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Space Beings


from the November 2004 Star Beacon

by Commander Sanni Ceto

Alpha Centaurians

     There are many races living there. These ones are a human type called Aligas. They are a race of teachers and healers that work with other races to help them to learn the ancient ways of the stars and planets and also their planet’s future, etc.

     Aligas are tall, about 7 feet, and both sexes are bald. From the age of 2 a young person in their society wears a crystal headband matched with the uniform to denote their training of Ki-bui, a type of spiritual evolution that teaches him or her to be of service to other beings. Both males and females fly on ships and both are equal.

     Their communications are by both vocal and telepathy. Both men and women are green-eyed with the men being taller than the females. Their home is a planet in Alpha Centauri known as Kl-úina. It has many suns revolving around it.


     These Arcturians are the blue-skinned Zetis that left Reticuli shortly after the reptoid wars that destroyed most of the planets in Reticulum. Their height is about 5 feet for men and about 4 feet for their females. Both sexes are telepathic and work as emissaries to other planets and with different federations as leaders and resettlement overseerers on colony worlds.

     Their life span is around 600 Earth years. Their home is a medium-sized planet outside of the Arcturus star system known as Ri-89. Several colonies live in the Rigel Kantares system, too, and a few are scattered in the Betelgeuse system, living among the Kebbans and other Zetis.

     Rarely do they visit Earth or nearby solar systems as they are a solitary race of space travelers.


     These people are tall reptoid-mammalian crosses with green skin. Both sexes have palips on their lower faces used to feel and touch their foods. Like mammals, they both have hair. Men wear their hair very short and women wear theirs almost chin level.

     Unlike most reptoids, their females bear live children and don’t lay eggs. Both sexes work on ships as pilots and navigators. Their home is a large planet in the Antares system that orbits a large whitish-yellow sun.
Their life spans are similar to humans in that they have a short lifespan of about 75-80 years for males and about 75 t0 95 for females.
Their society is mostly agrarian and they raise plants to eat and are farmers. Plus they mine upon the many asteroids in their system for minerals to build their above-ground cities. Their rule is similar to Earth’s governments, in which both men and women can run for leader and serve a term of about five Earth years. This leader has to answer to a board under him or her as to anything that conflicts with their colony’s ways.

Ter- or Tar-hig-gom

     Ter- or Tar-hig-gom are large reptoids standing about 8 feet for the men and about 6 feet for their women. They are an ancient race that split away from most other reptoids and are peaceful people that trade with the Zeti colonies and act as peacekeepers on various worlds under their federation’s officers and commander.

     Most are telepathic and can use some vocal talk which is like a high-pitched whine. Males are born with bright green eyebrows that turn darker as they age. Females don’t have those eyebrows. Most females work aboard large ships as food growers and work on some colony worlds as builders of cities. Men are mostly traders and barterers going from system to system trading goods and being diplomats for other worlds also. Their lifespan is about 890 Earth years for men and about 899 for a female.


     This Siriusian is a Talak, a green-skinned female who stands about 5 feet. Talaks talk by voice and telepathy. Both have large ears used to pick up sounds that are hard to hear on their windswept home world of Tai-homaik.

     They are a peaceful race of farmers and have space flight using large domed crafts that are similar to Pleiadians’ and Zetis’ discs. Both sexes are equal and work as crews together on flights. Each couple has a single child as their world of Tai-homaik is smaller than your Earth and resources are limited there.

     When they turn of age, they are assigned to different sectors to do flight work and other ship duties More are ruled by a universal leader that is a type of human-machine created by their first leader who was killed during a war eons ago. Their society is similar to the Zeti hive society.

     Males are about the same size as females and both work together to help their colonies to service their cold world of hard winds. Most live underground in cities called Diunas that are linked to a central city that is linked to their machine or android mind devise that connects them all together.

     If any are cut off from their link to this machine, they die instantly.


     These are a dark-hooded race of Zetis that were taken away from Reticuli eons ago and forced to crossbreed with lizard races of reptoids that used them as slaves to take over worlds’ peoples. They are a hybrid race of lizard and Zeti.

     When they were taken away from Zetis, their links to the hive were destroyed and they were implanted with reptoid implants to control them.
Most stand about 3 to 4 feet tall and talk by telepathy.

     The planet that Driomaks live on is a dark world that orbits a tiny sun that is a red color. They live in underground cities where they work for their overlord reptoid rulers. They cannot reproduce and so when they die they are cloned before their body is incinerated in a ceremony known as L-tvi (pronounced “la-teeva”).

     Their lifespans are about 400 Earth years. There are no sexes in their people as their reptoids bio- engineered them to be living robots.


Copyright © 2004 Sanni Ceto
All Rights Reserved

About the Author:
     Sanni Ceto is the author of Stranded On Earth, The Story of a Roswell Survivor, available from Earth Star Publications. She is currently working on a new book that gives more detail about her home world and others in the Universe.


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