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Livermore physicist reveals startling information

from the December 2006 Star Beacon

from Project Camelot Web Site

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is the second segment of an interview with ĎHenry Deacon,í a Livermore physicist, published on the Project Camelot Web site. The importance of the information allows readers to distribute it freely as long as no part of the interview is altered or deleted. The Star Beacon has chosen to run the interview in a series, due to space constraints.


What can you tell us about the ET presence?
Look up the movie Wavelength. Itís based on a totally true story. Have you seen it? Itís based on an incident that took place at Hunter Liggett. This is a hot one.

No. Whereís Hunter Liggett?
Ninety miles south-southeast of Monterey, Calif. My primary station at the time was Fort Ord. I was working there back in the early í70s, when I was in the military, and I was working under CDCEC, which is Combat Developments Command Experimentation Command. You can go look that up.

We were doing testing of all kinds of devices, and we lived out in the field there. We wore laser protection goggles a lot of the time and we had our eyes dilated routinely to check our retinas for burns. Some of the cattle in the fields even wore modified goggles! This was the most bizarre sight you could ever imagine.

Well, one day something happened while we were testing. A disk came into the area and it was hovering, it hovered right directly in front of us, out in a field. So [pause] we shot the ----ing thing down.

You shot down a disk?
[shaking head] We should never have done it. It wasnít me personally, but the group did. Between us we had all this gizmo weaponry and I guess they panicked and thought they were in a movie or something. The disk was disabled and it was captured, and so were the occupants, and I saw these very briefly. They were small child-like humanoids, with no hair. And they had small eyes, not large almond-shaped eyes. I donít think anyone knows about this. As far as I know itís not on the Internet.

This is incredible. Iíve never heard of this incident.
Most of the other witnesses ended up in Vietnam and many were killed. I may be the only living witness to what happened... I donít know.
The rest of the story is in a sci-fi movie called Wavelength, which was released in the early í80s. Iíd never heard of it until I ran into it years later, in Arizona. Did I just say this? [laughs, for the first time]
When I saw the video, I was expecting some, you know, light entertainment with a beer or two, but I mean, my mouth just hung wide open. The beginning of the film just completely clearly and accurately describes the incident, and the film is very close to the rest of the story, including the use of an abandoned Nike base in Southern California to store them.
Go find it. Itís all basically true. I was just amazed when I saw it. The person who wrote it must have been there, or knew someone who was there. But I donít know who.
I had a genuine alien photo once. I showed it to someone, a woman, a very talented woman, who was a microbiologist working for one of the agencies. It scared the s--- out of her. I couldnít believe it. She just didnít want to deal with it at all. And Iíd say that just suggests that the public, even scientists, arenít ready for this information to be released. And this person was really smart. It didnít stop her from freaking out, just not wanting to know. She was just, you know, totally spooked.

Do you still have the photo? Can we see it?
I donít know. I may still have it somewhere, and if I can find it, Iíll forward it to you.

Can you describe it?
It showed a small being with dark skin, kind of black and wrinkled. He was a sole survivor of an incident. But he died shortly afterwards. He had a suit that was self-healing, ah... self-repairing. It was a kind of fabric, or something, that would actually repair itself. And he had an artifact with him that was some kind of remote control device, and that was taken away from him.

He was the survivor of a crash?
[pause] No.

A time traveler?
You know everything, donít you?

No, but youíre giving us verification.
I mean, itís just so incredibly complicated. Itís so complex itís possible that no one person has all the information. Most of the agencies donít know what the other agencies know and everything is heavily compartmentalized right up the wazoo. No one talks to anyone else about this stuff. Sometimes entire projects are duplicated at the cost of God-knows-how-many billions, because the existence of the other project is unknown, itís kept from them.
I mean, Iím a scientist, and scientists sometimes have one arm tied behind their backs because they canít communicate freely. In fact, they canít communicate at all [laughs]. And there are dozens, hundreds of classified projects, I mean major ones. Itís just a total mess.
Look, there are many groups of ETs, and besides our own ancestors are mixed in there. There are time loops upon time loops, and itís all a mess. Youíd need an IQ of 190 to figure it all out.

Tell us about the time loops. By the way, can we ask you againÖ youíve not heard of Dan Burisch?
Not that I remember. Itís not familiar to me.

We interviewed him last month. He was next to John Lear on the Web page.
I did see your interview with John Lear, talking about the moon photos and the way theyíre airbrushed. NASA does that all the time. Heís quite a character, by the way. Iíd like to meet him one day. What few people know is that radar reports for the National Weather Service are also airbrushed, so that certain radar images arenít released. I donít mean airbrushed as in by hand.

