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The Pleiadian Light
Energy reprogramming for ascension symptoms


from the January 2005 Star Beacon

through Hannah Beaconsfield

     One of the most valuable techniques I’ve found to help deal with the problems and symptoms of the ascension process is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This particular healing mode has been developed by a man named Gary Craig.

     EFT is one of many healing techniques that fall under the heading of Energy Psychology. These modalities are based on acupuncture and the delineation of the meridian system as their source. The new techniques are outgrowths of the holistic or integrated healing fields, which blend modern perspectives and problem solving with the ancient understanding of the energy body and its pathways in the physical body.

     EFT and other Energy Psychology techniques address emotions as their point of entrance in energy balancing. That is, if you are experiencing anxiety, you would concentrate on the anxiety while doing the procedure, in order to release it.

     Some people, who are used to working with affirmations, feel uncomfortable with this at first. They are afraid they are going to intensify the problem. However, once they understand the principles behind the technique, they are able to use it quite successfully.

     The process is similar to reprogramming a computer. When you wish to remove a particular program, you focus on removing all aspects of the program from your computer’s systems.

     Another example would be homeopathy, which is a similar “hair of the dog” remedy. Homeopathy with its extremely minute amounts of substances that are the same as the cause of the illness or symptom, effect the frequency of the energy body and thereby change the physical body.

     Gary Craig’s EFT is based on the work of Dr. Roger Callahan. Callahan developed his technique in 1980 and called it Thought Field Therapy (TFT). It is a form of acupressure in which you tap on meridian points that influence the flow of energy through the body.

     Gary Craig simplified the Callahan procedure so it is accessible to all — a very easy technique to learn. This meridian-based energy work involves focusing on a problem, symptom or uncomfortable emotion while tapping on a set sequence of acupoints. EFT, as taught by Gary Craig, involves a procedure that is simple but touches (literally) on all the energy meridians in order to reprogram a problem or painful emotion.

     Many of the Energy Psychology techniques confine their applications to emotional problems; however, Gary Craig recommends, “Tap for everything.” My channeled guides agree with this, and I’ve used EFT for the repeated upheavals of transformation, both physical and emotional, as well as behavior problems in pets, offering help to others from a distance, to improve channeling and creativity, to name just a few areas.

     Some symptoms are relieved with miraculous immediacy. I had a migraine that dissolved as I was in the process of tapping, which takes about two minutes. Other problems may need repeated tappings and improve incrementally.

     I have found you can tap for a general overall problem, like “transformational discomforts.” Also sometimes as a result of tapping you will receive guidance from some “external” source that you are led to for help.

     Information on the EFT technique and how to use it can be found on Gary Craig’s Web site ( Rather than try to describe details of the technique, I prefer for you to get it from the source. Gary Craig’s site has a great deal of free material you can print out and ordering information for books and videos, as well.
During the time I’ve been using EFT, I have frequently asked the Pleiadian Light for channeled information about the technique. Some of their replies are as follows:

     The technique you describe accesses your energy bodies which are both a scaffolding, like your skeletal structure, and a pathway for energy “nutrients,” similar to your blood vessels. The energy body is the initial system in your physical unit to register the incoming energy changes of the ascension process. The energy body is the network that links the human unit with universal energy, the life force energy.

     This is a simple explanation, but it is important for your conscious minds to have a model with which to work. It helps you form a clear directive in manifesting corrective procedures for the multitude of problems the ascension energy can cause the total physical unit.

     Meridian techniques that stimulate various acupoints are working with this life force circuitry to balance energies that have been thrown off by the ascension expansion. The techniques can also assist the initiation of changes in DNA and expanded abilities that are part of the mass mutation.
The transformation of your species is really a mutational leap. Because of the illusion you live with called time, this mutation can be incrementally experienced. However, these increments of change can mean a wide range of discomfort for the individual human.

     You have repeatedly documented and conferred with each other about the nature of the many problems you are experiencing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We won’t add any more regarding specific aches and pains, but we will reiterate that each problem is the result of the energy systems of the body being thrown off balance by the transformational energies that are “assaulting” you.

     Any tools that will help you bring balance to your energy flow are incredibly valuable now. EFT is one such tool. You can use it on an ongoing basis for each change that takes place and each pain that arises.
Although some of you are experiencing symptoms with a greater intensity than others, you will survive this intense time. EFT and other balancing techniques are gifts to assist you.

     Hannah Beaconsfield is the author of Welcome to Planet Earth, A Guide for Walk-ins, Starseeds and Lightworkers, plus Riding The Phoenix: Surviving the Global Resurrection, and a children’s book, Wanda and the Fairy with the Gingham Wings. She resides in New York City. You may e-mail her at

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