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Hypoglycemia and Macrobiotics

from the May 2003 Star Beacon

by Fred Pulver

     The modern diet based on animal flesh foods, dairy products and sugary foods and beverages has a number of adverse effects on health of which not many people are aware.

     One is a condition of Chronic Low Blood Sugar, also called Hypoglycemia. Eating meat, fowl and eggs, due to energy required to process these foods, as well as the waste products they produce, tire the body. This makes one crave sugary, sweetened foods and beverages to boost energy levels. Over time, the effect of this way of eating is devastating. The body has to cope with the constant intake of refined sugars. The pancreas increases its output of insulin to keep up with the rush of sugar into the blood. If the intake of sugary foods and drinks is not replenished constantly, however, sugar levels in the blood drops and fatigue sets in.

     Hypoglycemia is the result. It is very easy to become hypoglycemic, and difficult to overcome. This condition is initiated by a diet high in animal protein; so to resolve it, the intake of animal proteins must be reduced.

     Most people are not aware that consuming a diet high in animal protein and items containing refined sweeteners can cause low blood sugar. The build-up of minerals and animal protein residues in the system makes it difficult not to crave refined sweeteners. Consumption of meat (especially in temperate and warmer areas of the world) makes the craving for sweetened foods and drinks or alcoholic beverages, or sweetened alcoholic beverages (the worst of these) impossible to ignore.

     If anyone does not believe this, and is consuming any of the above, they can try to stop consuming sweetened foods and beverages for even one day. If they have been used to a daily intake of these items, they will find the craving for them to be overwhelming and irresistible.

     If they cannot resist the cravings, they are already addicted. Unwittingly, they have become addicts, either to alcohol or sweetened foods and beverages. They will usually have many ways to explain (i.e., rationalize) this destructive dietary pattern, such as that the body needs concentrated sweeteners for energy. Yet for millions of years people did not have these items - they are a relatively recent innovation. Along with them came the serious condition called Diabetes.

     When the pancreas is no longer able to produce enough insulin to keep up with the constant intake of sweetened foods and beverages (or alcoholic beverages) that typify the modern diet, it can cease functioning. Then insulin has to be provided from external sources, and one has become a Diabetic.

     There can be other reasons why people become Diabetic, including a genetic propensity or destruction of the Islets of Langerhans by a virus or other pathogen. However, even in cases such as this there is a dietary implication that makes one more susceptible to such an outcome.

     That is, if they consumed complex carbohydrates found in whole grains, beans and vegetables as primary energy sources, they would be less likely to develop problems maintaining blood sugar balance. This is because complex carbohydrates found in grains are digested and assimilated more gradually than simpler sugars are. The blood is not subjected to such wide swings in sugar levels, so the pancreas is not under such constant demand to produce insulin.

     The modern diet with its inclusion of sweetened soft drinks is turning our children into potential diabetics. The large number of children raised on the modern diet who require sweetened foods and beverages to sustain normal energy levels indicates how rampant hypoglycemia is becoming in modern society.

     If Hypoglycemia were considered an illness, it would be classified as an epidemic. Since often considered not to be a serious condition, it is widely overlooked. Yet the effects of hypoglycemia are not pleasant: chronic fatigue, depression, impaired mental function, slowed reflexes (therefore, a tendency to become accident prone), increased susceptibility to colds, influenza and other systemic infections.

     These symptoms can be precursors for more serious conditions or illnesses, including Immune System Dysfunction (ISD), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Diabetes, tragic accidents, inability to cope with life’s daily demands, impaired visual function, low performance scores for students and generally not being able to live up to one’s full potential.

     People need to get off the "meat and sugar" train that is taking them into the Land of Misery, and get on the "grain train" that is headed for the land of Health and Happiness. This effort should be a priority for anyone who cares about restoring natural health for themselves and their loved ones.

     So many young people, especially today, seem to think it is more important to go after their dream of "making it" in modern society. Unfortunately, they often neglect being careful about what they consume, and end up not only falling short of their goals because of health problems that result, but ending up with a serious health condition that can take years to resolve, if not a lifetime.

     If people when they were young possessed the wisdom usually reserved for their elders, and would be willing to listen to their wisdom, they could build a magnificent world for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, wisdom that can take a lifetime to acquire often falls on deaf ears, so mis-educated are many these days that the modern diet is best for optimal health.

Copyright ©2003 Fred Pulver
All rights reserved

Fred Pulver is a writer and teacher of Macrobiotics in Carbondale, Colorado.

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