The radar images are electronically filtered using software. Some of these radar traces are huge. In addition, the weather radar wonít record traces that are moving faster than a certain high speed, a couple of thousand miles an hour. But there are still traces which need to be removed.

Sure. Theyíre often optically invisible, but usually show up on radar. Theyíre also visible in ultraviolet... I donít think this is generally known by people.

So what can you tell us about the time loops?
Right. [long pause] The situation with time loops is that there are a large number of parallel timelines, lots of branches. There are no paradoxes. [draws a diagram] If you go back in time and kill your grandfather, thatís the grandfather paradox everyone talks about, thereís no paradox.
When you go back and change the past, it creates a different timeline, which is a new branch of the original one. On that timeline, youíd not be born and wouldnít exist, so that aspect of the paradox is true. Do you see?
But on this timeline, which youíre on here and now, you do exist, and continue to do so. Thereís no paradox. Itís simpleÖ do you see? Youíre dealing with different branches of a kind of time tree. No principles get violated. All future events are possibilities, not certainties. Thatís kind of pretty important, an important... distinction. Thatís really all I can say about that.

Do you know anything about chemtrails?
OK. Chemtrails were developed by Edward Teller and are basically the seeding of thousands of tons of microparticles of aluminum on the upper atmosphere to try to increase the albedo of the planet, the reflectivity of the planet, because of global warming. Now, gold microparticles, real gold, were used once in a similar situation on another planet, but I guess they had lots of gold, and we used aluminum instead. Global warming is partly because of the greenhouse effect, and that certainly makes things worse, but most of it is because of increased solar activity. Solar activity is the real problem.

Why isnít this information in the public domain? It seems like people should know and would like to know, and thereís no security risk if what you say is true.
Scientifically, itís just a total gamble. Not nearly enough is understood. It may work, or maybe it wonít. It could easily make things worse. There may also be health side-effects, weather side-effects, God knows what. It affects the whole planet, and here you have a unilateral, nondemocratic decision, process, to launch a huge technological special project that affects everyone on Earth.

If thatís not controversial, I donít know what is. The solution is to keep it secret. Itís the usual kneejerk solution, too.

Will it work?
I donít know.

Is this also connected with weather wars?
[pause] Yes, there are weather wars. The Air Force will own the weather within two years.

What else can you tell us?
Read The Report from Iron Mountain. Much of that is true. I was working with a group down in [______]. They called us in and passed out a report. The weird thing is that it wasnít even connected with what we were working on, and it came just right out of the blue, out of nowhere, and none of us were expecting it.

The guy said, and Iíll never forget it because it struck me as just wrong: ďThere are the wolves and there are the sheep, and we are the wolves.Ē Then they told us to go and read the report, and that was that. There wasnít any choice, and there still isnít. The way they see it is there are too many people, and, you know, theyíre right. Thatís true. So they figure they need to eliminate them and theyíre planning solutions to this.

I happen to think it doesnít have to be that way. Apart from what Iíve mentioned so far about the spacetime problems, the problem is overpopulation. Itís as simple as that. There are programs to reduce global population for everyoneís benefit. Believe it or not, the intent there is positive. It was put together by Kennedy way back then. The RAND Corporation was involved, and one of the Rockefellers, I forget which one, probably Laurance, I think.

By killing people off?
Basically, yes. Artificial viruses that have been deployed using a number of means and are hard to detect or identify and nearly impossible to cure. Medical people in the public domain canít identify whatís happening.

How do you feel about this personally?
Very mixed. [pause] As an individual flesh-and-blood human being, Iím appalled. And as a scientist trained to look at things from a high vantage point, a high overview, I have to say that I can understand the thinking. You have to understand that Iím not defending or condoning this. Itís just a comment from an abstract scientific perspective. But the problems we face on this planet are so huge that very few people have the training or experience to view it all, to see it all in the same field of vision.

My situation was different, and I got a chance to see a lot of things because of the nature of my work. Most people donít see it all. But Iíve worked with many agencies, and I have the big picture. Do you know that itís legal to test biological and chemical agents against US citizens? Itís legal.

You know, all that has to be done is to get the approval of the mayor of the city, or his equivalent in any area. Or some representative official. No one knows this, but it can be checked out. Go look it up. Itís all carefully hidden away in the law somewhere, but itís all in the public domain. Itís all there.

Thanks to the Project Camelot Web site for printing this article and allowing it to be reprinted for all to share.



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