Letter from Readers

from the April 2001 Star Beacon

Let's make this crystal clear ...

Dear Ann,

I feel Spirit motivating me to express my own highest guidance concerning the Grays and their energy and position in the human drama. It is my understanding -- and I take a very clear position concerning this -- that the Grays are, quite literally, a "gray" energy. They will bring up our fears and self doubts and are very good at this. If we embrace their "truths" and agenda, we will literally block out own ascension and spiritual evolvement.

We are each one our own best friend or worst enemy. The Grays are not, in the truest sense, our enemies. As Kryon has pointed out, they have no power over us whatsoever, unless they can prey on our self doubt and inner fears. Ascension has more to do with becoming crystal clear about WHO WE REALLY ARE and the quality of our own COSMIC TRUTH than any other factor. The Grays will appeal to use, many times, on a very intellectual level, to make us question the more innocent truths, which are closer to SOURCE.

The Grays as a race are working overtime now in an attempt to block us psychologically from raising our inner vibrations to the next level. They know that when we do, they will lose their opportunity to attempt to control the human race on subtle or more overt levels. They do NOT comprehend the ascension of the human race or the indisputable fact that our personal and planetary ascension is the greatest service we could conceive of to render to their own race.

Do we need to "clean up our act" on planet Earth? I think that is indisputable. However, the outward "clean-up" can only be real after the inner "clean-up." Self doubt, pessimism, self judgment, lack of self honor, etc., are some of our deadliest inner enemies and can halt our inner and outer housekeeping as long as they remain in control. True self honor recognizes that ALL THAT IS is ONE in SOURCE and recognizes equal honor to all beings. This lack of true and equal honor of ALL manifestations of Source as sacred beyond imagination will reveal all those who are not familiar with cosmic truth on the Christ level. I pick up this incomprehension on the part of the Grays in their lack of respect of other life forms.

I will repeat, very firmly: We will not discover our personal ascension by looking to any extraterrestrial life forms, but through uncovering the Source of all Truth within. Source has placed every level of TRUTH within the sacred magnetics of every being, creature and atom; no exceptions. Only fear-based perceptions cover this and create an alternate illusion of reality.

The power is within us. There is nothing impossible. Only we are each responsible for the way we choose to play the game; and, yes, it does "matter" what we do and how we think and what we believe. Every moment we are creating our own reality and either magnifying the "fear and distress" or the love, laughter and joy of the universe and all around us. This is why "cleaning up" the planet is not really working very efficiently yet; we've got to personally choose -- making it easier for others to choose -- to come crystal-clear with our Cosmic Truth and BE IT, with total commitment and enthusiasm. This involves letting go and allowing old, fear-based, limiting programming get deleted, and tapping into Spirit and our higher Selves, if needed, to "tune in" and become CRYSTAL CLEAR.

We are doing it! We have come a long ways, and nothing can stop us now.

Love and blessings,
Ronald N. Quinn

Ron Quinn resides near Hotchkiss, Colo., where he works as a planner, consultant and builder of homes using natural elements, specializing in Vastu Veda, Mayonic Science, for ultra custom designing of vibrant spaces. He may be reached at 970/872-3689 (fax 970/872-3691) or by e-mail at fspring@tds.net.

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