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by John Cali

JOHN: Weíre living in a time of intense, and often confusing, changes on our planet, especially in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001. Many of you have told me of the ups and downs, the pains and joys, the light and darkness youíve experienced in recent months. Every level of our awareness, of our very existence, is deeply affected. There are many questions.

These are not new questions, for there really is nothing new under the sun. But what is new is the acceleration of energy the planet is experiencing. Never in her history have our planet or we, her children, seen such intensity.

But with the intensity come grand new growth opportunities for us all.

Chief Joseph

Why are so many lightworkers struggling financially?

Other wise voices have answered this question, and answered it well. Yet, it keeps coming up. So I shall throw my "two cents," if you will, into the pool of answers.

First of all, letís examine the question. Are lightworkers the only ones struggling financially? And are not some lightworkers actually prospering? Lack of abundance is certainly not the problem of lightworkers exclusively. Many others suffer from the same malady.

Now let me ask another question. How does your society - at least, in your Western culture - view money? Of course, money is not the only form of abundance available to you. But it is often the one form you associate most closely with the concept of abundance.

Money is often viewed, is it not, as the source of all, or much, evil? So youíve set up an interesting dilemma here for yourselves. You want to live a "good" life. Yet if you strive to acquire money, you are seeking something "evil." Do you see the contradiction?

If you perceive yourself as good and money as evil, then, I can promise you, neíer the twain shall meet! The Universe will see to that. You are not going to be inundated with money until you either see yourself as evil - or money as good. Your vibrations must match whatever it is you are seeking.

Your higher self, of course, in its infinite wisdom, will patiently allow you (your human-ego self) to work through this process, if you are willing.

And so the question as to why so many lightworkers are struggling financially can be answered by looking to your human selfís attitude toward money, and toward rich people.

Itís ironic so many of you, in your quest for money, often view the wealthy as heartless and cruel opportunists who give nothing, but take all. It is, of course, quite the opposite. But thatís another topic for another day.

There is much confusion today on the planet. We hear so many conflicting voices, even among the lightworkers. And so many lightworkers seem to be attracting "dark" or "evil" forces and entities. Can you help us sort this out?

Well, I can give you my view. But, ultimately, you have to sort it out for yourselves. First of all, letís remember the term we often use for God or the Great Spirit - All That Is.

Now, isnít that remarkable, when you stop to think about it? God is All That Is. Literally, all that is. Can you exclude anything from all that is? Of course not! So, if we follow this logic, then those things, events, people - whatever - you deem "evil" or "bad" must be part of all that is, and of All That Is!

What you label evil or bad is actually - literally - a part of God! So letís start this discussion with that premise - God is all that is. And nothing that has ever been created or ever will be created can be outside of God. It just ainít possible! All we say in this brief excursion into the matter of good and evil hinges on that premise - all is God - God is All.

Okay, now letís talk about the confusion many of you are feeling over the seemingly conflicting voices you often hear.

All of you have a specific purpose for coming to your current lifetime. Your soul, your higher self, determined this before you incarnated. For some of you, those who seemingly attract "dark" or "evil" forces and beings, your purpose is often to transmute that negatively expressed energy into light.

All energy is of the light, although you view certain particular expressions of energy - for example, murder or rape - as evil or negative. And yet, if we follow our earlier logic, even these expressions of energy are also part of all that is, part of God.

Each of you knows why you have come to your current incarnation. And, if you think you donít know, let me "enlighten" you. Whatever you love to do - what feels good and right, in your heart and gut - is your lifeís work.

For some of you, that work may indeed be dealing with the so-called forces of darkness. Those of you, for example, who feel called upon to work in law enforcement, or the military, or other similar careers. Or, to get more "spiritual," there are those of you called upon to exorcize "evil spirits" from your planet or from the lives of your sisters and brothers. Or to cleanse, if you will, the various levels of the environment you live in.

Others of you are called upon to be healers with your touch, your art, your writing, even (dare I say this?) with your money! And so on. And you know what your work is. You already know your work if youíve wisely used your divine power of discernment. If something feels good to you, if your experience with it brings you joy and peace, if those around you respond enthusiastically and lovingly toward you and your work, you know this is your lifeís purpose, your lifeís work. Itís that simple.

Of course, your lifeís work may change over time. But for this present moment, thatís it.

You must accept and allow, simply accept and allow, the so-called forces of darkness, in whatever forms you perceive them to be manifested. Just let them BE!

That is the real key to peace on earth: To give up wanting and needing all of you to be the same, and to accepting the diversities. Your experiences on this planet will never be free of diversity. It is the richness of the diversity that attracted you to the planet in the first place.

And ultimately, of course, you will see the darkness and the forces of darkness were never anything to be feared. They were only voices crying out in the wilderness, voices longing to be filled with light. All is as it should be. All is God.

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Joseph and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Copyright © 2002 by John Cali
    All rights reserved
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