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Linda Maupin

A channeling from Linda Maupin

Have you noticed it yet? Have you noticed the new vibrational energies pouring down to your planet? We see many of you changing quickly, although many of you do not seem to realize it as of yet.

Many of you seem to be going through one emotional crisis after another. Know that time has been accelerated. When time was slower, you would experience some kind of emotional crisis or trauma and then you would have time to catch your breath, relax, and have time to integrate what has happened to you before something else happened. That is a luxury you are not experiencing now!

What has to be learned here is how to integrate as you go along! This will benefit you immensely. One great way to help yourself is to use self observation. Use it as a practice to watch your thoughts as throughout the day. You will probably notice that your thoughts fluctuate wildly all through the day. When your energy is high and you feel good, they are more positive, and when you are tired, you hav less patience, as an example. So it is not what is happening to you, but your reactions or thoughts about what is happening. You do not need to try to be positive, or to try to change your thoughts. Just be aware of what is going through your mind and know they may not be true thoughts and they might not even be yours! Let them pass right on through and just be an observer.

In the course of a day you will find that, as you watch what is going on between your ears and do not become attached to any one thought, that your energy is freed up and you feel less stressed, tired and wound up. It is abusive to mis-use the mind.

This new frequency is changing the molecular structure of your bodies and this takes tremendous energy. It may affect your physical body and your emotional body. Have you not felt more emotional lately? When you find yourself on the up and down roller coaster of emotions, remind yourself that this may just be the energy shift and allow your focus to return to your center before you speak or act. Life may go more smoothly!

From now until the next few months, you will be feeling the "vibrational rift." This means that as you step up in vibration and those around you are basically staying the same, there is a huge difference between you! This may cause all kinds of problems with you and your friends and family! Just knowing that this is happening may help you adjust much more easily. They will be uncomfortable around you and not know why. You both will be irritated with one another more often. Thismay be a time where you have to indeed let some of your old friends go, and we know this is very saddening for you. If this happens, allow yourselves to grieve, but do not let these people hold you back in your own progress.

You must continue on in your mission. You need to allow the power and the glory of who you are to shine forth from within. It is time to step forward and be counted. You dear ones have been in the background long enough. It is time to reclaim your Divine Power, which is your birthright, and for you to learn your own powers of Manifestation. Believe us when we tell you that you will become quite delighted when you realize what you can Create for yourselves and how quickly you can actually bring that about, once you decide what you want.

You have often felt powerless in your third-dimensional world. You are sensitive people and often hurt by the coarseness of your world. Know that this is passing away and the beautiful worlds that you have always envisioned in your sleep are now here for your Creation at your beck and call. You are so used to being the underdog, so to speak, that this has become habit for many of you. Let this be a thing of the past. Reroute the neurons in your brain on this issue! Don't pretend any more! You are not children and you are not powerless.

It is time to learn the process of manifestation. This can be delightful for you as you realizer that the new energies are malleable and there for your use. Start small, if you wish. With all your will and intent, think of some small thing you would like to appear in your life. Create a picture of it in your mind and/or the feeling it would give you. This can be a delightful game for you, and many of you have already begun to notice that what you are thinking is quickly coming about.

You still need to drink much water, as cellular waste is occurring at a much quicker rate. Some of you will actually begin to grow taller. Some of your wrinkles are disappearing and gray hair. You will live much longer than you know right now, so pretend you are younger than the numbers your world tells you. Let us just put it this way. It is not too late to re-enter college and begin a new career! You will build muscle mass more easily, with less effort. In time your thought processes will accelerate and thought will be quicker and memory will improve.

Imagine yourself integrating the energies and this will help immensely. In many of you there is an unconscious resistance. This comes from dealing with the old world. In the old world, uncomfortable feelings meant unpleasant experiences, and so some part of you is always in resistance. Haven't you ever noticed people who seem totally unaware have boundless energy? They are not resisting anything! It is time to jump on that energy bandwave and ride it and integrate it for your own use!

Linda Maupin is a psychic channel and lives in Los Gatos, California.

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