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Space Beings

from the September 2004 Star Beacon

by Commander Sanni Ceto


     EDITOR’S NOTE: Sanni has agreed to share some of her knowledge about the other races in the Universe. It is important to remember that none of this information is channeled. Sanni has retained the memories from her former life in space. She is currently working on a new book that gives more detail about her home world and others in the Universe.


     Aquadahns are an aquatic race from Aq-ui 7, which is near the Rigel sector. Most Aquadahns have gills in which they breathe air, and they can stay on land for short periods of time. Aquadahns stand from 4 to 5 feet and are related to frog people, known as Ta-gu-shore tagishe. Most Aquadahns put a bubble of a water-like substance on them while aboard their ships and when they are off their ships. Most talk by telepathy and are carnivore types, living on fish-like creatures.

     Aquadahns rarely visit planets outside their native solar systems, preferring to stay close to their water world, which has three small suns that are yellow-red in color. Females lay eggs — about three per female — every one or two years, and children are reared in colonies and work in colonies. Only males are permitted to fly and go into space. Females act as teachers and grow most of their fish in large facilities under large underwater cities called Dahima.

De-raks and Te-raks

     De-raks are iguanoid people that are bipeds — walking on two legs. Their society is based upon conquering other worlds and enslaving other races. De-raks evolved from ancient dinosaur ancestors common on Earth before humans were created here. De-raks come in several colors and are reptilian-type people with males having a crest on their heads and females being smaller and lacking a crest. Many on Earth are shape shifters and pass as humans to control their ruling governments.

     Te-raks are mostly subterranean dwellers that resemble a monitor lizard/human crossbred. The males stand about 8 to 9 feet tall and walk upright like a man and wear a uniform with dark boots. The Te-raks speak by telepathy and, like the De-raks, are highly aggressive. Their society is based upon an honor code of conquest and destroying other worlds, etc., and enslaving its people. The Te-raks gave rise to the Orion reptoids that were brought here as experimental subjects to control the populations that lived above ground. Te-raks are shape shifters also and work with military in secret, underground tunnels and bases on Earth.

     Female De-raks are live bearers, having about two children every 12 years of our time. Females are not allowed to fly ships or pilot or do anything that the males are allowed to do. A female Te-rak and De-rak are brought up to gather foods and grow meat for their colonies. Females stay with their children till the second set is born and the first set is removed and taken to training places, where they are trained to become warriors and pilots, if they are males, and to gather foods and rear young if they are females.

     De-raks and Te-raks evolved to lose their tails and are almost warm-blooded like mammals are.


     The Grays are the Zetis of Betelgeuse and Gliese and Reticuli systems, although there are some scattered among the Orion sector, too. Most are of gray skin tones with different shades mixed in, depending on racial origins. There are about 39 different races that range in size and temperament, with the Kebbans being of the peaceful, gentle nature, to the gold-skinned Cheri-danians that are aggressive.

     Hybrids are made to pass for humans while on Earth and made to pass as other species according to what planet they are placed on, to observe and monitor. Most Grays cannot reproduce as humans do, for they are an ancient insectoid species that had their abilities to reproduce destroyed during the Blonds and Reptilian wars that occurred several eons before Earth was formed.

     Most hybrids are pale with white hair and translucent skin and they are always connected to the unit or hive of the Grays — one mind system. On their home worlds hybrids work as pilots and teachers and healers and are considered as full Zetis in their society, sharing full privileges

Mantises and Ant People

     Ant people originate from the Orion sector and stand about 3 to 4 feet tall. They are related to Zeti and Chiri-dani people. They are a colony people and have space flight that was given to them by their Zeti neighbors when they joined the Alliance of the Hive operated by the Zeti Council.
Mantises are the teachers and elders that are closely related to the ancient insectoids that seeded the Zeti peoples and Rigelians. Mantises are the helpers and guardians to many planets within Reticulum and occasially they visit the Earth.

     The Mantis people are tall and slender people, about 7 to 8 feet tall and, unlike Earth mantids, evolved to walk upright and shed their wings and second set of legs. Their first legs are modified into hands and they are usually aboard the disk crafts.

     A race of mantids evolved into a warrior class on the outskirts of the Reticulum sector. Their life span is about 1,000 years while the ant people live to be about 600 years, but their ruling cast lives to be about 8,000 years.

To Be Continued


About the Author:

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     Commander Sanni Emyetti Ceto is a hybrid Essassani and reincarnated Roswell Crash survivor who has retained the memories of her recent past.

     The book tells her story from the time of her re-incarnation on Earth in 1958, including what she remembers of the crash, the aftermath, and interesting details about her home world in Zeta Reticuli.

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