, and then the other runners stopped and did the same. They helped their friend get up and then all of them linked arms and crossed the finish line together. This story evoked an emotional response in the audience and Braden pointed out that this "feeling" we shared from this story was important in what he was about to tell us.

He talked about the earth changes, the disruptive weather patterns, increase in earthquake activity, appearance of crop circles in every nation since 1998, as well as the declining magnetic field of the Earth. The Sun has zero gravity right now and the solar flares are leaping 93 million miles to reach our atmosphere. Changes are happening not just on our planet, but in our solar system and the rest of the galaxy. Why are these things happening now? he asked. Prophecy, explained Braden, is a process of peering into our future from the present moment. The modern term for it is scientific remote viewing (SRV) and it is being practiced by the military. He then went into the story of "Miracle," the white buffalo born in 1996 in Janesville, Wis., and how the Lakota prophecy is being fulfilled, step by step. He talked about Nostradamus and how that prophet saw into our future as far as 3797 A.D. He took this to be good news, that we will still be around at that time.

Quantum Science offers many possibilities for each moment of our lives, explained Braden. The choices we make awaken the futures that lie in a state of rest. Right now 90 percent of our unused brains may be in tune with the 90 percent of creation that we don't know about. Quantum Science says that we do not create our reality, that all possibilities are already created. We simply bring into focus the specific outcome. Within each of us is this power to bring new possibilities into the present moment. With this understanding, we can change our health and our relationships.

Braden then went into The Bible Code and the fascinating discoveries that have been made by the use of high-speed computers which have decoded The Bible. This code is found in the first five books of the Hebrew Bible (the Torah) and accurately predicted the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995. With regard to the year 2012, which is a critical year in many prophecies (remote viewers cannot get past this "wall"), the Bible Code asks: "Will you change it?"

The Essenes said we came into this world to find a love greater than any known in other worlds or the heavens. Braden says it is our love that allows us to survive. Our bodies are capable of existing on this plane for 900 to 1,000 years. He said the first 100 years are the most difficult for our bodies because it takes 100 years to get over the pain of our lives. But our bodies will change, as the earth is changing. Our DNA is changing.

The Shroud of Turin was a fascinating subject which he covered briefly in the Friday night lecture and explored indepth during the Saturday workshop. He said that in 1988 the Catholic Church commissioned a scientist to analyze the Shroud and the scientist concluded it was a hoax. However, there had been a study done in 1978 which lasted five years and was carried out by 40 scientists, who documented their study with 30,000 photographs. They concluded that the man in the shroud went through a bodily process that we do not understand.

He showed slides of writings and glyphs that were in Egypt and Peru, as well as pictures of the library in a Tibetan monastery. He concluded the evening by showing a brief video taken in China of a woman with a cancerous tumor in her bladder being totally healed in a little more than two minutes. An ultrasound screen showed the tumor shrinking into nothing as three practitioners stood around the woman and "prayed." It was the kind of thing that you either denied as trick photography, or accepted with a new understanding of what our future can be. It was not something I will soon forget.

Then Braden spoke about his Science of Compassion, and how 1,700 years ago the key elements of this science were taken from us at the Council of Nicea. In the fourth century, the Emperor Constantine ordered that a committee should organize the sacred texts. This is when several of the books of the Bible were deleted and they decided which texts would be used from then on. The church still has those deleted books in the Vatican, Braden said.

The lost texts contain the forgotten wisdom, which consists of these four ideas: 1) History points to now; 2) All life is connected; 3) the Science of Compassion, and 4) the technology of prayer. Thought, emotion and feeling are the important elements we can use to change ourselves and our world. The power of thought, with the guidance of emotions, creates feeling, and feeling, Braden said, is how we will change our world.

For more information on Gregg Braden and his lecture or guided trip schedule, write to Sacred Spaces/Ancient Wisdom, P.O. Box 5182, Santa Fe, NM 87502-5182.

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