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The Mystical Marriage

from the September 2007 Star Beacon

Channeled by Lauren Gorgo

            EDITORíS NOTE: This article appeared in
Isisís LightCircle Ezine, Aug. 19 2007.

            If things are seemingly weird for you right now, donít be alarmed. Things are weird. But from what I understand, this is a very good and timely thing.
            Since the New Moon in Leo on Aug. 12, things have been increasingly more strange.... and as we try to navigate these unfamiliar, yet uplifting energies and cycles... well, it can feel anything but uplifting.
It seems we are still trying to find our footing in this in-between place, but nothing feels exactly right or solid enough to stand on. Akin to walking on the moon, itís almost as if we are disconnected from our bodies, floating and sort of meandering in a space of no-space where nothing really feels comfortable ... yet.
            We are going through a very necessary period of disconnection from our former and outdated selves, and reconnection to our higher and more refined selves. A space of letting go of more outworn and limiting thoughts, behavior patterns, and feelings based on those thoughts steeped in illusion, and realigning with our intrinsic and creative powers. We are essentially releasing ourselves from anything that will inhibit the total expression of our truth... so, hold on! ummm... perhaps ďlet goĒ is better suited here...
But why do we feel so strange? In walks Chakras 6 and 7... a/k/a, 3D eye and crown... Mr. Pituitary and Mrs. Pineal Gland.

The Mystical Marriage
            On a physical level, this time of year, many are feeling sinus discomfort, burning and blurry eyes, deep fatigue that is not relieved from sleep, insomnia, bouts of depression and seeming ďseasonal allergies.Ē This is an interesting phenomenon, because as I have experienced over the last seven to 10 years, and have been guided to understand by the ascended realms, this thing called ďseasonal allergiesĒ (also SAD) is really an energetic bumping-up, or sloughing-off of sorts (or download, if you will), precipitated by the great cosmic cycles of initiation and detoxification.
            Thus, the cosmos is reflected in the Earth and its cycle of seasons, which in turn is reflected in our own bodies. Make sense? Okay, letís go a bit deeper... 
            On a cosmic level and, as I understand it, our pituitary gland of the sixth chakra and the pineal gland of the seventh chakra must blend in unison to open the third eye completely. In this case, the pituitary gland holds the positive charge of masculine or yang principal, and the pineal gland (also known as the seat of the soul) holds the negative charge of the female or yin principal. When masculine and feminine energies meet, itís known as the Mystical Marriage. This initiates the birth of multidimensional consciousness and conscious passage into the fifth dimension and beyond.
            Also to note, the sixth chakra is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer (July), which is ruled by the moon (feminine), and the seventh chakra is associated with the sign of Leo (August), which is ruled by the sun (masculine). Each chakra is ruled by a planet, which in turn rules (is linked to) two signs each, one yin and one yang; that is... except the Sun (yang) and Moon (yin), which rule one sign each... Leo and Cancer. Still with me?
            If not, hereís the Readers Digest version: this male/female merging process is happening now and is the energy that can result in our feeling spaced-out, depressed and lost, and a whole host of other physical symptoms related to awakening.
            We are in the midst of joining more of the energy of our two higher sensory chakras for cosmic union and the entrance to the fifth dimension and beyond. This happens each year during the summer months as we complete a four-season cycle of the two intertwining energy currents (Think Caduceus) of male/female, yin/yang and into the next cycle of autumn, where it will begin again at the base chakras.
            Interestingly, as it relates to season (allergy) changes on an energetic and biological level, the sixth and seventh chakras regulate sinuses, ears and eyes, among many other things. The pineal gland in the brain regulates our internal clocks by secreting a neurotransmitter called melatonin, so that we sleep when we should and remain awake during the day. (Think CFS ó Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as it relates to the new human.) The pituitary gland stimulates the secretion of these hormones, and together they make up a very important relationship to our mental and physical health.
            (Curiously, did you ever notice where fatigue sits in the body? I am not talking about physical exhaustion here, I am talking about F A T I G U E. Many on the path to enlightenment (myself included) have been or are being challenged with relentless and deeply life-altering, undiagnosed fatigue. If you pay close attention, you should notice that deep fatigue feels as though it is sitting behind your eyes... hence pituitary/pineal ... almost like a pressure that is dismantling your clarity, creating fog, and begging you to sleep... food for thought.)
            Do you see where I am going with this?
            Without getting overly detailed or too truncated, the five areas that seem to affect our bodies most in the seasonal allergy epidemic (particularly at the major season changes) and increasing use of pharmaceutical drugs to ďcontrolĒ SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder ó thatís a whole other article), are sinuses, ears, eyes, depression and fatigue. All of which are side effects of clearing/recalibrating/activating during this special time of year through the infusion of higher electromagnetic frequency pulses stimulated from the great central sun.
            And when we are clearing these areas, we are letting go of things like difficulty focusing, mental health problems, feeling detached and distant from others, intellectual stagnation, headaches and fuzzy thinking, sinus problems, vision and hearing problems. And, of course, when we are clearing anything, it is up and in our face for review. This is what this time of year is supposed to do... bring us clearly into alignment with our truth, by identifying our misalignments and giving us an opportunity to face and release all that no longer serves us. And just like every cycle, this, too, shall pass.
            So then, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, I hope something Iíve said here eases your strain.

Some tips to assist yourself during this time
            1) Sea salt baths or swim in the ocean (clears the electromagnetic field of discordance)
            2) Walking, preferably rigorously
            3) Yoga
            4) Fasting
            5) Drinking lots of water
            6) Engaging in anything creative
            7) Outdoor activity/gardening/ hiking, etc.

            For assistance in clearing the way to your full and highest potential on all levels, I recommend remote IET sessions as a wonderful jump-start and to aligning with the higher frequencies. IET is an energy therapy that uses a higher vibration of energy from the powerful violet angelic ray to open the flow of vital life force within the human body and energy field. It facilitates the self-healing process at all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), to clear blockages which cause imbalance and disease. While working directly with your 12-strand spiritual DNA to re-align and re-balance the body, IET assists in releasing suppressed feelings, memories, emotions, trauma, distress, thoughts and beliefs that limit your health, relationships, abundance and creativity.
            I also offer soul star clearings, via IET, to assist in grounding your soul mission into a tangible form. This is an advanced IET technique administered with the nine healing angels to assist in the actualization of your purpose here.
            For more information, e-mail me at

What is a soulstar clearing?
            The soulstar, or eighth chakra, is a non-localized energy field located in the center of the spiritual layer of the human energy field.
The soulstar is the cellular memory area that holds the energy of your soulís mission. It is in essence, the book of your soul.
            The soulstar contains the patterns of karmic memory that you are working to heal in this lifetime, as well as the complete plan for your specific soulís mission within this lifetime.
            The soulstar clearing can:
            1. Amplify the energy of your soulís mission and increase the potential that it will manifest.
            2. Bring insights about your soulís mission into your conscious awareness, where you can envision your mission.
            3. Embrace your soulís mission and align your self-will with the energy of your soulís mission.
            4. Clear your fear of living your soulís purpose, so that you can enact your mission.

In gratitude,

            Lauren Gorgo is a spiritual healer, interdimensional channel, advanced Integrated Energy practitioner, Conscious CoCreation coach and a political, animal, environmental and humanitarian rights promoter. For more information, spiritual services, or for free monthly channeled messages, go to:
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