Sample article from the September 2001 Star Beacon


Chemtrails disturb reader growing in awareness

Dear Ann,

I want to talk to you about my concern for this earth. I am frightened by what I am seeing in the skies and agitated by the secrets being kept from us. I want you to tell me what you think about the chemical trails I see in the Fox Valleyís skies every afternoon. The more I think about it, the more obvious it all appears. And everyone around me either wonít accept that they are in the sky, or they are apathetic and unbothered by it. WHAT IS IT?

Iíve been putting together my own theories. I took an environmental awareness class and it really put me on edge. I think -- and I know this is outlandish -- that this is all a government project to cool the earth and make it rain. I think the greenhouse effect is a lot worse than we are led to believe. So much so that I think it is a threat to our national security. I think the military can do what theyíre doing confidentially because itís a security issue, and government weather intervention would obviously be a controversial issue when brought to the American people. So they just left us out of the loop, and even though itís right in the sky for us all to see, we are ignorant and uninformed about the whole mess.

You see the chemtrails, right? Tell me what you know. My eyes are opening up. Itís a little scary.

And this is the tip of the iceberg. I really want to talk with you about "waking up." I am in a spiritual turmoil right now, and itís not because Iím losing faith, itís because Iím becoming so aware of my faith. I sense the shift -- I think you know what I mean. And all this stuff you talk about and learn about -- things like chakras and the Photon Belt and the Age of Aquarius that weíre officially in now -- it blows my mind. Iíve really taken an interest in astrology. Itís all so connected. I just want to learn things from you now, because I know your being teems with this sort of mysticism that Iím just now discovering.

Rob Larson
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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