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Synchronistics: A Commentary

By Richard Gregory

When I sat to begin writing a commentary on Synchronistics, I tried to approach the subject with two goals in mind. First, to concisely condense my 31 years of experience as briefly as possible while maintaining clarity.

Secondly, and most importantly, I wanted to get to the bottom line concerning synchronistics and its purpose: communication. Communication as in the sending and receiving of information. Hold that thought.

You are a radio! You are, as a radio, a transceiver. You can both transmit information and receive information. That, my friend, gives you a great communicative potential.

However, to achieve your potential you have to recognize that you, like any radio transceiver, have an internal switch. When you are in the transmit mode, you cannot receive. In the receiving mode you are not transmitting.

The best way to illustrate this is with an old cowboy joke. Zeke came back to the bunkhouse after a Saturday night in town. Both eyes were black and he had several teeth missing. His fellow cowpoke, Ben, said, "Wow, Zeke, you look terrible! What happened?"

Zeke, who was normally shy and quiet, but rather rowdy when drinking, answered, "Oh, I was talking when I shouldía been listening!"

Zeke, who cowboyed all his life, never received a scratch from one his horses. Why? Because he had learned to communicate with animals five or six times his size.

Communicate with dumb animals? If you think about it, youíll realize that it is much more simple, usually, than communicating with dumb humans. While itís true that horses and cattle stampede, does our "road rage," drive-by shootings and constant warfare indicate some vastly superior intellect?

My point here is not to belittle the human potential. It is to point out that potential and accomplished fact are two different things when it comes to the art and science of communications.

Some folks seem to be true artists in communicating with others. I was not one of them. I had to learn the hard way. My failures when attempting communication had to do with my own selfishness and self-centered ego, putting me in the transmit mode when I should have been receiving.

Putting it another way, I had to learn a science of communication - some discipline which would allow me to communicate with anything or anyone I encountered in my daily living. Synchronistics is that science.

Does it always work? No, like Zeke Iíve come home bloody and bruised from talking when I shouldía been listening! Still, with constant practice, I figure I can bat about 750. Thatís not bad in any league, is it?

In that regard, I should mention one other pertinent bit of information Iíve had to learn the hard way: Donít attempt communication "out of my league." By that I mean Iíve learned to "feel" othersí energy emanations and to sense whether communication should or should not be attempted. In that regard, Iíve learned that at times silence can be as meaningful as any other form of attempted communication.

Incidentally, I learned that insight from a higher mind. A few years ago, UTI (Gaia?) channeled music through me for some eight hours. It was such a beautiful experience, I was hoping it would never stop. Of course, Iím aware that Mother has myriad children and She canít focus on me to the exclusion of Her "many."

Anyway, as She was leaving, She said, "Remember, my son, my silence can be as meaningful as my channeling." It took me many years to grasp the significance of that communique.

Pardon my reminiscing. Back to Synchronistics and its disciplines. The meanings assigned the colors and numbers are not an arbitrary definition on my part. They were given me by a higher intelligence.

Even so, Iím aware of premises 6 and 7, which tell us that an infinite number of meanings could be assigned to an infinite number of symbols. Take color. You could assign the meaning, "Be aware of another lifeform," to any color you choose. Itís okay by me. I would point out, however, that on Planet Earth, when you see green in nature, you are seeing lifeforms or perhaps the residue thereof most of the time.

Iíll also point out that mankind, being a part of Nature, seems to follow certain rules in his "modern" practices. Get yourself a driverís manual. Drive down a highway. You will see that almost all signs denoting the need for "caution" are not only yellow with black lettering, but four-sided in form. One sign can send you four messages. The four-sided form tells you "be cautious." The yellow color tells you to "be cautious." The black lettering tells you to "exercise good judgment." The fourth message would be whatever the sign "says." If you were a practitioner of Synchronistics, both the form and color would have you rather "automatically" switching your radio switch to "receive." Once you had received the message, you would instantaneously switch to "transmit" and send the proper message to your automobile. Yes, you can communicate with a "dumb machine" also.

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? A practitioner of Synchronistics applies the "simultaneity" factor and answers, "Neither come first, they exist at the same time." Can you prove that statement wrong?

A great example of the simultaneity factorís application can be found in a corn kernel. Corn comes in all colors of the rainbow. Forget color for the moment. Within it is inherently "the past," for it must be last seasonís crop or you cannot "presently" hold it to examine. Notice you cannot "see" the past in the kernel, only the "present." Nor can you see the "future" inherent within the kernel; only "awareness" (i.e. knowledge or wisdom) of the past and future potential of the kernelís "presence" will make you a successful corn farmer.

That same sort of awareness can allow you to reach your potential as a communicator. Few are born with such vast inherent awareness. It is a practical and acquired capability, this expansion of our awareness. Which comes first, the problem or the solution? Which comes first, the illness or the healing?

For a moment Iíd like to further address Premise No. 8, The DOM Factor. Consider the fact that the same informational energy contained in a lightning bolt is contained in me and also a quartz crystal. Obviously each has a vastly different DOM Factor. From a split second to three score and 10 to eon upon eon. When you attempt to observe, interpret and interact with this energy, do so only at your own pace. Only then will you be "in sync."

Last, but not least, letís talk about serendipity. My Mr. Webster defines it as "an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident." I once heard someone define it as a search for something we never find, but on our search we find something of equal or greater value.

After 31 years of witnessing miracles great and small, I now define serendipity as "a manifestation of Spiritís intent to gift you for trying."

Synchronistics? Try it, you might like it. I canít "prove" anything to you, but by trying, you can prove to yourself the relevancy of having your own personal "science."

Richard Gregory is a musician residing outside Dove Creek, Colorado. He invites correspondence. His address: 6098 Highway 666, Dove Creek, CO 81324-9415.

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