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Commander's Star Base

Ask an ET

from the February 2007 Star Beacon

          Q:   It is the first time I read your page and I find it really interesting and true what is stated on it. That is why I AM going to ask you: Do you have any knowledge of where is the place or places that square (flat platform shaped) UFOs come from? They have white bright lights on each corner (four) and one red light in the center of the bottom. They fly low and silent. I have seen several times this kind, and no one has an idea of where they come from (Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus Andromeda, etc.). Any knowledge on it? 1,000 thanks in advance.

Blessings, Carlos,
Galactic Federation of Light
Star Member/Pleiades

Commander Sanni:

Dear Sir,
          The platform UFOs which come in the triangle and wedge models are created mostly by the Zetis, though some were stolen by reptoid species and re-engineered for their own purposes. Some governments on Earth have reverse-engineered this technology also and are responsible for using these platforms in black ops projects as they are the next generation type of stealth technology, merging a blimp-like design with a triangle machine. Most platforms or triangles are based in Reticuli sector and Pleiadians donít utilize a triangle or platform UFO as their crafts are mostly discoid.

                                                            Namastť, Commander Sanni

         Q:   I know and I believe that I am part of the Graysí family. When I was very young, I would go visit many places in my dreams on a spaceship and would fly in my dreams as well. I know they are around, but how do I let them know that I love them and for them to come to me? I am an energy healer and I know they are around me, but canít see them and I would like to. I feel they are my true family and would love to see them again. How do I go about letting them know and feel this?

          Thanks so much, Sanni. I love you.


Commander Sanni:

Dear Angie,
          First of all, those events you were taught were dreams werenít dreams but in reality a different, higher level of existence as spacecraft are real, solid machines. To be able to see them again, you have to vibrate at their level of frequency that they naturally vibrate at. You can try to reconnect to us by projecting deep love and a wish to communicate with my people as we have missed you, too, and know that your work as a healer is a valuable service. You were guided in developing your energies as a healer by the Grays and they are your teachers and work through your hands by merging their energies with yours. Once you vibrate at the frequencies that we do,you will again see us as itís hard for them to stay here at this dense earth vibration as itís very draining to be on a lower level than at the higher octave that weíre used to. You can visualize seeing us again in your mindís eye and calling us and then practice trying to raise your vibration to that higher one and see if this helps.

                                                      Love to you from Commander Sanni


         Q:   Isnít it true that when we are not fully open or awake yet, our bond mates canít come to us, just when we want them to? And I myself know that I am very satisfied just in knowing when I feel his presence. Like when his shadow comes on a bright, sunshiny day when I am on the computer, then I know itís him, and thatís really all I need. Or I may hear his voice sometimes, and I know itís him. I donít need proof of seeing him, for I know he is here.
          We Earth star beings need to realize that our mission is very important down here, just as it is very important for our bond mates working up there on the spacecraft. They canít be with us 24/7, so we need to get used to doing things on our own. We need to be more patient, and know that the more we do now, the sooner we are able to go home, but even then we have work to do up there yet.
          As far as the touchy-feely thing, we will have all the time in the world when we all go home.
          I donít need to touch my bond mate to know he is real, for thatís not necessary, for I already know he is a flesh and blood being, and not a filmy plasma ghost. And you know what, when we go home to our home world, we will have a vacation and can hug and touch all we want (smile)! Even as a couple who are married or otherwise, our mates need their space just as we need our space to do things we like to do, and we should not keep one another from doing what we like to do.

Love, Julieaneaux

Commander Sanni:

          Yes, this is true as your soul or bond mates are doing very important work on Earth and in other worlds, trying to keep peace and to help people to better themselves. Your bond mates from the stars allow you to see them only when they feel that you are ready and open and aware of their presence and only then will they permit you to see them. They know when you are ready and when you are not. And they have many ways of getting your attention by doing tiny things such as this shadow or a breeze ó proof shouldnít be with what the sight can see but what the heart and the inner mind knows to be as reality. The space brothers and sisters know your level of awareness and will only appear to you when they deem that you are fully conditioned as to what is real and whatís not.
         As far as the touch thing, most ETs wonít allow touch unless permission is asked first. In many cultures open touching is considered insensitive or rude, and even a bond mate from another culture wonít permit this unless asked first

Commander Sanni


         If you have a question that is space-related to ask Sanni, send it in care of The Star Beacon, 3885 Jackson Run, New Matamoras OH 45767, or e-mail it to: Be sure to put ďAsk an ETĒ in the subject line.

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