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Letters from Readers

from the September 2004 Star Beacon

Arriving Home

Dear Ann,

     Wow! What a fantastic August Star Beacon! I just want to say to all the members that I know I am Home, for you all have made me feel so welcome as a new member, and I have hopes to be able to hear from all of you as time goes on.

     For me, I have joined many groups, but this is the one that I feel a deep, positive energy. The reason being is that with The Star Beacon we are able to share our experiences with one another. This is what a good Star Family should be.

     I have learned from the past, and in that, I am not a victim anymore. I am a survivor. For to me, it is the present that is most important. The past is only that, the past. Yes, it’s hard to say we should forget the past. But we can use the past as a guideline for the present.

     At the moment I am putting chapters together for a book I am writing, and you know, I have just now gotten the title: :Learn from the Past, But Live in the Here and Now.”

     Yes, I know it’s a long title, but maybe later I will shorten it. But who knows what amazing things will come to me later? So anyway, remember this, even though I have not met any of you in person yet, that I love you all unconditionally.

                                            Peace and Healing Love,
                                            Sara Hockenberry/Shevev
                                            Ventura, California

Marie's Dream

Dear Ann,

     Have you ever noticed how space acts like a cell in an increasingly bigger and bigger body, and once your thoughts come back down to here, again the same in smaller and smaller forms? That is why I cannot believe the Creator would, or for that matter, stop life at the boundaries of Earth’s atmosphere, or at flesh.

     There has to be something in us to hear other beings. Like in “Alien-Stimulated Dream” by Marie Gomez (TSB, August 2004). Your feelings about the meaning were well put. We are not safe at this time, or any other, but we keep on keeping on — protecting our lives right in our own 20 feet of personal space, and assisting others needing help.

     Now when this dream is looked at in another direction, the horses, riders and wagons could be a symbolic impression of the immune system. A part that may have been passed down from 100 years ago. Our bodies carry information, as do the wagons. Does Marie remember what was in the wagons she was protecting? When she heard the voice, is that when the dark figure moved away? Did it look as if the unrecognizable figure heard it, too?

     I’m asking because it sounds as if something was quite concerned with her health and intervened. Could have been an illness that wanted what was in the wagons, and although her own defenses held off most of it, a higher level of help was needed to keep from becoming very sick.

                                            Love and Light,
                                            Emma O’Brian
                                            Port Angeles, Washington

Sightings intensify near Sedona

Dearest Ann,

     So much is going on in our area, as well as our state of Arizona. As for our personal lives, a very dear brother passed to the other side last month. His name was Chip Knight and he attended UFOCCI Jorpah and many conferences for years. He was a true researcher in the grandest sense. And a more generous man couldn’t be found.

     He made many thousands of copies to distribute to interested folks for a long time and never expected a penny in return. He was a resident of Colorado and Arizona and his old van was his home most of the time. He was a truth-seeker and very health-oriented. He rode his bicycle 40 or more miles a day for many years and Pike’s Peak was an old favorite jaunt.
He passed our earthly realm while on a trip to the Philippines. His memorial gathering will be open to all like-minded friends. For further information, please contact the following: John and Sue Daugherty (719/520-5645 or 719/331-5854).

     Sightings here (have been) rather regular the past five or so months. Especially intense visuals in the day and night are happening over Mingus Mountain in the Cottonwood/Jerome area and the Schnebly Road area in Sedona. Tourists and residents are witnesses.

     Some of the “craft” are the huge, black triangular-shaped type with blue-white lights. Also seen are green, darting or floating balls of light. Many “walk-ins” and “star-seeds” are relocating in Arizona. The Indigo Children are here also. I presently work with a couple dozen of them. Their mental gifts are amazing.

     Save seeds and stay healthy.

                                            Love and respect always,
                                            Claudia Blue Corn
                                            Cottonwood, Arizona

More from Claudia

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter came from Claudia last spring, but was stashed away in a file which I just re-discovered. Since it contains much good information, I’m running it now, even though it is dated.

Dearest Ann,

     Hope all is well in your life. Once again I’ve been laid off from what I imagined to be a “secure” job with the county. My youngest daughter still has no resolve over the wacko that ran over her. The sad thing is her lack of physical therapy or chiropractic adjustment. The attorney says the courts are adamant about “real doctors,” but with no funds or insurance, that hasn’t happened much yet. She got run over in October. Her body is young but needs to be “straightened” to heal properly. (Many of us have previous ailments that could have been remedied a long time ago with true healers.)

     Your fantastic article on Love in the February issue of The Star Beacon made me tearful. I’ve felt that way my entire life and know that many others must also. It was the most clarified expression of my own, written by yourself. I don’t like violent shows or games. I get confused over jealousy and anger. It makes me feel very child-like and rather frightened when there (are) threats, bullying and manipulation tactics. I walk away from many situations and I figured it was my Piscean nature. I was also born under the sign of the Rabbit in Oriental astrology. (We like peaceful surroundings at all times.)

     To defend my children has always been the utmost strong action from me. When others try to harm any wee ones or elderly or down-trodden, I draw all of my inner strength to defend them. Guess that’s why I’ve worked at so many day care centers, nursing homes and schools.

     My blood brother sent me an outstanding book titled The PK Man, by Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D. If you haven’t read it yet, please try to find a copy. The gent, Ted Owens, is the real-life character of the book. He is in contact with Space Intelligences who aid him in disrupting weather, manipulating sports events and catastrophes at NASA. The introduction comes from Dr. John E. Mack, and many other “famous” people knew him, including Brian O’Leary, the former astronaut; James Harder, ufologist; Colin Wilson, author, and Dr. Leo Sprinkle and J. Allen Hynek, also famous scientists. Since he lived during our lifetime, it makes it all more poignant and adds to what we already know is true.

     One of the final chapters in the book is “The Final Gift of the UFO Prophet.” The author, Mishlove, took the Ted Owens training course. Owens claimed his techniques had been given to him by the Space Intelligences and Mishlove’s life, after that, greatly improved. Owens passed away in 1987, unfortunately.

     The chem-trails have been overwhelming the past few weeks. It is harming the flora and fauna and making humans and pets cough.

     Mycoplasmic pneumonia, conjunctivitis, sinus infections and weird rashes on exposed patches of skin — these are “re-runs” of the yearly spring barrage over the past four years. People are outdoors...

     Willy Whitefeather stopped by for a few days last month. He was on his way to Texas to visit some folks much like us. He got tired of rainy Oregon after having lived in Arizona so many years. He does remind me of a Kokopelli-type; he even plays the flute! (He blushes at such.)

     Stay healthy.

     My 15-year-old reads the Beacon, too!

                                            Love and respect,
                                            Claudia Blue Corn



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