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Cosmic Book Reviews

Civilization may be older than we thought
from the April 2009 Star Beacon

Axis of the World: The Search for the World's Oldest Civilization
by Igor Witkowski
Adventures Unlimited Press, Kempton, IL ($18.95)


Review by Jon Schumacher

        Amazon knows what kind of books I like based upon my past purchases. They offered this one, but I had to wait a few weeks until the publisher actually released it.
        It turned out to be rather interesting and I enjoyed reading it all the way through. I am one of those people who is convinced that our prehistory may be older and more complex than we can presently demonstrate.
        The combined studies of archaeology and modern geology provide a fruitful avenue for new revelations about past civilizations. Many anomalous artifacts and unusual sites provide us with the tantalizing possibility that we may be much older than we presently think.
        Witkowski pursues the case for a civilization arising in the Indus Valley and spreading to the west via Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas. This is not a new idea, but recent discoveries and re-evaluation of existing sites lend credence to this idea. New studies of Easter Island and Tihuanaco are featured in this book.
        I liked reading it because it opens some new ground for future research. We must always keep an open mind when it comes to the past, especially when we find that human-appearing footprints have been discovered in sandstone hundreds of millions of years old.

        Jon Schumacher writes from Pahrump, Nevada.

Sage-ing along with age-ing MacLaine

Sage-ing While Age-ing by Shirley MacLaine, Atria books, New York, 2008,
978-1-4165-5042-6, 262 pages, $14.00

Review by Ann Ulrich Miller

        Reading Shirley MacLaine is like visiting with a dear old friend. Although she dwells on the fact that she is getting old, the face on the cover of her latest book, Sage-ing While Age-ing, is anything but that of an elderly woman.
        The book is a mixture of casual reflection and regurgitation of esoteric research that causes you to sit up and pay attention. Her library of metaphysical books must be awesome. Her knowledge of what’s contained in those books would comprise a course in Phenomena 101 at the University of Sirius.
        Seriously... this is the kind of book you lend to a friend who is starting to crack the eggshell, meaning they are beginning to awaken spiritually. It has a little of everything, including MacLaine’s wise advice about health and her very own secrets for good living.
        She tells about her house in New Mexico “crying” — literally. I’d never heard of this before. The middle chapters are the ones loaded with her take on the UFO coverup, disclosure, with heroic individuals such as the late Dr. John Mack of Harvard and others.
        Of course the infamous mention of presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich’s UFO sighting at her Pacific Northwest house years ago is one of many fascinating events, along with MacLaine’s views on conspiracies, Atlantis, past lives, ancient civilizations, and what happened at Roswell in 1947.
        I found I wanted to savor this book, so it took three months for me to get through it. Reading a page or three at a time, then setting it down to let the information soak in was how I chose to digest it.
        I still hold Shirley MacLaine up as one of my metaphysical heroes because of her courage and her candor. She has something to say about everything from nutrition to acupuncture, ETs in Peru, famous Hollywood figures who touched on spiritual subjects, the Bible, the Hopis, death and synchronicity.
        In a way, I feel a camaraderie with her because she mentions she is proud that she was born in a year of saucer sightings (1934) and I can say the same thing for myself (1952).

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