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A crisis in the democratic ideal

from the November 2004 Star Beacon

The Pleiadian Light

The Spirit of Thomas Jefferson
through Hannah Beaconsfield

     I asked the Pleiadian Light if they could link me up with the spirit of Thomas Jefferson to get information about the current state of our government. — H.B.

     This is the energy you identify as Thomas Jefferson. This time in American history is a crisis in the democratic form of government. However, this is a reflection of the world crisis. In a way the current situation resonates to some degree with the time when we, the founders of your democratic ideals, were working as an energy unit to open a new door of change for the future of the planet.

     Those of us who “convened” at the pivotal change point in 18th century America had worked together many times in the past when the forces for change created an energy vortex that called upon us to act as architects of new forms for social balance. We had been together at many change points in this world’s past history as well as critical points in the developments of other world histories. And we are together at transformational points in your future.

     We are an interdimensional energy force that works through a group of people who form a unit to bring about specific necessary changes. We are a force for the growth and expansion of civilizations. We divide characteristics among the individuals of our group to provide all the elements required by the project. No one human could carry the energy necessary for our work.

     I wish to correct an oversight in your understanding of our time in history. The time and circumstances required that masculine energy carry the weight of the project. However, when I speak of our energy unit I am including the women, the Founding Mothers who played equal parts energetically with the Founding Fathers. Among these women were Abigail Adams, Martha Washington, my wife Martha, her half-sister Sally and many others. The Founding Mothers provided the nurturing ambiance of our society. All carried equal portions of the vortex energy. We worked spiritually as a unit each contributing a part necessary to create the whole.

     And while I’m making corrections, a more accurate reading of the Declaration of Independence would be, “all souls are created equal”. It is the spirit aspect of each person that is an equal part of the Universal Energy Source. This was implied but not accurately stated due to the restrictions of the time.

     When the Founding Energy brought in the concept of self-government, we were laying the ground work for the transformation of this planet. A world civilization needs to acquire these skills in order to join an interworld consciousness that has evolved to the point of peaceful interactions on an intergalactic level. This form of government also is a preparatory step toward a government-free society. Many other world cultures operate with no formal government. However, that is still quite far in the future for Earth.

     The current crisis in the American system is due to imbalances in the flow of democratic energy and its benefits to all the strata of your society. There have been worse times when the ideals we established were perverted and dangerously out of balance. However, the very nature of the democratic ideal holds within it a self-repair contingency pattern. This is more than the established checks and balances that provide built-in correction elements. We are referring as well to a living energy that supports your constitution and all that has grown from it.

     This is not a poetic reference; we mean that the constitution and the model of balanced self-government is supported by a spirit that is as real as the spirit energy that animates each of your human selves. This living energy allows the democratic model to have the ability to learn, to grow, to change like any living entity. It has its own intelligence. You might visualize this spirit as a gigantic thought form that shifts and adapts to reflect the human society presently “dwelling” within its form.

     Therefore, in addition to the written-in concrete checks and balances, you have a spirit support that is malleable and fluid and, above all, adaptive. This particular type of democratic government spirit is a force for the Light on your plane. Although on the polarity bell curve it has shifted, from time to time, to different points nearer to or further from the Light. As to your present governmental crisis, our integrated spirit does not wish to comment on the political square dance currently being performed in your election process (2004).

     We will give an overview of the forces at work at this time on an expanded level. The global crisis is a reflection of your total mass consciousness and its evolution to a planet of Light. You are in an “area” of the progression that produces the highest level of chaos. We would liken this to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. This time of crisis is the cocoon time. The primitive creatures that you were have passed into a period of change. If you ripped open the butterfly’s cocoon at this point, you would find neither caterpillar remnants nor butterfly indications. You would find a formless mucoid glob: chaos!

     If you look at the patterns of activity on your world now, you could characterize them as “out of control” — chaos. However, chaos holds within it all the incipient patterns for change. The nature of your material world at this level of development requires chaos or the breaking down of form in order to transform. This is the nature of your world and it is also the reality with which you must deal in taking charge of your progression into a world of Light.

     In other forms of government such as monarchies or tyrannies, the average citizen has it “easy.” Someone is in charge and it is not you. For better or worse, your role is defined and you do your best to survive. In a democracy, a form of self-government, each citizen is an integral part of the whole.

     There have been other experiments of this type of government on a small scale through Earth’s history. And our efforts were originally on a small scale as well. However, incorporated into this form were patterns that could expand, grow and change to the needs of the populous as a whole. Regard how it has held its basic ideals, yet functions as a viable government for billions of people, all different types of individuals.

     There have been times when Earth humans have had the propensity to recreate monarch or dynasty type situations within the democratic system. There are notable examples in your present time. Somehow there is always a surge of energy from the deep spirit of the freedom-loving elements of humanity that turn the tide away from dynasties and back to “we the people.”

     There is a “worship” of celebrity that was hard wired by some extraterrestrials in the early development of the Earth human species. These early humans regarded the extraterrestrials as gods and the extraterrestrials encouraged it. The Earth human species has developed beyond this now and the changes of the ascension process will delete this programming completely.

     The more “mature” countries of the European group have taken the ideals first brought forth in America and put them into viable forms that are outdistancing the U.S. model. True, they are governments of smaller, more homogeneous nations, but the American system could learn something from them.

     The democratic concepts of the individual as a vital participant in government will be reevaluated and reach its true potential as the species moves to a new vibrational level and views the world and each individual on it from a new perspective. Then the democratic ideals we put forth only a short time ago, by your counting, will blossom and truly serve the well being of all.

     At the present time, the surge of freedom-loving energy is being generated by the massive number of lightworkers who have been drawn to Earth to assist with the ascension of the species. Their efforts are the hope of your world.

     These lightworkers need constant support, for it is so easy to be drawn into the chaos. We offer support now and remind you that the contagion of fear is difficult to resist when your human form is threatened. However, it is the calm stability that you are capable of radiating that is picked up by others and ripples through humanity.

     Fear is the great destroyer. It makes you vulnerable to manipulation and robs you of the freedom to evaluate your reality and radiate your light to bring about the scale shift needed to change the world.

     The present threat to the democratic ideals is an opportunity for those lightworkers who have the skills and desire to participate in government to move into any positions available. Those who are not inclined to take leadership positions can do a great deal of work in support situations, for you are the ones who have a clarity of vision to determine which candidates serve the Light and which are driven by ego and greed.

     It is your government, this democracy. The individual counts. The individual can make it work, for it was designed with the potential for each voice to be heard. It is imperative now for lightworkers to take back the enlightened form of government that is democracy. You are never alone in this work. We support you from the spirit level and angels of freedom are always near radiating Light.

About the Author:
     Hannah Beaconsfield is the author of Welcome to Planet Earth, A Guide for Walk-ins, plus Riding The Phoenix. She resides in New York City. E-mail her at!


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